Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lightwater #begreater

For as long as I can remember, whenever someone in the family experiences LBM (diarrhea,) a popular sports drink is surely added to the merry mix of self medications including banana and OTC medicine.

Athletes and sports buffs are also known to replenish and quench their thirst with sports drinks after strenuous activities.

But what if I tell you that regular sports drinks not only hydrate and provide electrons but also give added burden to the liver and kidney because it includes sodium, artificial flavor, artificial color, etc.

Well now my friends, we have a better choice. We can hydrate with Lightwater.

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Advantages and why Lightwater is the healthier choice:

Pure water + electrolytes calcium magnesium potassium! No sodium!

pH 8.2

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BPA free!

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The first time I bought Lightwater months ago (650 ml costs Php 26.00 in the 24-h convenience store,) I thought it was imported. The label looks cool. Lightwater and the colorful Vitamin Boost drink #superchargeyourlife #drinkthyvitamins are manufactured in the Philippines by Suncoast. 

Last December 4, 2014, I was invited to an intimate dinner with Lightwater Ambassadors- sports personalities who support the brand.

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There's games and raffle. 

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Athletes and bloggers team up.

Although I did not win, I am still very happy because I was able to celebrate in this event and have a good time. Good food, good drinks, company of good friends. Especially enjoyed playing  arcade games (Pacman, Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter) in Treehouse, A.Venue Mall, hehe!

Guys, you should try Magners too. It tastes really great and though I had more than a few glasses, I did not get drunk. Recently, I've bought in the grocery Pfanner Active fitness juice, also imported by Suncoast!

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Thanks, Suncoast Lightwater #begreater

lightwater #begreater

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