Friday, September 19, 2014

Olay Soaps

Smooth, moisturized, young looking skin tells a lot about a person. I suppose good skin makes one seem younger, or that a person is well-off. It can also mean that a person is maalaga or takes extra good care of himself/herself.

Because sometimes I skip lotion, I like that these Olay soaps promise to be moisturizing and give younger looking skin.

olay Total Effects, Age Defying, blue purifying care

In my opinion, of these 3, the Total Effects and Age Defying are tied as VERY moisturizing while the blue purifying care is NOT really as moisturizing as those two. The first 2 leaves a sort of white mess on the soap dish as they can melt easily.

olay philippines, p&g

How much is the 90 grams Olay? Well, I bought the Age Defying bar for Php 43.50 (or Php 49) while the blue purifying care costs the same.  Note that price varies depending on the store.
I got the Intense Moisture (Php 48.15 or Php 54) for FREE when I visited their skin analysis booth at a mall.

It was written in their poster that the soap sample will be given away after their demo but it was finished and the girl didn't give me anything, she just abruptly talked to their next customer.
I went away but returned because I thought, well I should claim what I earned since they made me sign in their "claimed" list anyway and so the free soap was given to me.

These are the ingredients:

olay soap ingredients, price

By the way, I stocked a few bars of these and Camay as they were on promo, buy 1 take 1. :)

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