Thursday, November 13, 2014

#TeamChocolateMousse for #CadburySweetEndings

When I came across this question- "Are you #TeamFrenchVanilla or #TeamChocolateMousse?"- it's kinda hard to choose. Both are smooth and creamy Cadbury chocolates but what could get better than chocolate on chocolate or a double dose of chocolate!

After malling, the sweet ending to a day of bonding! Me and my barkada are proud to represent Team Chocolate Mousse!

#cadburysweetendings #teamchocolatemousse

Each bite of the new Cadbury Chocolate Mousse brings you on a trip to romantic and fashionable Paris, France !

Did you know that the word mousse in French means foam? Hear the strains of La Vie En Rose as you bite into the light and airy taste of chocolate-flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate!

cadbury french vanilla, chocolate mousse, price

Catch the limited edition Cadbury French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse in stores beginning November 2014! These big and satisfying 180g bars are SRP Php 180 only!

Cadbury is just the prefect ending for barkada get together moments! I love it!

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