Saturday, October 18, 2014

Virgin to Brazilian? Just Strip!

I am quite bashful to blog about this experience of mine but I think maybe I might be able to help someone who is contemplating on undergoing this.

So today is my first time to have a Brazilian wax. In other words, I am a virgin to it. I pictured it that I am shrieking at the top of my lungs and that there is some blood involved and maybe some of the flesh might be ripped off and I might pass out. Que horror!

browhaus sm megamall
Browhaus side- golden seat!

It happened today in their Megamall branch which has a Victorian inspired theme. There are 5 rooms each for Browhaus and Strip.

strip waxing how much
Nice walls!

But I did it anyway because-
1. I am very curious about it.
2. It is the "in thing" this 21st Century.
3. I have read here that Western people find it hilarious why Asians have this thing going on down there.
4. My blogger friend highly recommends Strip, saying she has tried multiple waxing salons but she returns here always because there is a distinct difference.

strip sm megamall
Put valuables in the cabinet. Clothes hanger with Strip logo.

In a nutshell, the ALL OFF (xxxx) procedure involves-
1. Being given a wet wipe to uh- clean yourself while the Striperella (waxing expert) goes out of the room
2. Removing your underwear (duh) and lying on the bed (but you have a towel)
2. Trimming with a scissor
3. Waxing proper front, then lie on your stomach for the "backdoor"
4. Tweezing the "patches" to make sure that all hair is removed (it is, I just couldn't show you the before and after, you know)

brazilian waxing
The bed. We're not permitted to take photos of the special wax or their machines. You have to visit Strip to see more! :)

Did it hurt?

The only time it hurt is when the hair is ripped but then Ms. Joy applied pressure in the area IMMEDIATELY and the pain subsided. There are some areas (particularly those with curves) that hurt more than the others. I always let out a surprised low ouch (I did not spurt expletives but only called the name of the Almighty) every time the wax is ripped.

strip brazilian wax
STRIPologie:Mantra  HSQ- Hygiene, Service, Quality!

No, I did not cry or bleed (it depends per individual) and I did not go home iika-ika (limping). It was actually very tolerable. My attendant was quite fast (duration for this first time of mine was approximately 40 minutes). She is gentle and assuring at the same time so surprisingly  it was not a traumatic experience for me.

I asked if I can take a shower later and she said it was okay, just avoid warm water. It is also recommended to do this monthly so the hair would grow finer and DO NOT SHAVE. It will only make the hair thicker/coarser.

Why choose Strip Ministry of Waxing?

Strip values hygiene above all. Each Stripette (client) has a personal hygiene wax pack. The attendants don't double dip (there is always a new stick as I saw). They have a special wax (it is hot wax, by the way, with sweet strawberry fragrance and color pink) that doesn't require waxing cloth. Their waxperts wear gloves while doing it, are very professional and very good in doing this service. Or to put it quite simply, Strip is the best in Brazilian waxing.

strip ministry of waxing
No to double dipping!

For Brazilian virgins, I say I am very scared of injections, even pricking for blood tests, but if I can do it, I am sure you can do it too!

I would recommend Strip to anyone who wants to try or already gets Brazilian regularly. Just check them out and see how amazing they are. And for the guys, they could get a boyzilian too!

My Striperella advised me the best time to get a package is NOW because next month, they will be having a price increase.  For now, the deal price is Php 5,000 for 5 sessions, transferable, good for two years. Save with this package as compared to around Php 1,298 per session of xxxx all off. They accept credit cards.

This newest branch of Strip and Browhaus is located at the 5th level of the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

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