Friday, September 5, 2014

1Laba Day- Breeze Removes 1 million stains in just 1 wash!

I wouldn't believe it either.
But I saw it right before my eyes.

What I am talking about is a tough stain (I suppose the nightmare of any person doing the laundry, like me) was removed within a few minutes of rubbing. Without soaking or scrubbing vigorously!

Last August 28, 2014, 2:00 PM in MRB Court Complex, Pilot Drive, Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City, (simultaneous  in other barangays nationwide) Breeze treated Moms to a day off.

Yes, just Bingo galore and celebrity sighting, while their laundry is being taken care of by Breeze for them with additional Breeze freebies! (Hu-waaat? I hope they came to my barangay, haha!)

breeze sige moms gladys reyes, tin tin bersola dimples romana

Right to left: Host DJ Laila,  Sige Moms Dimples Romana, Gladys Reyes and Christine Bersola- Babao, Ms. Mara Banson, Breeze Brand Manager:

Host DJ Laila, Ms. Mara Banson, Breeze Brand Manager, SIge Moms DImples Romana, Gladys Reyes and Christine Bersol Babao.

2 Sachets (4 chambers) are all you need for your washing machine. Recommended by LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool and White-Westinghouse.

LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool and White-Westinghouse. breeze

A Breeze Laba Lady claimed to be doing the laundry since early morning but her hands are not stinging proving that Breeze is not as harsh on skin as compared with other brands.

breeze detergent properties technology

And this, my friends, is the moment of truth. 3 shirts. Same amount of ink, juice and chocolate drink was poured. Same amount of time and effort in rubbing. Only Breeze (in the middle) completely removed the tough stain. Amazing, I tell you!

The two other shirts in which other brands were used still had a light stain.

breeze 1Laba Day

Only Breeze with revolutionary ActivBleach has melamine perfume encapsulation technology for fresh smelling clothes, a unique active system for better foam profile and quick lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that doesn't harm the environment and 4-enzyme technology that removes more types of stains and a patented whitening technology. It's even safe for both whites and coloreds!

Breeze with ActivBleach

See the green and blue stars and specks of Breeze detergent powder!

I've been using Breeze even before and I like that they are very generous in giving out samples of it in supermarkets when it was just launched, and free sachets for every half dozen bought. I myself can say that is really effective in cleaning the clothes!

MRB COurt Complex, Pilot Drive, Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City, Breeze, blogger,
I had a chance for a photo-op with these fine actresses woo-hoo!

breeze, bingo, free washing machine,

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