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Kinder Zoo- Petting and more is allowed!

If you have a fantasy dancing like Britney in the VMA or scaring off people like our local Galema (Anak ni Zuma) well you can hold that albino python even for posterity's sake. Just visit Kinder Zoo!

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is a privately-owned interactive Zoological Facility and Theme Park inside the Manila Zoo compound, along M. Adriatico Street corner Pres. Quirino Avenue, Manila.

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is a privately-owned interactive Zoological Facility and Theme Park inside the Manila Zoo compound, along M. Adriatico Street corner Pres. Quirino Avenue, Manila, Philippines. Here, you can interact with magnificent creatures!

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I also found out that the booth with exotic animals on display (where one can take a souvenir shot with) that I saw in  Picnic Grove Tagaytay is also by Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle.

kinder zoo adventure jungle, parrots

It was a very fun and informative afternoon as we learned many things about animals.

They introduced the Zoo's newest Ambassador, the Voice Master of the Philippines, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales.

kinder zoo ambassador
(L-R: Voice of the Youth DJ Ada, Mr. Gonzales, DJ Andrew- on DZME 1530 Radio Uno; Ms. Grace Nicolas-Bondad, Kinder Zoo Marketing Manager; and Ms. Neneng Lobrico, Kinder Zoo Operations Manager.)

They also highlighted two of their famous residents:

50 year old Sulcata Tortoise "Mr. T".  If you like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then you'll love the tortoise! They are their live counterparts, so to speak!

The Sulcata tortoise (African spurred tortoise) can live up to a hundred years, grow to over 1 meter in length and weigh over 40 kilos.

My uncle had a turtle before and it tries to bite me when I point my finger near it. But not the Sulcata tortoise. They are not shy and actually looks forward to being with humans! Try to feed them  (they eat grass, plants or cactus). Kinder Zoo had been successful in breeding these wonderful animals!

sulcata tortoise
The baby tortoise and Mr. T

Kinder Zoo also takes pride in conserving 7 Hyancinth Macaw (Hyacinthine Macaw).  They are considered an endangered species only numbering approximately 4000 in the wild.

Sometime this year, when they have paired up, they will not be on display anymore. They will be put in a new breeding facility. Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle's advocacy is to breed these endangered animals.

These parrots  (natives to Brazil) are the largest flying parrot in the world! These cost a whopping Php 800,000.00!

You might be familiar with these blue birds if you saw the animated movie Rio! Splendid birds as Charles Darwin remarked about them.

hyacinth macaw, blue parrot,

They are known as the clown of the parrot family due to their yellow skin that makes them look always smiling. Drop by their aviary and watch how these naturally inquisitive and playful birds fly to you! You can also try to feed them but be extra careful of their powerful beak which has a crushing strength of 3000 lbs. per inch!

These are some of the attractions Kinder Zoo has to offer:

Taking pictures with exotic animals, enjoying wall climbing, riding the zip line, touching and feeding most animals, butterfly garden, horseback riding, MOST OF ALL, the exciting and rewarding experience of visitors, especially the animal lovers, caring conservationists and knowledge seekers!

They can also accommodate group and educational tours, birthday parties and special events.

Entrance fee is only Php 100 (separate payment  from the Manila Zoo). But for maximum enjoyment and to participate in all other side activities, avail the Super Sulit Deal for just Php 250.

kinder zoo adventure jungle manila zoo
Wall climbing and the kid who I pointed with an arrow is riding the zip line.

kinder zoo philippines
I am not familiar with the rare animal I pointed with the arrow. My adrenaline was pumped when I crossed the wooden hanging bridge.

These are but some of the animals they have in Kinder Zoo. Be sure to visit them to see more!

animals in kinder zoo
I was not able to get its name but it looks like an ostrich. Do you know what it is? Comment below :)
Update: this beautiful creature is called a Cassowary!

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Hold your horses!

kinder zoo review
Such a friendly monkey! Didn't want to let go of my hand.

I would like to invite everyone to Kinder Zoo! Most of the exotic animals on site can be fed or held. Visitors  can go home with the satisfaction of a much greater appreciation for animals! Like me, one of my cherished memories as a kid was visiting the Manila Zoo.

August 23, 2014 is a day that I can say is truly memorable. I am surely returning here with loved ones for a most unforgettable experience! Thank you Kinder Zoo!

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Psst... They have a promo in Facebook where you can win Php 40,000 worth of prizes!!!!!!!!!

Check out:
Kinder Zoo on Facebook
Kinder Zoo on Twitter
Kinder Zoo on Instagram
Call (02)5226179 or (02) 4755775.

Kinder Zoo is open Mondays to Sundays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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