Saturday, August 16, 2014

See The Real Me with Johnson&Johnson

From my teen years, I use Johnson & Johnson products. So I am excited about their Teen-powerment campaign. I wish I attended one back in the day.

The first of initially a target of 300 teen-powerment programs- aimed to promote confidence and courage among teens to show their real selves- was held in Makati High School (located in the corner Gen. Luna & JD Villena Sts., near Rockwell Drive, Poblacion, Makati City) last July 30, 2014, 10:30 AM.

I have had pimples as early as 15 years old. As a result, not only was I awkward, I was also very shy. I hated looking at the mirror.

My aunt, who suffered from the same, then gave me a set (cleanser, astringent, moisturizer) of Clean&Clear. It was either the first or second anti-acne medication I had ever used. I also tried Clean&Clear face powder because it has salicylic acid to fight blemishes.

And I also had very heavy flows. I trust Modess for that. I used their ultra-slim gel pads, and their cottony soft pads are very comfortable. I also used Carefree for everyday wetness as I saw my mom always has that in her drawer.


A troubling global statistic: 75% of adolescents 13-19 years old are growing up as fearful adults. Johnson & Johnson wants teens to understand that menstruation, odor and wetness, oiliness and pimples are not hindrances but a milestone for this new chapter in their lives.

This campaign bravely challenges the marketing philosophy that to sell one's products, self-confidence must be sacrificed. When in fact, teens' bodily changes aren't a taboo but should rather a celebration- a signal to show the world who they are, and what they have to offer. This is a time to share their thoughts and ideas, have fun, participate in socio-civic activities that drive personal progress and development.

johnson & johnson see the real me

Clockwise from top left: The host, MYX VJ Joyce Pring, and clinical psychologist from Cribs Foundation and teen expert Aileen Sison interviewing representatives of the school; J&J Country Director for retail Tina Sabarre; Joyce and Aileen with J&J Brand Manager Gabrielle Solomon.

aileen sison, joyce pring, tina sabarre, gabrielle solomon, johnson and johnson,

Johnson & Johnson Marketing Manager Via Reyes-Abano delivers her message.

Johnson & Johnson Marketing Manager Via Reyes-Abano

Online teensations Krissy and Ericka singing the See The Real Me anthem.

krissy and ericka

Video testimonials from real teens, educational programs, fun and exciting activities for the students

makati high school

see the real me, johnson &johnson, makati high school,

Clean & Clear, Carefree and Modess, photobooth

Thank you, Johnson & Johnson- Clean & Clear, Carefree and Modess!

Clean & Clear, Carefree, Modess

Who is the real me?
The real me is a vixen...

Naah, just kidding.
I'm already 30 and sometimes I still have my insecurities.
But I'd like to think that the real me is a sincere person who is not afraid to stand up for truth and justice.

For more information on #seetherealme

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