Saturday, September 13, 2014

Body Recipe Guava Feminine Wash

Hello!!! This is my review of a product by HBC, Body Recipe Guava Feminine Wash.

When I saw this product in my sister's house, I wanted to buy one immediately. The reason is because it has the anti-bacterial guava (bayabas) extract. Here in the Philippines, it is widely used by women after childbirth or by boys after circumcision to help in healing wounds (panglanggas).

Regular price is Php 80 but I bought it during their sale for just Php 70 for 150 ml. So affordable!
Made in the Philippines.
This liquid  is amber-colored and has a nice fragrance (guava?)

Check out the list of ingredients:

body recipe guava feminine wash

I like that this intimate care product has no parabens (linked to cancer) and also the fact that it has no strong cooling ingredient. I personally do not prefer those with cooling ingredients as some may be too much- thus painful- for the sensitive area.

Overall, I would recommend this Natural Body Recipe Guava Feminine Wash to keep women protected and fresh. 

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