Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CLINIQUE Cocktail Party in MOA

Last Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM, I went to Clinique's Cocktail Party at the SM Mall of Asia.
clinique sm aura

I had missed their other event held few weeks ago in SM Aura.

happy fragrance

clinique eyeshadow
What's New!!!

My friends joining me:
clinique cocktail party
L-R: Kris, yours truly, Rattus and Ms. Kaye, Brand General Manager

I admit that Clinique is a prestige brand but upon entrance, the staff greeted us warmly.
Mr. Christopher approached us and made us feel most welcome.
clinique high impact

clinique mascara

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Validosa Salon Organique Morocco Argan Oil

Hello! This was my first time to visit this neighborhood salon, Validosa, here in Caloocan. I have been to different salons/parlors before. I frequently go to affordable parlors, but I have also tried the high-end salons. I like to try a lot and explore!

When I went inside, I was greeted by what I shall call their "one-man welcoming commitee" because that guy is courteous- welcoming me and thanking me as I was leaving. I asked for their gold hairspa and a haircut.


He went with me to the shampoo booth and suggested me to try their Moroccan Argan Treatment for my hair saying it's better for my hair and scalp. Due to his persistence, and the fact that he was caring (he ever so gently wiped the water that splashed onto my face and chided the shampoo girl to be more careful,) I agreed to try this Organique Morocco Argan Oil by Cynos. In fairness to the shampoo girl, she did not handle my hair roughly; she was not cold and made small talk.

organique morocco argan oil

My hairstylist applied and massaged the entire contents of the blue sachet and left it on my hair for a few minutes. I checked my Facebook and borrowed their magazine to pass the time. Then it was rinsing time! He hand-combed then paddle brushed my hair while using blow dryer. Afterwards, he cut my hair.

philippine salon

The result-
Soft, shiny, smooth hair that smells to me like milk and honey. It was tangle free as the hairstylist was combing it through. My thick hair looks as if it was rebonded!

I paid Php 350 for this treatment with free hair cut.

validosa salon
I wasn't able to take good shots inside because I don't know if they will allow me.
Yep my bare faced look but I have shiny hair that feels light :)

Why I would be happy to return to Validosa-
Aside from the courtesy, I am happy to report that my hairstylist did not "traumatize" me. Having been to different parlors/salons my hair is oftem sinasabunutan or yanked and pulled roughly when they comb it through (even in a reputable salon that I will call as Goliath Marilao branch was no exception, my head even got bumped with the steamer by its hairstylist as she was clumsily passing through.) Here in Validosa, while their haistylist was applying the treatment with a sort of little comb, he did not force the comb to run through my disarrayed hair (because I rode a regular bus going here and the wind was messing my hair around.) Also during the brushing and blow drying, he was very gentle!

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Kawaii Party Canmake Japan in Somera

Last February 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM,  I attended the Canmake Grand Opening and Pre-Valentine Party at the Somera Boutique in Glorietta 2, Makati, Philippines.

canmake makeup

Many Japanese officials were present.

canmake philippines

These are the testers. It's nice that they are providing disposable tools for hygienic purpose.

canmake foundation

The products look very cute indeed, won't you agree?

Monday, February 17, 2014

#ChooseToSHINE with Pantene

I have never felt my hair this healthy in months. Thanks to the kit from Pantene and Belle de Jour (BDJ Box.) I personally know many girls who are loyal to Pantene because it is one of the best, if not THE BEST, hair product.


I use Pantene Daily Intensive Total Damage Care to condition my hair. It is thick and deeply nourishing.

pantene daily intensive conditioner

After toweling dry my hair, I apply Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water for its benefits and as protection.

pantene miracle water

I documented for 7 days. This is my awesome hair transformation:

1st day- Pantene dramatically reduced my hair fall. I am amazed. Today is family and worship day.


2nd day- Frizz free, no flyaways. I am doing some household work and errands.


How to Wear Contact Lens

I have been wearing contact lens since around 15 years old, so that's more than a decade already. Back then, they were much more expensive. About Php 1,500 per pair. Now there are cheaper brands priced at Php 250 per pair.

  • Change you look instantly- fashionable!
  • More convenient than eyeglasses.

  • You know the scary stories of those who got an eye infection or conjunctivitis.
  • If you hadn't chosen the right color that would look flattering on you, might seem too "trying hard."
Poking this small round plastic in your eyes might sound scary at first, but then you'll get used to it. 
INSERT- Widen eyes with thumb on bottom and pointer finger on the lids. With the pointer finger of your other hand gently place the lens.> Before wearing the contact lens that was soaked and stored in its case overnight, I rinse it 3 times with the solution then pour some comfort drops.

REMOVE- Widen eyes with thumb on bottom and pointer finger on the lids. With the thumb and pointer finger of your other hand, gently grip the lens.> As I am removing the contact lens that I wore for a day, I moisten my eyes first with lubricant. Make sure my hands are washed clean. Then moisten my palm and the fingers that would be taking off the lens with the all-in-one solution. I wet it, rub it, rinse it twice.

I am always asked if these are for vanity or if graded. My number 1 favorite lens color is gray, violet is second.

Tips for caring for your eyes and contact lens, based on my experience:
  • NEVER EVER sleep with contact lens on.
  • If you suffer from "dry eyes", I would not advice you to wear contact lens.
  • Always have a small bottle of lubricant with you when your eyes feel dry. In my work before, I was annoyed when the other contact lens wearers would borrow mine. Wasn't just a disturbance. C'mon man, we're both working, can't afford a Php 79 (less than 2 US Dollars) comfort drops?
  • Have a travel kit or storage case filled with solution with you even if you plan to go out for just a few hours. You never know when an emergency will arise which would prevent you from going home for the night. Or if you go to a bar, and it severely dries up and irritates your eyes, you might want to remove the contact lens.
  • Fill the hollow of the lens case up to the brim. If not enough solution was put, there is a tendency that the lens may move, and it might stick to the side and dry up, especially when not used for a few days.
  • Rinse with solution the storage case before and after using. Best to air dry.
  • Favor a disposable lens 3 or 6 month over an extended wear. The longer you use it, the more protein (and bacteria?) it could accumulate, not to mention the little wear and tear on its surface.
  • Favor a "breathable" lens if you can afford it cause yes, it's more expensive, but better for the eye health.
  • In between contact lens wearing, I let my eyes rest for a few months. Say, I wear contacts for January to March then eyeglass again for April to July, then contacts again for August to October, you know the drill.
  • Sometimes, I get tired of this stuff. I want to undergo LASIK. But  not everyone is qualified. Besides, it's expensive and operations always scare the crap outta me.
  • I am not a licensed contact lens professional, these are just my tips, so best to consult your optometrist, ophthalmologist, eye doctor.
Before purchasing, I canvass to find out which brand is affordable like these products I bought from EO. In Manila, I sometimes buy from Quiapo because it's known to sell optical stuff at lower prices. 

lens care solution
Flex Wear solution from EO that comes with a lens case is only Php 140 for the 360 ml, while LensCare by Medgen solution in Mercury Drug is cheaper at Php 95 for the 360 ml. However, it does not come with a lens case. 

Yes some sizes (too big) and shapes (too concave) may just not be right for you. Ask the store if they can replace it, especially if they don't allow you to have a trial or test it out first.

Once, I had both a bad batch of contact lens and also a malfunctioning solution where the tip has no hole. Double whammy I tell you. My eyes hurt when I wear the LEFT contact lens and I can't properly squeeze out the solution. I can't poke the tip with a scissor for risk of contamination. Returned it to the store.

These are my eyeglasses post- http://pisceanrat.blogspot.com/2013/12/proud-to-be-nerd.html :)
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

BRAVE PH Women's Self Defense

"If you are a woman who has ever had to walk down a dark street by yourself, had a tire blowout while traveling alone, or been surprised by an unexpected knock on your front door, then you know what it feels like to suddenly be aware of your vulnerability. This awareness sparks a need for protection, and who can you count on to always be there to protect you? You.

Why Take Self-Defense Classes?
Women may not realize just how much they need to take self-defense courses to keep themselves safe. It is one of the most important things that she can do for herself though. Protecting yourself from violent crimes should be on the top of every woman's list of things to do today. Don't let yourself be caught in an attack without knowing how to defend yourself. Here's a number of reasons why enrolling in a self-defense class makes all the difference.

Statistics show that 90% of attackers will back down and search for a softer, easier target.

What Will I Learn in BRAVE?
Registering for a BRAVE Self-defense program would equip you with essential skills that will heighten your awareness in an assault and enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones in times of danger. Registering yourself for a self-defense immediately increases your safety by 90%, guaranteed!


Here are some of the things you will learn:
Effective striking
Releasing from various grabs (hair, hand, arms, neck, etc.)
Dealing effectively with distance
How to anticipate certain types of attacks giving you advantage
Disarming and stopping an armed assailant.
Effective counter attacking
Defending from any line of attack (front, back, and sides)
Immobilizing an attacker
Taking down an attacker
Self-awareness and reflexes
Combat training applicable to real-life situations  

Count me in! How Can I Join?
Simply  text   0927 659 97 18 / 0936 330 36 50
or message  www.facebook.com/BRAVEph
Reserve a slot for P500 or pay in full (P2,500) through either of the options below:
BPI Bank Deposit / Fund Transfer

BPI S/A - 2596 - 2231 - 59

Scan, screenshot, or take a picture of it and send to bravephilippines@gmail.com or message it on www.facebook.com/BRAVEph together with the following information:

a) Full name
b) Contact number
c) Email
d) Date of payment
e) Amount of payment

Confirmation of payment/reservation will be received on the date of the payment together with details of the workshop.

women's self defense philippines

You can RESERVE your slot in this exclusive training for only 500PHP and pay the remaining balance on Feb. 22, 2014 (Saturday) or you may opt to pay the amount in full.
Come as a pair and avail a special discount. Text them to avail this promo.

As an introductory offer to launch BRAVE, they will be having an EXCLUSIVE self-defense class specializing for women this Feb. 22, 2014 conveniently located at Studio M Makati (rehearsal studio for the stars). Taught by a female instructor in an all-female class so it would be very comfortable for everyone.

The Lead Instructor
SSgt. Mary Joy Castillo is a Certified Martial Arts Instructor (Kali) of the Philippine Marines.
She has been teaching not only the Philippine Marines but also the US Marines in Balikatan Exercises, the Elite Forces of the AFP, cadets of the PNPA as well as PNP personnel, security groups and other individual including foreign nationals who seeks self-protection.

What: Women's Self -defense and Real Life Combat Training

When: Saturday, February 22nd, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Where: Studio M Makati (rehearsal studio for the stars)

You have no excuse not to enroll for the next self defense course you can - as soon as possible. That's because you never know when the worst might happen, and you owe it to yourself to be prepared."

You may check out my actual experience here

This is a feature for www.braveselfdefense.com

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

These are the nail polish/varnish/enamel/lacquer or cutix (how some Filipinos like to call it) that I currently have. I am aware it may be too few, or a lot, depending on who's looking at it.

In my mind, I have a ceiling or limit as to how many I should have, as I don't want to be a hoarder. Also, if I notice that I have these items for a year or more, I will dispose of it. You won't see my nails painted every single day. Most of the time, my nails are free from anything, so it can "breathe" from the chemicals.

My collection:

philippine nail polish brands
taken with flash

Bottom left to right:

  • BYS Nail Art (fine, thin brush) in metallic purple; Php 249; made in China
  • Revlon Nail Art Neon in Hot Flash; made in USA; around Php 200- I think this is a fun concept coz back in school, I used to paint my nails using correction fluid then apply fluorescent marker
  • Revlon in Pink Glow; made in USA
Top left to right; all are made in the Philippines, except some:
  • Caronia Nail Hardener
  • Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat; Php 34.75
  • Elianto Base Coat (that I had for years, mostly used to protect and kinda seal metallic pieces and writings;) made in Korea; about Php 70
  • Caronia in Blueberry; maybe Php 35
  • Caronia in Sweet Surprise
  • Estilo in Cherry Blossom; freebie with purchase of hair color; made in Korea
  • Skin Food; I can't see what this Nail Vita is called, but it's orange with gold shimmers; about Php 100; made in Korea
  • OMG in Vixen; Php 18.75
  • OMG in Disco Ball; Php 18.75
  • Bobbie in Vamp; Php 35
That was fun, now I'm thinking I want to add something baby pink, black or emerald green, hehehe. Also invest in some high end brand perhaps.
Have a nail polish in common or suggestion? Do comment below!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Upgrade to LG Mobile

About a couple of weeks ago, as I was traveling back to Manila from the province and checking on my FB mobile, I got great news  from my friend. She said I won in LG's promo. I could not believe it and I wasn't expecting this. This might be my biggest prize so far... Life's Good!!!

lg pro lite

I contacted them and was really anticipating their message and as soon as possible, went to their  modern and expansive office in Pasig to claim it.

contents lg pro lite

I arrived home late. Right before tucking in my bed, decided to charge the LG G Pro Lite Dual's battery and turn it on. It might have been a mistake studying and familiarizing with my new phone  at that time because what I saw did not let me sleep that night.

YSA...Nobody loves me better

I was able to try YSA's Diamond Peel for FREE thanks to Ms. Tiffany who gave a GC during an event in November. I visited their Victory Mall branch.

ysa skin

victory mall

Here are the steps:
  • I was instructed to wash my face with their Liquid Papaya Soap.
  • Whitening and rejuvenating mask is applied and wiped off after a few minutes after it has dried.
  • Diamond peel proper. It is the simultaneous exfoliation using the diamond tipped wand and suction of the debris. It feels relaxing and not painful for me. For the uninitiated, think like your skin is being polished with a really fine and small sandpaper.
  • Facial massage.
diamond peel

I was surprised to find all the dirt, dead skin cells because I used makeup remover the night before and I did not use any cosmetic that day.

ysa clinic

What makes YSA Diamond Peel a cut above the rest is that their machine can effectively get rid of all the dead skin cells. Regular price of the treatment is Php 1000.

beauty blogger philippines
They have 3 cozy rooms in this branch.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beauty by BYS Cosmetics

I love that the BYS Complete Cosmetics Brand is fresh, catchy and fun. It has cosmetics for the face- eyes, lips, cheeks, minerals; body, accessories and tools, and their nail line is phenomenal. The neons, fluorescents, metallics never fail to catch my eyes.


I went to SM North Edsa and participated in the BYS Selfie Booth.

bys cosmetics

They are giving FREE makeovers and a chance to win Php 50, 000 plus a complete set of makeup and be their next beauty advocate!

bys philippines

I bought the Perfectly Peachy Blusher (price Php 249) and Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Coffee Bean (price Php 169.) I am already using the powder to contour- noseline and cheekbones. I will give this new pencil to somebody else as a present. :)

bys blush

bys eyebrow pencil in coffee bean

Monday, February 3, 2014

Angelica's Catering Good Food and Dependable Service

Angelica's Catering graciously summoned my amiga to sample the food and view the amenities they offer. He invited me and another friend but we three bloggers arrived at their showroom past the time they were expecting us due to some unforeseen circumstance, yet they warmly  welcomed us.

angelica's catering

We were ushered in our seats and encouraged (Nagkakahiyaan pa? Who's the first to stand? hehe) to approach the buffet table to eat. Ms. Joan Hubilla, Sales and Marketing Officer, played an audio-visual presentation. She provided  info about them and answered some questions.

top food blogger
Rattus, Ms. Joan, Therese, yours truly, and Vic
We look so glammed up thanks to BYS. Click this for the details.

I am no stranger to the fabulous set up by caterers so I asked myself what would make them different?

caterer quezon city

The answer, and the most important part when you are having guests, is the FOOD. The food they serve is truly delicious and there's so many choices. There was one outstanding and personal favorite among those I tasted. I was not able to ask what it is because I took just a little of each dish. Maybe it was pork asado or pork hamonado? Just the sauce being so flavorful can be ulam (viand) already and the meat lean and tender.


Angelica's Catering started in 2006 and they can serve nationwide, they say. I think the biggest number of guests they served in 1 occasion so far, is 2000 people. CAAP is one of their regular customers. Their cook who had been with them for several years has some serious food magic skills.

filipino food

Saturday, February 1, 2014


The Liebster Award - when I was nominated I was so happy because it's an AWARD! Even though I, like many others, don't know what it is, hehe.

I had been blogging for a few months when one of my new friends in the blogging world, Rebecca of http://thelatebloomer11.blogspot.com, nominated me for THE LIEBSTER AWARDS. I am surprised and touched by this kindness of her.

Please check out lorraine marie's blog  for a detailed explanation regarding this. She also has a poetry blog http://poetryperfected.wordpress.com/

In a nutshell, here are the rules:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you> Answer her 11 questions> Nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 1000 followers>Inform them and they must do the same. It's a cycle and win-win for our blogs, right?

Becca asks, "I want to know you ladies more, so here are my 11 QUESTIONS especially made for you:"

And here's my response:

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
2. Drugstore or High-end products?
-Both. Depends, really.
3. What is the first makeup product you purchased?
-I think powder or maybe lip gloss. Can't remember.
4. If you can have whatever talent you want, which one talent would that be and why?
-Singing because I love listening to music.
5. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
-Weekly, ideally.
6. What are your top 3 favorite books and/or movies?
-Bible, The Passion and all Stephen King books.
7. What makes you happy?
-I find joy in so many little things. Like eating chocolate. Playing with pets.
8. If you can be at two places at one time, where will you be?
-I would like to be in Heaven/Paradise and the Holy Land.
9. What is your favourite makeup product and why?
-Lipstick because it gives a change in the look, close second is eyebrow pencil.
10. How disciplined are you when it comes to removing makeup before going to bed?
-Very. Absolute must to remove all the gunk at night because I learned my lesson the hard way.
11. What’s the last thing you do before going to bed at night?

So we can know if we have similarities and other stuff that's of interest, my queries for my dear nominees are:

  1. What is more important for you makeup or skin care?
  2. Have you found your holy grail skin care and makeup product? If yes, what is it?
  3. What is your number 1 favorite makeup product?
  4. How do you clean your makeup brushes?
  5. Liquid or powder foundation?
  6. Favorite book and favorite movie?
  7. Describe yourself.
  8. How many minutes does it take to put makeup on a regular day?
  9. A talent that not everyone knows.
  10. Blogging tips or advice?
  11. Beauty SECRET?

Here are my gorgeous nominees:

Thanks in advance for answering, my blogger friends. Can't wait to find out your answers!

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Machiavelli Chocolatier

If I'll be asked a question- what is the 1 food item you want to have in case you get stranded on a deserted island?- My answer would be CHOCOLATE. Aside from being delicious, it makes me happy and energetic. It's my ultimate mega super favorite food in the universe. But I am picky when it comes to chocolates. There are superb chocolates that bring me to heaven and there are fake tasting chocolate that is sure to ruin my mood.

machiavelli chocolatier new york
mmm I LOVE chocolates

I visited the kiosk of luxury Machiavelli Chocolatier New York inside Rustan's Department Store, Ground Floor, Cosmetics & Fragrances Area,  Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA.

I asked their courteous salesman what their bestseller is and he said the bacon.
These are made here in the Philippines, where cacao grows.

Top to bottom:
Alfie's Bacon- smooth milk chocolate with crispy salty bacon bits is bliss.
Bobby's Grand- upon opening, the very delicious smell greeted me.
Harold's Cheese- another favorite of mine is CHEESE. I like generous portions of it in my spaghetti, bread, caldereta, everywhere. So when DARK chocolate (my preference over milk chocolate) meets cheese- it's a no-brainer.

machiavelli bacon, grand, cheese bar price
not your ordinary chocolate...
I am happy to report  their premium bars satisfied the discerning chocolate lover like me. 1 bar is bitin. I consumed two bars in 1 sitting.
Suggestion for improvement: I hope the expiration date is indicated in the packaging.

machiavelli grand bar
The Grand Bar (left) is rolled in cocoa powder and the filling is flavored with Grand Marnier. Can't wait to try the truffle/praline version! 

Fortunately, I have an Enjoy privilege card so I got it for buy 1 take 1. Price is Php 150 per 25 grams of this gourmet bar. Security Bank card holders are also offered a deal.

Background, from their website:

"Machiavelli Chocolatier was formed with two words in mind: EURASIAN FUSION.

Here at Machiavelli Chocolatier, one of our founding principles is to bring together the best of both worlds in each of our signature masterpieces. We call it EURASIAN FUSION.

Raul D. Matias, Machiavelli Chocolatier's founder, began his career as a physical therapist in the US. He left his lucrative field to follow his one true passion and dream: to become a world class chocolatier. His training in Europe, Canada, and the US, combined with his Asian roots, influence most of his chocolate masterpieces. He expertly includes the best ingredients from Asia and Europe in these creations.

If Niccolo Machiavelli enraged the senses through his writings, Machiavelli Chocolatier will surely evoke the same sensations with its masterpieces. If Niccolo Machiavelli was concerned with the worldly side of humanity, Machiavelli Chocolatier is concerned with the epicurean pleasure experienced in each of its creations."

food blogger gourmet chocolate
click for ingredients
Here's their Chocolate Care Tips:
  • store in cool, dry and dark place.
  • if possible, do not refrigerate; if you do, make sure that they are in a covered container and the temperature should be between 10 and 16 degree Celsius.
  • chocolates are best enjoyed at room temperature between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.
  • between tasting chocolate, drink spring water.

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