Thursday, July 17, 2014

Parachute Bags Combines Fashion and Function for the On The Go You!

I know about luggage made of materials used in parachutes. But I must admit, I am surprised upon learning that there are regular bags also made of parachute materials at such an affordable price.

A few months back, I blogged about my Elle luggage acquisition here. I had a really hard time choosing which to pick because they are so gorgeous! During the blogger event in Just Thai BGC last July 9, 2014, I found out that the company distributing Elle and Parachute is the same!

alex gonzaga, parachute bags
Parachute Convertible Bags endorser is host/actress Alex Gonzaga.

Parachute Bags started December 2012. It is manufactured abroad. Its description:
"Let's talk about nifty and clever- this Parachute brand bag... I'm called Parachute because I am made with the same material that makes parachutes. I'm light and water repellant. I go two way and I go convertible. I'm indestructible and vibrantly stylish. You can stash all your stuff in my roomy bags. You can make me small again and store me easily. I'm indispensable and in high demand for shopping and traveling. I am a gift to the environmentalists."

parachute bag price

Demo- It's amazing how this pouch became a tote bag and then converted into a backpack of a different print! Truly a marriage of fashion plus function!

ms. rosanna parachute bag owner

Check out their wide assortment- they got your bag needs covered!

parachute bag styles

parachute bag trolley

parachute bag where to buy

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parachute pouch

They have pouches, shopping bags, tote bags, backpacks, mommy bags, sling bags, messenger bags, trolleys and more! Not only is Parachute Bags convertible, certain models also boast of multi-pockets. No need for separate detachable bag compartments!

Thank you Parachute for this Elle Insulated Lunch Bag that can keep food and drinks hot/cold for up to 4 hours!

parachute design, elle, pouch, lunch

Twitter- @parachute_bags
IG- @parachutebags
Parachute Bags is available in department stores such as Rustan's, Robinsons, Metro Gaisano,
and online shops, Lazada and Zalora.

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