Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ricky Reyes Magic Lashes for a False Eyelash Effect!

It was, I suppose, last year, when I saw the poster of Ricky Reyes Magic Lashes Mascara in his Gandang Ricky Reyes beauty salon. I think what was claimed in the advertisement was that it helps the eyelashes to grow lusher and gives a  false eyelash effect.

Of course I wanted that so I asked how much is the price, and if I remember correctly, it was around Php 2,000.  I didn't have enough cash then so I just thought of returning later.

Then it was May of this year when I got invited to his event with Ms. Earth Philippines. Click here to learn his beauty tips. They were very generous to give the attendees the Ricky Reyes Abracadabra Instant Eye Lashes Magic Lashes mascara among many other things!

Ricky Reyes Abracadabra Instant Eye Lashes Magic Lashes mascara
Top: Mascara, Middle: White Fiber (these dry fibers are very light, it's like weightless), Bottom: Black Fiber, Right: Revival Drops

How to use:
1. Wet lashes with the mascara
2. Apply white fiber at the tips of the lashes to lengthen lashes
3. Wet lashes again with mascara
4. Use black fiber to volumize lashes
5. Seal it all off with the mascara
Repeat if you desire

TADA!!! You have crazy longer, thicker lashes! Haha! My lashes could touch my eyeglass lens when I have this mascara with fibers on!

ricky reyes magic lashes mascara price, ingredients, review

Needs to be careful when using. Because it can really amp up the lashes, you might smudge your eyelids or under-eye.
There is a technique in applying that you will learn as you use it. Otherwise, just use a lash comb to separate the fibers that may have clumped that looks like split ends.
I use just the mascara (1 step) and not the fibers when I am in a hurry.

ricky reyes mascara beauty products, blogger, philippines
My lashes are a bit long but they are thin

The Ricky Reyes Mascara system has a shrink wrap and is thoroughly sealed for your protection.
It also comes with the revival- dispense a few drops inside the tube in case the mascara dries up.
It has nourishing ingredients like panthenol and hydrolyzed collagen. It lessens falling lashes so I think it really strengthens them.

Even though it really makes my lashes fat, I did not feel any eye irritation.

For improvement:
I hope the country where it is manufactured and also the complete ingredients list is shown.

If, for whatever reason, you do not like to use false eyelashes or lash extensions, then Ricky Reyes Abracadabra Instant Eye Lashes  is the answer. (He said that lash extensions are not good for eye lash health and may damage lashes over time).

Out of all the mascaras I have tried, only Ricky Reyes Magic Lashes was able to give me a REAL false eyelash effect (Isipin mo ba naman kung ilang layers 'yun). :)

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