Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kwelavan Kwela with Barkada with Chikoy and Tom Crew

Gone are the days when all booth exhibits were- just that- booth exhibits. Just dropping your calling card, talking with the representative about the product or service, maybe pick a prize. Now more and more booth exhibits are becoming increasingly fun and interactive.

Since attending Blogapalooza last year, one of the most memorable booth was that of Bounty Fresh Chooks to Go.

bounty fresh

Last year, me and my friend Rattus battled it out, while this year, it was with my girl Marilou! (They only got the consolation prize cause I am the Champion!) The runner up prize was a shirt, but all participants get their wacky shot photo souvenir. I did not know that a picture is being taken so imagine I was like this- my legs were apart, hands up, and my mouth was open.

blogger pisceanrat

I sucked big time in Human Tetris (it didn't help that I was getting chubby) but Flying Chicken and Egg Escape were sisiw! I love that the game is played with friends so it's more enjoyable.


For two consecutive years, I lorded over my opponent. Last year, I got to take home a whole juicy and delicious (even without sauce or gravy, huh!) Chooks to Go. This year, because I did not get the required score, I got an umbrella instead of a chicken. But no worries as this umbrella is cutesy (featuring Chikoy and Tom Crew) and huge!

chiknoy tom crew

Chooks to Go Caravan has won well-deserved awards from the Philippine Game Festival.

chooks to go

Because I like their booth, I decided to make an acronym-

Only sa
Kwelavan Booth!
Welcome Lahat!
Nomnom- Chooks to Go!

Chooks-to-Go Supersized Oven Roasted Chicken is available in Sweet Roast, Pepper Roast (fastest to sell out in our neighborhood)  and Fried Chooks for Php 209. Also try Juicy Liempo Php 160.

Check them out on FB, it's really one of the best inspiring and delightful pages out there!

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