Friday, December 12, 2014

Run Free, Baby - Novo's Story

I first saw you tied to a post in front of a sari sari store. Exposed to the elements. The smoke coming from the jeepneys passing.
I thought you looked very cute similar to our family members- Shih Tzus Chestnut and Polly.

But during my few visits to my parents' house I never saw you eating or drinking.
Scratch that.
I saw you lapping up the soapy water in the floor as your owner is cleaning up. My mom told me much later on she saw you being hit with a bottle when you were begging for sustenance.

Your owner asked my mother what to do with your tongue as it was permanently outside. Can you cut it off, inquired the woman.

We didn't know what to do.

I hoped that someone in the animal welfare group I posted about you would rescue you and give your owner some ass-whooping. Not that I am blaming them. Many were infuriated and wrote in the comments section of the post threats (unfulfilled) against our neighbor upon learning your story. You see it was a difficult situation as your then owners live just across our house.

The only think we could do to save you was to buy you.
They sold you for Php 1500 when you were just given to them by your other owner.

At first you were very timid.
You cannot even climb up or jump down.
The months saw you progressing into the happy dog that you are.
Always smiling, wagging your tail, licking a lot.
Very friendly and behaved.

You only fault was peeing everywhere.
You always accompanied my brother in tending our small store.

Last week you suddenly fell sick.
We did not know if the cause was the poison in the anti-tick collar you wore to protect you from the ticks invasion you got after they brought you to a grooming station.

At first the doctor thought it was a virus in the blood
When you were opened he said it was a rare case and you had stomach infection. We can only blame it to the years of negligence from your first and second owner.

The following day after your vet appointment you were happy to see me.
Though visibly very weak, you could not lie down or keep still. You were always walking.
Mom joined us upstairs and I went to the CR to pee. Next thing I saw you were gone. Stiff and skin in your stomach yellowy. I also saw the final urine. Like what I saw others when they die.

I could not touch you.
I did not cry as I think it is natural for creatures to die. And I did not want for you to suffer and be in pain for long.

dog in the philippines

But why did you leave us? Why so fast?
Did you think that because we have many dogs already and a new puppy we just rescued?
Why do you have to die when there are so many cruel evil people in this world?
Run free, baby Novo. In the other world no one would hurt you. You will not thirst or hunger.
Know that we loved you as our own.

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