Saturday, July 19, 2014

SM 3 Day Sale!

If you have been following me on Instagram or my Facebook page, then you would know that I love a good sale. I'm a bargain hunter and often can't resist promos.

I frequently go malling at SM. I was in SM City North Edsa earlier for their July 18 to 20, 2014 Great Northern Sale.

sm 3 day sale
Uh-oh, brownout!!! It was hot and some escalators aren't functioning. Good thing they still have their FREE 1 hour Wi-Fi hehe.

Here are some tips that I hope could help shoppers:

  • In the department store, during the 2 Hour Special or first two hours of the first day of sale, get additional 10% off. In the case today, it was extended to 3 hours because they only gave the number stub (proof that you were in line during the said period and that entitles you to the discount) around 1 PM. (Note: It is only helpful if what you buy is worth a lot of money because you save a lot. Otherwise if you can only save Php 20, it is impractical because you will get hungry and buy food/drinks for the meantime before finally having your late lunch and the candy they gave to those in the queue couldn't help my hurting stomach and feet. Imagine lining up for two-three hours and being nalipasan ng gutom. I arrived before 11 AM and I was only able to pay around 2:00 PM.)
  • In the Supermarket, watch out for the Value Pack with SM Bonus items  in bundles, which is exclusive for SM Advantage and BDO Rewards Card holders, where you can save up to 70% off. (Note: I often go to different supermarkets and groceries, I noticed the price of most items in SM is a bit higher than in other stores, the consolation is a 1 SMAC point equivalent for every Php 200 spend. But it doesn't help much if, say, I buy an item in SM it's Php 14 but in another store it's only Php 13.
sm advantage, promo,
Some of the stuff I bought.
  • Compare prices and check out expiration dates.
  • For those who like free taste, there are many in the supermarket during this time.
  • Be aware of the minimum purchase to be eligible to join their raffles.
  • Visit other kiosks, boutiques and tenants as most are also on sale.
Sale seasons are usually during the pay week. Before, I would buy stuff I don't really need then find out that my half month minimum salary is almost gone. Don't shop til you drop. Shop wisely. I hope everyone can save money and achieve financial freedom. It's not fun to be neck deep in debt!

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