Sunday, March 30, 2014

Caritas Segunda Mana

I have bought a few times at the Caritas Segunda Mana Store and had decided to write about it. I have first visited their store about 4 years ago- in Victory Mall (Caloocan,) Immaculate Conception Cathedral Tayuman (but I think they only ran there for a few weeks and is closed now,) and in San Roque Parish Caloocan (where these pictures are taken.)

caritas segunda mana

Some of the items I have bought- a dozen small soaps (Dangdut) for Php 10, Pencil Case that had a Php 100 sticker but is now only Php 35, dozen greeting cards for about Php 20, some clothes are I think at Php 20, Cora Jacobs bag for maybe Php 150 if I remember correctly, and other products. They also have shoes and gowns for only Php 300. If you are here in the country, I invite you to see it for yourself. They have so many merchandise there!

san roque parish caloocan

They accept donations from everyone. Many of their offerings are brand new (old stock and non-moving inventories from companies) while some are second hand (pre-loved items that can be from regular folks.)

It is good to get your stuff here because not only are the commodities cheap, you are also helping the Church.

caritas segunda mana victory mall

If you wish to donate, you can do so in their designated drop off stations at most churches. I saw one in Sto. Nino Church Tondo. For bargain hunters, their items are always on sale! :)

For more information, you may visit their website
or call 562-0020 to 25, 564-0205.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Max Factor Mascara and Makeover

I joined and was lucky to have been among the winners of a recent Max Factor contest in Facebook. The contest was open to all their fans and they gave away 3 different mascaras! Here is their link if you haven't liked their page yet-

I claimed my prize in SM Makati last March 7, 2014.

max factor wild boutique

 The prize is mascara of your choice plus makeover! Thank you, MF!!!

max factor wild mega volume mascara
 I got a tube of Wild Mega Volume Mascara. It's made in Ireland. Yahoooo!!!

While I was having the makeover done, there were some customers who dropped by. I'd say 99% of the mature ladies went away with a purchase while the exception was a younger girl who seemed to be window shopping.

Products used on me-
max factor facefinity

max factor cosmetics

Max Factor Pan Stik was the first makeup I used because it was endorsed by my mom. Younger women can try their Wild Boutique Line. It screams fun, trendy and fresh!!!

max factor wild shadow pot

I was happy to get the makeover in the afternoon because I had a party to attend that evening hehehe :)

Results before and after -
max factor makeup

With their SA/MUA Ms.Merly-
sm makati

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 2014 #bdjboxsocial TRES CHIC!

I was very excited to attend BDJ Box's Tres Chic event last Sunday, March 23, 2013 at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura.

Services availed: 

Before I went inside, I washed my face because I was prepared to get a makeover.

Too Cool for School gave me one! Yey!

too cool for school
I was glad that I got compliments on how nice it looks.

I also had a nail painting session from Revlon!

With even just one coat, the colors were pigmented and smells so good. They used their latest fragrant nail polish. I personally prefer the reddish one at the right- Ginger Melon.

The talks:

This event was open to the public and you can attend talks just by pre-registering. You can learn a lot from their lessons. I was allowed to attend 2:

Max Factor with Guru Bobby Carlos who is my fave.

max factor
 They gave away a sample of Whipped Creme Foundation to all the attendees! Watch out it's coming this APRIL!!!

Benefit with Ms. Miakka Lim

There were also talks from the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry, Canon and Shiseido.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

HIMALAYA HERBALS Whitening Face Wash Review

Few years back, I have used Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Cleanser and Anti-Blemish Cream and LOVED it. But it seemed to "lie low" in the market- was not that actively promoted or visible. Now it's back with new products, I tried the Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash.

The Price is Php 80 for 50 ml tube and I availed it during a promo. If you buy two you get a FREE item (forgot if it was a wet wipes or big roll of tissue paper.)

Where to buy? Leading department stores and supermarkets. In this case, I bought it in SM.

himalaya herbals

Made in India.

Ingredients include Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), White Dammer (Vateria Indica), Saffron (Crocus Sativus), Pomegranate (Punica Granatum), Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus). I looked up the scientific names :) Please cleck the picture below

clear complexion whitening face wash

Prior to using: I was not seeing my usual oily skin. It was dry as the desert (because I had a diamond peel and was using strong topical acne medication) and I got scared when I saw some fine lines so I purchased this.

  • Effective and affordable
  • I love the calming, soothing scent
  • Not 100% organic but many ayurvedic/herbal ingredients
  • Creamy lather (not overly bubbly)
  • Did not feel tightness or itch felt in some harsh soaps and skin feels moisturized and comfortable
  • Leaves cooling sensation
  • Did not give me new pimples

Why, I finished the tube already and haven't come up with anything I don't like in Himalaya Herbals Whitening Face Wash!!! My skin feels brighter after every wash. Though my brown spots did not downright disappear they seemed to lighten. The only thing I wish they would improve is the packaging. I hope it is sealed for consumers' protection.

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PAC x Holy Grail x Giabeybeh Workshop

I was fortunate to be among the winners of the Facebook Contest of LOVESTRUCK: From Pastel Pinks to Raging Reds Workshop by PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) and My Holy Grail Philippines last February 2014. The makeup artist with us was Ms. Gia Lalu.

pac eyeliner
pac lipstick
beautiful colors of the makeup

If you ask me how to get to TAO Building, it's easy. Here is the direction:
From Magallanes MRT, walk toward Savemore and ride a jeepney going FTI/Gate 3 and drop off at Toyota. It's a short ride and costs you minimum fare.

tao building

There was a short presentation from the sponsors.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Linksys Grand Relaunch

March 12, 2014, Wednesday, Linksys announced that it has re-entered the Philippine market.

Belkin has acquired Linksys from Cisco. Here in the country, International Micro Village Inc. is its Authorized Distributor/Partner.

international micro village

The event was held in Conti's Greenbelt and was well-attended.


The latest Linksys networking products:
  • Desktop switches
  • Rackmount switches
  • VPN Routers
  • Network cameras
  • Access Points
all purpose-built to help keep remote workforces and SMB offices  CONNECTED, PRODUCTIVE and SECURE.

Some of the slides they presented:


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shiseido Workshop with Miss Isibashi Momoko

Last March 7, I had an appointment in Makati. I dropped by the Shiseido boutique in Greenbelt 5 to participate in their workshop since it was near.

shiseido skin care

I thought this was a group session. Fortunately, the person who had an appointment during this time had cancelled and I was able to take her slot instead.

shiseido philippines
They have clients undergoing skin analysis/facials.

Ms. Isibashi Momoko taught me one-on-one how to massage my face. It is the Slim Trim Defined Beauty Lift up method. I find her very nice and polite.

shiseido benefiance

These are the 4 products used. She advised that we use generous amount of rich cream and add as needed so the face and hands would be slippery/lubricated.

I really need this since I have chubby cheeks. Also, I'm not exactly so young anymore, and I worry about sagging.

I didn't take a picture while I was doing it because my face looks so funny with my hands strongly lifting my face then- like in a wacky shot.

shiseido workshop greenbelt
with the friendly staff
Thank you so much Ms. Momo for the knowledge. I took home this guide and had been doing it almost everyday. She instructed to do it once a day or even twice a day for better results.

 I am excited to be using this with my Ibuki moisturizer that I got from BDJ

shiseido ibuki

Check out below the workshop schedule with Shiseido Japanese Beauty Consultant Ms. Isibashi Momoko:

isibashi momoko

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer- The DUMOND Way

I love Brazil! It is a tropical paradise like the Philippines. I have many Brazilian friends in Instagram and Facebook. I am also in the fans club of the  popular Brazilian models in a noontime program.

I am very excited about the many interesting products from Brazil that are imported here in the country.

One of the Brazilian pride is Dumond. They offer the best shoes, bags and accessories such as belts and clutches.

For this Collection Summer 2014, Fernando de Noronha is the inspiration for Dumond.

What to love about Dumond:
  • Brazilian way
  • Premium quality
  • Beauty
  • Style
About my look:

  • No makeup because it will just melt. I only put my statement red lipstick to liven up my face.
  • Cropped or tank tops- so airy!
  • Bags that are ideally waterproof so I can bring it to the beach or swimming pool like that. This fashionable bag is from Dumond's latest collection.
  • Shorts to help cool and show off my smooth legs
  • Quality and striking sandals- I prefer neutral colors to lengthen my gams, and wedge type since I am petite and they feel more comfortable for my feet as compared with stilettos.
This very nice sandal is from Dumond- DU 4108323 NATURAL, SRP Php 5,625, Made in Brazil. This is from the SS 2014 Collection. I think the embellishment makes the design sophisticated and audacious!

I can wear this to the mall for casual strolling and even by the beach. In all honesty, my favorite footwear are sandals! So easy to wear and take off!


I do not adhere to any rules when it comes to my personal style. I like to wear what I am at ease with and what I think to be is aesthetically appealing.

My summer style- I love that in this season, I am so laid back and I can wear bright and different colors. But too much sweating is not fun for me, so I wear loose and small clothes during this time.

My favorite season of the year is definitely summer. I love soaking up the sun because I feel energized after. No summer of mine is ever complete without a trip to the beach.

So come and celebrate summer in style #THEDUMONDWAY

Check out:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gloria Maris Restaurant Review

My family hosted a gathering at Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant at the CCP Complex recently. It was attended by relatives and family friends and the entire back section was reserved for us :)

gloria maris ccp

I grew up to Chinese cuisine as my roots are from China, but I hadn't had the chance to fill up on this Oriental delicacy lately .

As we wait for the guests to arrive, we munch on some peanuts and something that looks like tofu but texture is like radish. I will edit once I find out what it is. Update: appetizer really was radish.

These are some of the delicious and satisfying food their chefs prepared for us:

Cold Cuts
Cold Cuts

sauteed Scallop and Shrimp with Vegetables
Sauteed Scallop and Shrimp with Vegetables

Whole Dried Scallop with Seamoss
Whole Dried Scallop with Seamoss

Arrow Shirts and lesson learned

I used to buy really el-cheapo clothes, even those in ukay ukay. I wasn't very particular in what I wear. I simply don't pay much attention to it- happy to blend in the background was I.

That was before. When I go to malls and establishments, I realized the attendants tend to entertain better those who are well-dressed.

arrow dress
dresses, estimate Php 1000 each

I noticed Arrow boutiques before but I had this thinking that it is expensive (knowing Divisoria's Php 75 shirts, why would I waste my hard-earned money on a Php 2000 one?) and that it was leaning more on formal, office wear which I wouldn't be using as I don't have work.

arrow philippines
extreme L- hubby's Giffini Php 1999.75, and extreme right hubby's Arrow Php 1250

When we looked at their clothes on display inside the department store (not the boutique) I instantly loved the quality and design of their quality apparel! It commands distinction, respect and looks sophisticated. The next weeks saw me buying dresses, a bag. I adore the style and colors.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Being a femme fatale

Would you be a damsel in distress or a heroine? Of course I'd choose to be the latter any given day. Heck yeah I'm tired of being pushed around, it's time to fight back. That's what I'm thinking when I signed up for the Brave Women's Self Defense and Real Life Combat Training.

I don't want to miss such a great opportunity and they were very nice to allow me to bring 2 companions. Read about the announcement HERE.

Thanks to sis Greyzie Santos for the group shot :)

It was held February 22, 2014, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Location is the neat Studio M (for Mr. Johnny Manahan), where celebrities also practice, in V.G. Miranda Building, 9699 Pililla St., Bgy. Valenzuela, 1208 Makati City.

studio m

Directions from LRT Pedro Gil:

Walk to the side of PCU going staight til Ministop and you will find a terminal with jeepneys going to Makati.
Ask the driver to drop you in Makti City Hall. Fare is Php 11.
You can walk from there, but in my case, I rode a sidecar and paid Php 20.

I would advise you to wear comfortable clothes, loose shirts, jogging pants and rubber shoes. I don't have a rubber shoes that time because I gave away my only one. So I wore my heeled boots adding to my superhero training vibe that day.

We registered upon arrival.

brave ph

Cleo assisting as we arrive.

self defense

The training is based in kali and you don't need any background for this particular training as they teach you starting with the basics. The instructor is SSgt. Mary Joy Castillo and assisting her is Sgt. Rudy Oliverio. Ssgt. Castillo may look like a frail lady, but don't mess with her, she can whoop ye A-- big time!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

YOSHINOYA in Ayala Fairview Terraces Launch

I'm no stranger to the quality and delicious Japanese food,  affordable price and friendly service from  Yoshinoya, having dined in SM North Edsa and their other branches. Now, people in the vicinity of Fairview should rejoice because Japan's Famous Beef Bowl is now available in the posh, newly opened Fairview Terraces!

yoshinoya fairview terraces

February 28, 2014, 11 AM, was the blessing and grand opening of Yoshinoya here in Unit 2092, 2nd Level, Fairview Terraces Mall, Quirino Highway, Barangay Pasong Putil, Novaliches, Quezon City.

I was fortunate indeed that Ms. Cha of agreed to invite me.

fairview terraces
they have many banners, you cannot miss it :)

If you're, like me, coming from Edsa, I'd like to share the directions:
  1. From Trinoma Mall, ride the FX going to SM Fairview (fare is Php 35)
  2. Driver will drop you in SM. Cross the street to go to Fairview Terraces.
  3. Go to left side of mall; entrance near Puregold and then take the escalator twice. 
capsule station

japanese restaurant
I feel that the interiors look very clean, modern and pleasant
 History, at a glance:

Yoshinoya was founded in 1899 by Eikichi Matsuda in Nihonbashi, a humble fish market in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, just on the outskirts of Edo Castle where he created a most delicous recipe of beef and rice (known as Gyudon or beef bowl.) Mr. Matsuda named the restaurant after his birthplace of Yoshino-Cho, Osaka. Yoshinoya was an instant hit then, and now has expanded to more than 1,200 outlets around the world! When I posted a picture in my FB while we were in the store yesterday, one of the Japanese followers of my page was quick to leave a comment; meaning Yoshinoya really is very famous.

In 2001,  Century Pacific Group under its retail arm, Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc., entered into a Franchise Agreement with Yoshinoya International Co., Ltd.

japanese restaurant philippines
Me with blogger friends- Ate Tess, Alice and Rattus.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Giveaway - Birthday Giveaway!-closed

Because my natal day is fast approaching, I decided to join the bandwagon and hold a giveaway.
I bought many of these products while some are freebies.

Php 200 Yoshinoya GC, 2 pcs Goody ponytail,
Full size and sample sized: Cetaphil cleanser, Canmake Cream, Celeteque Oil and cream, Chapstick, Avon mascara, BYS Eyeshadow, TCFS Dinoplatz (I think this is a bb cream?) 4 Yves Rocher foundations, Lush soap, Max Factor foundation, Garnier cream and 5 Physiogel cleansers. Wooh! I think that's a lot but still if I had more, I would give it away too.

Super easy mechanics:
  1. Like my FB page
  2. Share this post- (make sure it's set to public) and tag two friends and hashtag #pisceanrat and #giveaway in the caption.
  3. In the comments form below, paste that link of your post , and write your guess of the time of my birth!
EXAMPLE of what to write in comment below:, 12 midnight

  1. Open to everyone! Straight males need not be shy they can keep the soap and give the makeup to a female if they want to. 
  2.  Each participant can only have one guess.
  3. In case no one gets it correctly, the one with nearest answer gets the prize.
  4. In case more than 1 guessed correctly, I will be more inclined to give it to the more "active" person who likes/comments on my posts and had followed me on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Networked blogs, Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin.
  5. If winner resides in Metro Manila, he/she shall agree to meet up in a major mall and claim the prize. Failure to do so within 15 days of notification shall mean the prize will be raffled again.
  6. If winner resides in the province/abroad, I will ship it... Umm but the Yoshinoya GC can't be sent abroad because it's valid here in Philippine stores only.
  7. Determination of winner is FINAL.
  8. Contest runs from today til March 15 2014, 11:59 PM. Maybe a couple days after that, because I'll be out of town, I shall announce winner HERE.
Just for fun okay :) I am just sharing my stuff with you. I am not so strict just follow the mechanics how you understood it= basically like share comment guess. I also don't want to give you a hard time or force you to follow me if you don't feel like so.
Good luck!

Congrats to Donna! I will be sending PM to you- you're definitely getting the Max Factor you wanted and other brand new items. The correct answer is around 10 AM as seen above. I blurred the minute because I'm afraid a fortune teller might say what the future holds for me hehehe...  Thanks to all who joined. I will be having another contest soon :)
Update: She claimed the prize already and pic uploaded in the FB page