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K-Palette Magical Makeup Workshop in Rustans

K-Palette Philippines had a Magical Makeover Workshop in Rustan's Edsa Shangri-La yesterday, July 30, 2014, 5:30 PM. Oh, the first gen-ad or open to the public 1 Day Magic beauty workshop was held July 28 in SM Mall of Asia.

I first heard about K-Palette from my rich cousin who is so into beauty. She highly recommends their eyebrow tattoo.

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First ten pre-registered who arrives will receive an eyeliner.

So from my event that morning I lounged for a short while at a coffee shop then went straight there.
At 4:00 PM, I was the first to arrive but the venue was already set up. I think everyone was early in anticipation of the gift hehe!

Soon, Japanese Makeup Artist Sayaka Nagashima and Aisaku Yokogawa, her interpreter, came.
Singer Aisaku speaks fluent Tagalog even though he is pure Japanese! He related that he was in the commercial of Kari Lucky Me! and has been with K-Palette for 3 years already.

Here is the before and after shot of the audience, Rachel (hopefully my spelling is correct). The second is to show that the left side of the face with contour looks slimmer and smaller as compared with right side without. What a big difference!

aisaku yokogawa

I learned so many things from Ms. Sayaka including:
  • Kawaii- cute and young, large eyes, small face
  • Concentrate the eyeliner at the middle of the upper eye (to achieve wide big doll eye), then for the lower from end just til the middle of the iris (not all around the lower)
  • Using the brown shade, lowlight the sides of the face and the sides of the nose
  • Use the white shade to highlight nose bridge (area above the in-between of eyebrows to tip, to achieve T-shape); then the brow bone to above the cheekbone (C-shape)
  • Apply mascara brush following the growth and again opposite or against the growth of the eyebrow so hair will be 3D thoroughly covered
  • Orange shade all over cheek to the cheekbone
  • Pink shade apply it round at the apples only
  • Try to put blush higher (nearer the eye) for a younger look
  • Using the white shade as base all over the lids so colors will really pop, then after putting other eyeshadow color, put this white again just pat middle of lids (see illustration A)
  • The white fiber is only applied at the top of the upper lashes and not below, otherwise it will make lashes heavy and curl will droop (see illustration B). You can also apply it at the bottom lashes
I know my drawing here looks like a kid's

The new K-Palette 1 Day Magic Series  includes fiber mascara priced at Php 895 (dual wand- 1 side has dry white fibers), liquid eyeliner, Php 695, eyeglue liquid SRP Php 650 (eyelid glue help for monolid) and 3D palette, Php 895 (highlight/contour/blush). They also featured Kuma concealer, and 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting eyebrow mascara with special showerhead-like brush that costs Php 595.

k-palette 1 day magic

They are all very nice but what I particularly wanted were those products I do not have- the highlight/contour palette, brown eyebrow mascara, liquid pen eyeliner.

sayaka nagashima

I am so happy!!! I have many pencils and a gel type, and now I have a liquid eyeliner!

k-palette 1 day magic liquid eyeliner

Thank you K-Palette! It is not just a makeup but it has beauty essence to aid in eyelash growth!
Oh, if you are interested, (I am sure you are!) the 1 Day Magic Series is available 10% off til August 3!

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