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X Factor UK with Judge Cheryl and Chloe Jasmine

Hi X Factor UK fans!

Here's the interview transcript of the October 19, 2014 PRESS CONFERENCE with Judge Cheryl and Chloe Jasmine who lost out of public votes.

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Q1: Simon was pretty harsh in Xtra factor. I don’t know if you ever saw it but he said Steph was half asleep, or three quarters asleep. Chloe, he said it just looked like you stumbled onto the stage?

CJ: Actually, I’ve hurt my foot and I could barely walk on it. I’ve actually broken a bone.

C: Believe it or not, she sang last night with a broken foot and didn’t tell anybody. She was also wearing high heels so anybody who thinks that performance wasn’t top notch then there could be a viable reason why.

Q2: How did you break it?

CJ: I just crashed into some scenery back stage.

Q3: Get Simon to buy you a new foot.

Q4: Were you sober?

CJ: Yes. No alcohol!

Q5: So Cheryl, do you think this is the British public signalling that “We're actually just really boring and we don’t like interesting acts”?

C: I wouldn’t say that, I would that say that people have to remember people don’t vote people off. It’s not like they voted them off, so they mustn’t take it personally like that. It’s just that, unfortunately, there weren’t enough votes to keep them in. Two weeks in and they haven’t their – like I say, she sang with a broken foot – so you know they haven’t had their moment. The themes are hard when you have diverse acts. I tried to keep it how they would be as artists when they left the competition - but obviously you get ‘Halloween’ week, ‘movie’ week, you know?
Steph singing to a Halloween song in reggae might not have worked well either but what the show does which is amazing is give them a fantastic platform. Millions and millions of people have seen them now, so they’ve got a massive benefit from even being on the show.

Q6: Cheryl, were you there when Chloe’s mum was chatting

C: I was.

Q7: How did that make you feel?

CJ: She looks amazing for 60.

C: Looks fantastic, yes.

CJ: She’s amazing.

Q8: Simon put a lot of the blame on your song choices, what do you make of that?

C: Well of course he’s going to do that. If it was him it would be a different story. I mean, I do have to take a bit of the responsibility I guess - but like I say, it’s not an easy job for any of us. It’s two weeks in we’re still getting to know each other in a lot of ways. Singing with a broken foot is never easy. I’m just absolutely glad that I had these two and that I gave them this opportunity.

Q9: Louis actually said at the beginning that Simon actually had the final say of what everybody sings, so therefore surely he’s blaming himself for a bad song choice?

C: That’s actually a very interesting question. I’m sure if he’s unhappy with something on the show he will definitely have a say. If, for example, in a routine or he doesn’t think the song sounds good, he will have a say so. In theory I guess you could be right.

Q10: Cheryl there was a story in the paper today that there have been rows between some of your girls?

C: It’s complete nonsense, I promise you. I was furious because…in fact, if I can put my hands up and be honest these are the only four that haven’t had rows. In the previous years I have had that. Maybe that’s part of the reason, subconsciously, why I chose completely different and diverse acts so that I didn’t have – I didn’t want it to be competitive between them even though it’s a competition and a show. I wanted them to have their individuality, you know.

Q11: Lots of people living in one house there are bound to be problems. You must relate yourself being in Girls Aloud. There must have been times when you all wanted to throttle each other. How do you keep that calm and together?

C: These girls have actually kept it calm. I’ve had no problems with any of them, literally, no problems. It’s two weeks in, don’t get me wrong, six weeks in we might have had a few words, but no it’s been absolutely a pleasure.

Q12: Do you think it’s a big mistake having two double eliminations in the first two weeks?

C: I think where we bought in the wild cards we kind of had to do that. It’s a shame, because you lose a big chunk. Especially if you lose two diverse acts like that in one go, you’re really going to feel it next week. I was upset about losing Blonde Electra.

CJ: They were amazing.

C: I mean I know that they split opinion and they were a bit crazy which I’ve always said but I think that’s part of the fun. Pop and music is supposed to be entertaining, that’s why everybody loves Stevie, you know, and it’s fun.

Q13: Steph’s had a really hard week this week, especially with all these accusations of bullying. And that’s happened year after year on the X Factor. Why do you think people get targeted and branded a bully when it’s not true?

C: I have to be completely honest with you: if you’re going to have a career in this industry, you’re going to be accused of loads of false accusations. You’re going to have a lot of stories, you’re going to have a lot of jealousy I guess. This show just opens a can of worms for that but I don’t read any of it because I don’t need to. I know these girls, so I don’t need to read stories about them. I can look them in the eyes and I know them. I heard it, I heard about it obviously. She’s not a bully in my eyes.

Q14: Do you think that some of the acts are being carried by maybe by backing singers?
C: I mean, in all honesty, in any pop performance for example, you saw it tonight with Jessie J - who is an incredible vocalist – she had backing vocals with her. It’s normal; it’s what you do. That’s why when and artist sings alone you call it acapella: it’s because they’re completely alone, but it’s natural to have some you know, You listen to Fleur sing ‘Bang Bang’ at the judges’ homes: the girl can sing. She’s incredible, there’s no question about it. But if you’re moving around and you’re singing, you have backing singers for a reason, so that’s not a problem for me. Certainly not cheating in any way, shape or form.

Q15: How are you finding it being back; the live shows and everything? Is it strange, because nothing’s changed?

C: When I did the audition process and I sat in the chair, it was like nothing has changed. I was like, “Oh god, was it four years ago?” The moment I came to the first live show last week I thought I’d completely prepared mentally. When the audience get going and you’re in that adrenaline-fuelled mood, every time your artist’s name mentioned your heart’s pounding. It’s kind of like “Okay, this my responsibility here”. I wasn’t ready for that feeling. 
Week two I was a bit more relaxed. It’s very intense because you’ve got people’s dreams on the line and you can feel it. I even suppose you lot can feel it when you walk in the building: the walls are seeping with nervous energy.

Q16: Have you been having any sleeplessness nights about song choices and outfits?

C: Oh completely, completely. Simon likes to call you at three in the morning because he’s thinking about the show and he’s thinking about pyrotechnics literally

Q17: Cheryl can I ask a question? Something I’ve noticed about the live shows is when the voiceover man, and also Dermot, shout “Cheryl Fernandez-Versini” and you are beaming. How does it feel to have your married name shouted out at the nation?

C: It doesn’t feel strange to me. It doesn’t feel strange.

Q18: Your husband was there this weekend, right?

C: Yes.

Q19: Was that nervous having him there? Was that the first time he’s been here?

C: No, I was more focused on the girls to be completely honest. I wouldn’t say I forgot he was there but I was focused. I’m here to do a job, at the end of the day, so I was just focused on being here

Q20: What if he said one of the boys is his favourite, or something?

Q21: What about the Kermit joke last night?

C: I thought it was funny. I mean, for me, I loved the dress. It’s such an obvious thing to say to people when it’s green. What I love even more when they put us all as Muppets. In fact I’m amazed how Simon looks like Zig and Zag. Do you agree?
So I actually did find that funny. Remember the last time when I wore the disc dress and as soon as I sat down. It was a bit of an odd choice yes, but as soon as I sat down he was looking at me strangely. Then yesterday when I sat down, he looked at me and I thought “Oh here we go”. I was just waiting.

Q22: Does it ever get competitive? Because obviously there are lots of comments going back and forth, but do you ever actually get annoyed in the heat of the moment?

C: Yes I do. To be honest, I was a little bit overwhelmed and obviously upset tonight when… Well I know I’m not saying “bye” obviously but when I had to lose the two of them. ,So yeah, absolutely. Your adrenaline, your- I won’t sleep when I get home until 3 o’ clock. The adrenaline’s still buzzing you know?

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