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The Memorable GK Enchanted Farm Tour

Who is your favorite superhero? In my fantasy world, I would like to be Wonder Woman. But I know that it is next to impossible.

Last June 28, 2014, I am fortunate to be among the participants of the GK Enchanted Farm bloggers tour in Barangay Encanto, Angat, Bulacan, Philippines.

We met at 6:30 AM in the Enchanted Farm Cafe/ Human Nature Flagship store in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

enchanted farm; human nature flagship store

"The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers and create wealth in the countryside. As we learned that the road out of poverty is a continuing journey and therefore, providing homes is merely the beginning, we also realized that our country is abundant with resources (land included) that we can harness for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity."

Vision of Enchanted Farm:

A Farm Village University
A Silicon Valley for Social Entrepreneurship
A Disneyland for Social Tourism

I am quite pleased when we arrived. The farm at 34 hecates was huge! Lots of flora and fauna and fresh air. I also noticed there were numerous French students, while many farm hands are from the families in this GK Village.

But first we unpacked our things. Here is where we spent our overnight. Ah I wasn't able to have a picture with the lovely Ms. Clementine Turgeon who assisted us.

gk enchanted farm tour

I noticed the fishes on display.  Symbolizing being fishers of men?

I would have loved to meet a big inspiration, Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Founder and Chairman Mr. Antonio 'Tito Tony' Meloto but he was out of the country that time. I already saw his daughter, Anna Meloto and her husband Dylan Wilk, when I signed up as one of the first dealers of Human Nature.

gawad kalinga

We listened to the orientation in the Hyundai Center for Green Innovation.

Hyundai Center for Green Innovation.

Up next was the tour.
This is the Bamboo Palace DTI Pavilion.

Bamboo Palace DTI Pavilion.

Lifebank Center for Bayanihan Economics.

Lifebank Center for Bayanihan Economics

Kuya Jun explains that the African Night Crawlers are used in vermicast- organic fertilizer, natural pesticide, nursery, waste disposal, technology transfer, job generation, environment protection.

African Night Crawlers, vermicool

How the golden (with turmeric) salted duck eggs are made. These are way better than the red salted eggs.

goldenduck salted eggs

Making the excellent kesong puti that is Gourmet Keso! They showed how to make it and let us taste it. In a matter of seconds, the cheese was gone- it was that good!

gourmet keso, puti

We ourselves made this batch of yummy peanut butter! First Harvest time with Tajen Sui!

first harvest peanut butter

Mushroom magic with Billy Santos. How to start your mushroom business.

Mushroom magic with Billy Santos

Finally, relaxing swim. Then later that night, after dinner, the "processing" with Raf Dionisio.

gawad kalinga angat bulacan

Next day:

We didn't get a demo here but we dropped by Plush & Play toys by Fabien Courteille! (Maybe you've seen him in KrisTV before, he was the one who drove for us in going to the farm!)

Plush & Play toys by Fabien Courteille

Cats, cats, cats! More animals and GK pictures in my Instagram account.

gk enchanted farm, blogger tour

Farming lemongrass. At first I was not sure about laying my hands on the soil because I thought I would get intestinal worms from that. But the moment my hands touched the ground, I felt really good. Like I was one with Mother Nature.

What was the game changer is that in GK, they pay their farmers MUCH MORE as compared with  what farmers would usually earn for their produce when they go to a middleman. We  need to  invest more in agriculture. Philippines has a very fertile terrain.

Cherrie Atilano, Mario Alvaro Benitez

Us bloggers with the "cool and sexy farmer" Cherrie Atilano  and Mario Alvaro Benitez of GoldenducK, our tour guide on day 1.

We were always served the fresh food for our meals. Here are some of the products I bought in the GK Farm. Most are also available in Human Nature.

Bayani Brew

Gourmet Keso, GoldenducK, Bayani Brew and Clean Ice Cream

My belief that I don't need super powers to be a hero is enforced. It is actually very simple.
It is through your heroic acts of kindness, caring and sharing.

Shop GK Enchanted Farm goods!
Schedule a trip to the Farm! ( I assure you it is a memorable experience.)
Share this good news to your Social Media Accounts!

Together, we can make a difference. Less for self, more for others, enough for everyone.

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