Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun Jollibee Family Bee Day Grand Picnic at Nuvali

Family is the basic unit of society. Parents are the child's first teacher. We copy our parents; learn our values from them. That is why parents must invest quality time with their offspring. A happy family spells a happy childhood.

Last May 10, 2014, I was thankful for the chance to attend Jollibee's Family Bee Day Grand picnic at the Nuvali football grounds in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The short drizzle wasn't able to dampen the spirits of hundreds of families and friends as we looked forward to a fun and exciting afternoon and bonding over comfort food.

Ticket for visitors is priced at Php 150 (can be bought in outlets with any food purchase beforehand, although also available in the venue). It covers the entrance, food stub, the event cap, and a chance to win prizes in the raffles.
jollibee food yum

Photo op with stilt walkers and jugglers at the entrance! Special frame wall installations for photos!

stilt walker juggler

Side attractions- Grand time playing and winning toys in the Basketball shoot out and then later in the afternoon, the Inflatable slide was opened!
inflatable slide shootout jollibee

Sister companies like Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, and stores selling snow cone, popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, refreshments:
Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, jollibee

Moonstar88's concert rocks!!!

moonstar88 jollibee

Addlib dance crew; Sta. Monica Band with Jollibee and gang mascots parade.
addlib dance, sta monica band, jollibee

Mascots Popo, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie and Yum performed a dance number.

jollibee Mascots Popo, Hetty, Twirlie and Yum

Jollibee officials gave short talks and there was a taped message from Sarah Geronimo. Hosts were KC Montero and Karla Aguas.

kc montero, karla aguas

Erik Santos serenaded the audience.

erik santos, jollibee

Present in the celebration was Lander Vera Perez and Regine Tolentino with their 2 daughters.

Lander Vera Perez, Regine Tolentino , jollibee

Everyone was starstruck with Marian Rivera! Jollibee and officials posed with her in the giant picnic basket.

marian rivera

Thank you for this wholesome event. I also got to take home a mat and umbrella- just what I need for my next picnics!

jollibee family bee day giveaway

Sa Jollibee, ang sarap maging pamilya!

The #familybeeday #famfie was held simultaneously in 5 venues across the country, including the Quirino Grandstand in Metro Manila (with Martin Nievera, Klarisse de Guzman, Calla Lily, and Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi and family), Bayanihan Park in Pampanga (Julia Barretto, Shaina Magdayao, Rayver Cruz, 6CycleMind and Vince and Patricia Hizon and family), Plaza Independecia in Cebu (Gerald Anderson, Julie Ann San Jose and Sponge Cola), and Crocodile Park in Davao (with Maja Salvador, Slater Young and Imago).

Eye of Horus Review

This is my review of  Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil in Black.

Their claim (this is for their new formulation with moringa oil, because the product in the review below doesn't have it yet):
Uniquely formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and waxes including Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax, Candelilla Wax and Organic Moringa Oil. Exceptional Long Lasting formulas designed for sensitive eyes, with all day staying power.
Eye of Horus is an Australian brand but this is made in Taiwan.
Price is Php 990 Philippine Pesos and I got it with the Glamourbox I subscribed to.

Check out the ingredients:
eye of horus eye liner

  • Smudge-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts all day
  • Glides easily, doesn't tug 
  • Formulated with Jojoba Wax, Mango Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax, Vitamins E and C. 
  • I love that it doesn't imprint on eyelids or leave a mess even after sweating.
  • One outline is okay because it is highly pigmented.
  • No PARABEN!!!
  • Shorter shelf life compared to other brands.
  • Pricey!
  • Difficult to sharpen with my cheap bookstore bought pencil sharpener- needs a cosmetic sharpener.
  • It has a smudger but once I make a line it immediately sets so I can't smudge it to produce a smokey, smouldering effect.
eye of horus review
This is what I am talking about- the right half with line was rubbed up and down right after applying but it won't fade out.

It has lasted me many months as I don't put eyeliner every single day. Actually, I am still using it even though it is 6 months past the expiration date and I feel like it is the same as when it was brand new and I didn't feel any eye irritation.

Worth buying again?

Eye of Horus is available in Glamourbox and other online stores, selected mall kiosks (saw it in Robinsons Galleria,) also in Plana Forma.

Eye of Horus- Awaken the Goddess within!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aquabest The Water of Tomorrow- pr

People today live very hectic lifestyle having to juggle their careers, social lives, among others. Between rushing to and from meetings or parties, people tend to neglect their health. As a result, most people turn to various diets and therapy to help improve their health. What most people don’t get is that drinking lots of water can just be as effective as fancy therapies and diets in keeping you in shape.

Drinking water helps cleanse and revitalize the body sweeping away toxins and impurities in the body. Water also helps keep our energy and alertness levels up all day. Overall, drinking lots of water can lead to greater personal wellness and well-being. However, not all water is the same- some are better than others.

Aquabest Granderized water in particular is radically different from other types of drinking water being not only clean but also healthy. Utilizing four unique technologies Grander, Tanwing, Nanogen, and Reverse Osmosis; Aquabest alters the very nature of water to make it better.

aquabest water of tomorrow

Tanwing Technology and Reverse Osmosis are filtration technologies that help eliminate practically all contaminants in the water making them safe and clean. Tanwing works by utilizing two wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to help eliminate all biological contaminants. At the same time, reverse osmosis filters water at the nanometer level far smaller than a strand of hair to ensure that all impurities are filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander Technologies work at the molecular level to infuse health giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular structure of the water. Nanogen is a Korean technology that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize pure water’s inherent acidity. Acidic water is supposed to be a contributing factor to some diseases. Grander Technology from Austria alters the molecular structure of water to improve body absorption.

Normal water molecules are large and irregularly shaped. This causes uneven rates of absorption into the body making it inefficient and disorganized. With Grander Technology the water molecules are compressed and given a uniform shape. This facilitates faster and more efficient absorption into the body.

Overall, Aquabest Granderized Water improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water.  Each drop reaches deeper into the core of every cell in our bodies allowing them to perform their functions better. Drinking Aquabest Granderized Water will rejuvenate the body at its very core helping people look and feel better.

Evee launches Lumina White Line-pr

Summer is a time of fun and enjoyment; it is also when our skin takes a tremendous beating from UV radiation which causes skin blemishes and darker skin. To help everyone restore their skin, up and coming skin care brand evee has launched its “Lumina White” skin whitening line.

evee lumina white

“Lumina White” is a comprehensive facial care line developed to suit the needs of Asian skin which is particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun. It allows one to achieve the Asian ideal for skin which considers very fair, bright, and blemish free skin the most beautiful quickly and effectively. Designed to safely lighten skin and improve the appearance of even severely blemished skin the products feature effective ingredients for general skin rejuvenation and brightening.

The” Lumina White” line comes with a face tonic, night cream, day cream, and cleansing bar. The line offers a total solution for all your skin whitening needs through its complete range of products that targets different problem areas of your skin.

The face tonic that cleanses your skin of impurities while bringing out naturally fine and glowing skin. Its night cream gets rid of tired cells and whitens your skin while you sleep allowing you to wake up with a youthful and vibrant glow. The day cream protects your delicate skin from the ravages of the sun while at the same time acting as a makeup base.  The cleansing bar helps whiten your skin while at the same time tightening it for a beautiful youthful look every day.

For people who would like to whiten their skin quickly, evee also has a “Lumina White Quick Result Kit” designed to whiten skin after just a week of continuous use.

To learn more about evee please visit their website, and their social media accounts.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BDJ x Revlon Power Nails

I admit, nail art wasn't my forte. When I try to make the designs the drawings aren't balanced. Being right handed, my left hand gets shaky when I paint my right hand's nails.

That is why I was very excited to attend BDJ's workshop with Revlon Philippines "Power Nails" last June 7, 2014 2:00 PM in Conti's Greenbelt. It was the first time I was invited  as a beauty blogger (although I did join their contest to score an invite.)

bdj x revlon

After snacks, Beauty Minister Nicole Romero gave us pointers. Her tips include:
Mani 101- prepare basic tools, polish technique, quick dry technique.
Quiz: find your nail shape.
Polish basics- Proper grooming at the office,  troubleshooting, more nail care, finding the right hue, how to apply polish.
Nail art trends like stripes, stencils and striping, gradient, hearts and cherries, marbling, animal print, combos.

Revlon makeup prizes, nail polishes and supplies like dotting tools, tapes, sponges, acetone, cotton pads, cotton buds, pushers:
revlon philippines

The Revlon nail enamel line here in the Philipines include the Parfumerie, Brilliant Strength, Colorstay, and Nail Art. Nail care lines- Cuticle Softener, Treat & Boost, Nail Brightener. I super like their Matte Top Coat too.

Revlon offers an extensive assortment of shades that are long-lasting. It is an exciting brand as they always come up with new products!

Bellas busy doing their nails:
bdj power nails

Finishing touches and photo-ops:
belle de jour revlon philippines

This is my what I came up with- ombre with heart, hehe :) I used for base Nail Brightener, then Parfumerie Ginger Melon (most favorite scent) as base, Powder Puff and Bordeaux.
beauty blogger philippines
Top: chosen winners for best nail art
Bottom: me and happy Bellas Tsai, Marilou and Maila,
nicole romero

We got to take home these (although may differ per goody bag)  Sun Candy Nail Art in White Hot, Solar Flare and Shimmering Sunset. The very work-appropriate Colorstay in Cool Beige, Rose Beige, Mocha. Nail Art Matte in Leather and Lace.

revlon parfumerie, nail art, colorstay polish

Thank you BDJ for making this happen, and to Revlon for these amazing nail colors!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Suay Skin and Kai Cha!!!

I found out about Suay Skin and Kai Cha when I had a very relaxing and blissful Swedish massage (also try their authentic Thai massage!) at their sister company. They are just across  Thai Royale Spa.

Suay Skin - "A luxurious skin care experience...For a huge fraction of a cost!"

Suay means beautiful. That is what you will feel (not what you will be, because everybody is already beautiful in their own right!) after your treatment in Suay Skin!!! Suay Skin is trusted by celebrity clients and they have garnered many awards and recognition.

Suay Skin offers RF Slimming/Contouring, Waxing, Facials, Diamond Peel, Body Scrub, IPL, and more!

suay skin mandaluyong

suay skin blogger
They have Thai and Korean dermatologists on call.

suay skin
Infrared Sauna

Insider tip:
What is really good about Suay Skin is that their services are the same as those in high end clinics and yet it's a lot more affordable! They use the same machines because they are the importers of these machines!!!
suay skin review, prices


Kai Cha - "Authentic bubble tea from Taiwan! Guaranteed made from 100% freshly brewed teas of high quality as your heathTEAer alternative."

kai cha

Kai Cha serves really yummy and refreshing milk teas, fruit iced teas and smoothies in various flavors and add-ons. They also offer special teas with rocksalt and cheese, Yakult mix, fruit iced tea and fresh brewed tea.

Kai Cha Boni Avenue Mandaluyong Branch
Kai Cha Balanga Bataan Branch
Kai Cha Aglipay Mandaluyong Branch
Kai Cha Sta Ana Manila Branch
Kai Cha Dansalan Satellite Branch

Free Wi-Fi for customers!
For business minded people, they are open for franchising!

Their FB pages

health and wellness blogger

Health and wellness bloggers with Ms. Kate, the owner of Suay Skin and Kai Cha

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Thai Royale Spa Mandaluyong Experience

Life in the city could be very stressful. We are always in a rush, have deadlines to meet; commitments and errands may seem never-ending.

We owe it to ourselves to unwind, relax, have a pampering experience every once in a while.

When it comes to pampering, there is one word that first comes to my mind- massage. There's nothing like a good ol' rub down, heck, even my cat loves it.

What are the benefits of massage aside from being pleasurable?
Improves digestion and elimination, boosts immunity, promotes relaxation and good mental health, exfoliates skin, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy, improved concentration, increased circulation.

Lowers blood pressure, reduce/decrease anxiety, pain, stress,  fatigue, insomnia, strains, injuries and certain disorders.

Armed with that knowledge, I was looking forward to my trip to Thai Royale Spa.

health and wellness blogger

It seemed like a simple spa when you're outside looking at its billboard. But once I reached its entrance- the bottom of the staircase going to the second floor- the invigorating scent of the essential oil welcomed me.

The interiors and decorations exude the ambiance of an authentic Thai place. It was dimly lit so privacy was also attained. The tranquil music added to the calming atmosphere.

thai royale spa

filipina blogger pisceanrat

thai royale spa

thai massage

After exchanging of pleasantries, I was asked which service I will have. I chose Combination Package A. 1 Hour Swedish Massage + 1 Hour Foot Massage (Php 499 only).

Swedish Massage is different from Thai Massage as in the former, oil is incorporated and stretching is slight; while in the latter, sans oil with emphasis on pressure point and stretching.

I was ushered into a darkened room. I noticed the trail was covered with rocks with round woods to step on.

thai royale spa

thai royale spa

thai royale spa

My Experience:
My feet were first soaked in hot water in a wooden pail for a few minutes and my nape and midsection was wrapped in a hot compress. I found out from Ms. Kate, the owner, that the "hot pad" they used was bought from Thailand.

top blogger philippines

Afterwards, hand reflexology and finally came the relaxing foot and leg  massage. It was pure bliss.

After an hour, we were brought to the massage room. The mattress was in the floor and the cover had a Thai fashion.

Unlike in other spas, their beds/ mattress was bigger with more room to move.

thai royale spa

I removed my clothes and changed into their silk shorts. I put my valuables into an overhead safety box.
Ate Jona, my therapist, gave me a most relaxing massage. I felt really rejuvenated. I remembered when I had a massage in another spa, I felt battered. Like I was mauled by half a dozen angry apes, Haha!

The scent of the oil, or the aromatherapy cleared my mind, and all my worries melted away. Really, everyone should have a massage!

After finishing, Ate Jona offered me drinks. I had an iced tea and was also given a hot towel. It was nice also that throughout the treatment, she always checked if I was okay and if I wanted her to go lighter or harder.

lifestyle blogger philippines

Why choose Thai Royale Spa?
Aside from the prices being shockingly affordable, they boast of an authentic Thai massage experience.
They have a Thai trainer. Their therapists are well-trained for almost a month and the final exam is on the owner herself. Of course, she has high standards!

Certification and License:
Department of Health Massage Therapy
TESDA Massage Therapy
Only Philippine Spa to be accredited by- The Union of Medical Society, Bangkok, Thailand
Wellness Organization Worldwide

2014 Consumers Choice Awardee for Most Family Oriented Spa in the Philippines.

spa philippines

Thai Royale Spa is open 24 hours and a 1 hour massage is as low as Php 200.
Thai Royale Spa Main is located in Chowking Bldg., 599 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City.
(2nd floor of Watsons & OBYPED Drug, beside Jollibee Maysilo and in front of Petron Maysilo & R&J Bulalohan, near City Hall).
Contact: 584-8424(THAI) / 0917 346 6953/ 0908 178 1746

Other branches:

thai royale spa kate
Satisfied lifestyle bloggers with the owner, Ms. Kate.

Thai Royale Spa is a good business opportunity and it's open for FRANCHISING! Now with 15 branches!
thai royale spa blogger pisceanrat

Call 0915 194 8975

Sister companies: Suay Skin and Kai Cha

Thai Royale Spa- Experience the luxury of massage spa without spending too much for a high quality service and great ambiance!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CNA Korean Accessory Store opens in Ayala Terraces with Dasuri!

The grand opening of CNA in Ayala Fairview Terraces was held last June 12, 2014, 3:00 P.M.

It was graced by CNA's Korean and Filipino officials and its newest brand ambassador, Dasuri Choi, from Eat Bulaga's Foreignay contest. This is their 6th branch and first time to be in an Ayala Mall.

CNA (Culture, Nature, Art) is a concept store which started in Korea in 1991 and it is a very big brand there.

It was overwhelming to see so many young fans shrieking with delight and kilig. A large number of customers came that they had to let people in by batch.
kring elenzano
In pink is Ms. Kring Elenzano, the owner. Ms. Kring of MyKoreanBoyfriend blog, is a Kpop fan for 11 years.

Dasuri and her group, Sapphire, had a dance performance to the delight of the customers. Dasuri is well known among fans. Back in Korea, she is a dancer and choreographer by profession. She is also a dance trainee of JYP Entertainment and performed as back-up dancer on Kpop music videos.
dasuri choi

You can get your K-Pop fix here as per Ms. Kring, they are the fastest to import and sell new K-pop albums. Even earlier than some on-line stores.

cna kpop

K-Pop Merchandise Galore! Stickers, socks, posters and more!

cna philippines

All their items are Made in Korea (but when I visited their store in Recto, I saw an item made in Japan. Which is okay because Japan-made stuff are good quality!) Not only are their merchandise fashionably stylish, it's inexpensive as well!

what does cna sell

CNA offers all your Korean accessory needs- trinkets,

cna fairview

hair ornaments, headbands, hair clips,
cna accessories

necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings,

cna korea

Beauty essentials- wigs,

culture nature art cna

nail decorations, eye glasses and more!

cna ayala terraces

Thank you, CNA!

cna kpop exo shinee

Check out:

CNA- Korea's Number 1 Accessory Shop has other branches in Malate (the first branch opened May 19, 2012), Morayta, Cubao (Farmers Plaza), Alabang (Festival Supermall), Mendiola and soon in Sta. Lucia and Novaliches.

So tell me, which KPop idol do you look forward to in CNA? EXO, SHINee, INFINITE, Girls Generation, 2NE1, etc, comment below a shoutout to your favorite! :)