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Skintology Aesthetics Clinic Makati: Discover Your Skin!

Have you ever been to a skin clinic where you felt uncomfortable? When additional services are shoved (hard-selled) at you, there is no partition and you can easily see the other clients being treated beside you, your therapist is noisily chatting with her colleague, you feel being rushed because of other clients waiting, and such other horrors?

If you are looking for an aesthetic center that values professionalism and  your privacy without the sky high price tag, look no further, because there is Skintology.

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The laurel leaf in their logo signifies honor and integrity. 

With address at the Ground Floor of Plaza Royale Building, 120 L.P. Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines, Skintology Aesthetics Clinic is founded in November 2013 by partners Maia Pega and Dr. Bryan Uy-Barreta.

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Their glow is a testament to Skintology!

Skintology is a relatively new clinic but they already boast of a loyal clientele.

Here are the top five reasons to visit Skintology:

1. The clinic takes pride in their state of the art machines and latest services at reasonable prices.

2. US trained in-house Dermatology Diplomate, Dr. Katrina Marie So-Abat. Certain treatments like peels (except diamond peel, done by therapists) are administered by the doctor.

3. All their skin technicians who underwent a rigid 6 month training. I find their therapists friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable, ably answering my questions about the treatments.

4. Skintology values privacy- even if the person in the next room is your relative, they would not tell you.

5. They also put importance to integrity. Say, if you ask for a certain treatment, but if you do not need it or if it will have a certain adverse effect due to other drugs you are currently taking, they will not advise you to do it just for the sake of money.

skintology derma
Dermatologist-formulated products and Seal of Excellence of the doctor. Dr. Katrina Marie S. Abat is available every Saturdays, and by appointment.

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Local and imported skin care products, including Thiocell glutathione

The first time I went inside, I immediately noticed that the place smells so good and feels immaculate. Splashes of turquoise and Audrey Hepburn pictures keep it from looking too clinical.

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What's good about Skintology's IPL machine is that it is preset- to minimize the risk of burning.

I tried their complete beauty package (Php 1,200-1,500). This session consists of nine steps- cleaning, steaming, vacuum, pricking, ionotheraphy with collagen gel (for tightening and circulation), RF ultrasonic firm with Vitamin E, diamond peel, high frequency laser (to close pores), and cold sonic (relaxing the skin).

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Skintology has 4 rooms each with its own machine. May I add that their blanket is the softest and fluffiest I've ever touched!

I noticed that they offer nightingale poo facial mask (Php 800). I got curious, and of course I wanted to try it. So the diamond peel step was removed because it is not good to  have both in a single session. The nightingale poo was followed by hyaluronic mask.

Nightingale poo mask originated in Japan and is used by geishas. It is said to have whitening, firming and anti-aging effect.

skintology, nightingale poo mask,
No, there isn't a nasty poo smell!

After the treatment, they said my face looked whiter and it felt very clean.

Then it's the Supersonic Slim with RF (Php 3,600.)

First, moisturizing cream is applied, then  cavitation proper for twenty minutes. I heard a sharp screeching sound due to the fat melting. The bigger the fatty cells, the louder the sound.

Next is the RF heat for fifteen minutes.

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What these 5 wands are, L-R: Vacuum RF (for thighs,) RF Face, Cavitation RF (for the tummy area,) Bio eyes, Tripolar RF (for other body parts.)

With other treatments, one needs multiple sessions just to see any difference. Here, they measured the before and after and I lost 2 inches in just 1 treatment! Wahaha!!! What more if I can maintain it! Wow! Can I get my 23 inch waistline back? That's before my lifestyle got devoid of any exercise (if you don't count walking and household chores) and my metabolism slowed big time as I got older.

skintology total beauty package
VOILA!!! From 33 to 31.2!!! Don't laugh at how chubby I am- I love to eat!

Here is Skintology's Menu of Services.

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You can also ask them about Skintology's Sexy Sensation Program for a holistic approach to a fitter you. It combines treatment, diet, supplement and exercise to sculpt you to a masterpiece.

Thank you Skintology!
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Some of Skintology's products-  hypoallergenic cleanser, clarifying toner, stem cell regeneration serum, hypoallergenic moisturizer, and tinted sunblock (they claim skipping foundation is possible with this as it offers blemish coverage and UV protection!) I have tried the skin care products- they effectively cleared my skin yet feels very gentle-no sting! The tinted sunblock, on the other hand, acts like a BB cream!

Skintology is open Mondays to Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
Call 843-22-33  0925-SKNTLGY (7568549) to book an appointment.

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