Friday, October 31, 2014

The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House at Eastwood!

I admit. I am not brave at all. I am one scaredy-cat. But for some reason, as a kid, I loved going to horror attractions. I remember one time it was a horror train. My eyes were closed during the entire ride but I got a kick out of it. Since then, when I am at theme parks or amusement parks, I would never, ever, skip going to their fright houses.

October 30 saw me attending the media preview of The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House in Megaworld Lifestyle Mall, Eastwood City. I was so excited to go inside. I made sure I was "sandwiched". There was one person in front and another one in the back.

The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House in Eastwood!

fox twd

While inside, expect some dim lights and spooky sounds and of course make you jump-off-your-pants surprise antics from the walkers.

twd philippines

the walking dead schedule

twd walkers

glenn terminus
"Glenn go to Terminus"

And yes, I am the loudest screamer, Ha-Ha! It helped lessen my terror and I also didn't look at the zombies' faces!

twd horror house review

What I liked:

Felt safe with guards in the entrance and exit and CCTV cameras.
The zombies don't touch ya (but try not to punch or kick them though).
Entrance is reasonable at Php 100.
Live action not props!
How big it is and the time you will walk around the maze is just right. Any shorter and it's bitin, any longer and I might faint!
Inspired by the wildly popular The Walking Dead. Need I say more?

Yes! I survived #EastwoodTWDHorrorHouse

In the Philippines, The Walking Dead (one of the most successful and most watched TV series in the world) airs at FOX every Monday at 11:35 AM and 8:55 PM.

For more details, please call Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111 or visit

When you see it...

So this Halloween Season, if you're looking to have a hair-raisingly good time, head on over to The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House, Eastwood Central Plaza. Open from 6 PM til 11 PM, October 31 to November 7, 2014 only.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Browhaus and Strip Opens in SM Megamall

I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of Browhaus and Strip! The salons' new branches are conveniently located in the cool new wing of SM Megamall, 5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall.

browhaus strip grand opening, tessa prieto valdez

A few days before this, I had visited a Mardi Gras concept bar. Then last September 18, 5:30 PM, I was delighted to find a celebration with Carnivale theme again!

newest branch strip browhaus waxing
Display of Strip Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus The Brow Salon.

They definitely pulled out all the stops!

mascot, jenny, strip, waxing virgin
Mascot doll Jenny the waxing virgin with Andi Manzano-Reyes, the hostess Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Vanessa Matsunaga.

strip mega fashion hall

Yummy food and wine!

browhaus mega fashion hall

Wonderful splash of colors, masks, beads, cakes lend to the Mardi Gras vibe!

megamall browhaus strip

Grand entertainment presentation- there was a fun beat by DJs, lively dancing,

carnivale browhaus strip

midgets, jugglers, uni-cyclist!

browhaus strip mardi gras

The event was definitely star studded with celebrities!!!

L-R: Rep. Emelyn Aglipay, JM Rodriguez, Antoinette Taus, Liz Uy, Vanessa, Andi and Managing Director of Harem Inc., Tab Abad-Estacion.
L-R: Rep. Emelyn Aglipay, JM Rodriguez, Antoinette Taus, Liz Uy, Vanessa, Andi and Managing Director of Harem Inc., Tab Abad-Estacion.

It's been their 6th year in the Philippines and they now have 8 branches. Congratulations Browhaus and Strip!

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, Acupuncturist

One fine evening, the twenty-third of October, five bloggers and I had the chance to have a meet and greet with Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, MD, in Village Tavern.

It was over casual dinner, as we delved about his life and work. Before seeing him, I imagined him to be a soft-spoken fellow.

It seemed to me this gentleman has quite a strong, unyielding  personality and would not put up with anything less than that which is true and correct. A perfectionist, if you may. But does it not help with his profession where expertise and precision is of utmost importance?
Which is a good thing, as to be able to challenge the status quo, one must have conviction, determination and courage.

Dr. Philip shared about how acupuncture laws in this third world country of ours needs to have legalization, or regulated more effectively as he told us about the great Sister Regina. He also animatedly touched on his travels, hobbies, Dr. Who, tea... But that is another story.

dr philip nino tan gatue acupuncture

Here are some tidbits about acupuncture,  and the good doctor, that are of relevance:

Acupuncture can treat. It can alleviate symptoms/side effects.
Acupuncture is complementary.
In addition to the acupuncture session, he would at times recommend herbs.
The most number of complaints he has been getting for this month are knee pains.
His oldest patient is 109 years old. Yes, more than a century. That old man, bless his soul, loves to munch on raw bitter gourd.
3 myths on acupuncture that he busted: First, no you don't get infection as new sterile needles are used each time. Second, yes you can get acupuncture even if you are taking warfarin (anticoagulant), and third, no there is no medicine in the tip of the needle that they insert.
He suggests that for muscle pain and migraines acupuncture is better than going for Western medicine.
And no, he has nothing against Western drugs.

And last but not the least, I was impressed on what he did for me that same night. I had been to another acupuncturist a few times and a year has passed but every time I touch my ankle, I can feel a jolt of electricity running though the vein which is uncomfortable. He just pressed on a part of my right hand and it has subsided immediately. Trans balance method said he, but added I should have acupuncture for full effect.

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Acupuncture started in China, believed to be since the Stone Age. It is about time Filipinos embrace it not only as a last resort.

Friday, October 24, 2014

#OCT302014 Easy Taxi Eastwood Surprise!

Hey there!

I like going to fun events and here's one this coming October 30, 2014, 6:00 PM at the Eastwood Open Park, Quezon City, Philippines.

Easy Taxi is partnering with 4 major brands and it's definitely exciting!

easy taxi smart sun belo we chat

Easy Taxi provides their clients with convenient, easy and safe trips. Hailed the best taxi app and the world's biggest, they continue to come up with innovative ideas to gain  significant presence in the country! That would be revealed this coming Thursday!


I wouldn't want to miss this big surprise! Hope to see y'all on #OCT3012014!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Bread Day 2014 Gardenia

Few weeks ago, I found out about the Happy Bread Day of Gardenia happening on October 18, 2014, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall . I felt that many people would enjoy it, being the entrance is FREE. Also, bread is a principal part of our diet so I shared it on my FB page and was looking forward to it.

happy bread day 2014

Fast forward to the day, our family and some friends went there to participate in the celebration.

We bought some breads which were on discounted price and there was a raffle for every Php 100 purchase.

And we also braved the long queue for free taste of the various offering of Gardenia and their partners. There are 4 sections. I was able to get samples in the Monument Park and Snack Shack, but not in the Breakfast Nook and Nutrition and Wellness.

sm mall of asia music hall gardenia

We also joined the sponsor raffles (tear the part with number of the ticket), but the winners have to be physically present to claim the prize; otherwise, forfeited.

gardenia happy bread day

If I were to estimate the number of people in attendance, I'd say thousands came! I was "aja/fight" mode that time because of the multitude of people and the superloud speakers and hyper hosts.

I also saw dance crew and marching band performances with the Gardenia Mascot.

gardenia mascot

What was really special is that for every one G-Lock you submit, in exchange they will give you a pin and donate two breads to chosen beneficiaries. So nice- sharing and helping!

gardenia g lock donate

What was the highlight of this celebration is Gardenia's The Next Big Sandwich Hit (NBSH) Championship Finale. The two main components are the Audience Votes and Main Cooking Challenge. The teams (from top ten HRM and culinary universities) who battled it out are- Adamson University, Far Eastern University, La Consolacion College, National University, Philippine Womens University, St. Paul Quezon City, St. Scholastica's College Manila, University of the East, University of the Philippines and University of Sto. Tomas.

gardenia nbsh

If I were to judge the turn out, the event was a huge success! Congratulations and thank you, Gardenia! Happy Bread Day!!!

gardenia bread

A Decade of Sticking Needles and More- PR

Hi y'all!

Here is a press release for well-known acupuncturist Dr. Philip.

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue recently celebrated his 10th year of being one of the leading experts in Traditional and Chinese medicine. Having studied in China to learn all about the nitty gritty of acupuncture, Doc Phillip as he is fondly called, remains candid in answering questions thrown at him about acupuncture. He is able to relate acupuncture in a more modern manner than his contemporaries making it easier for people who have a fear of needles to understand and comprehend how it can be of benefit to them. 

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue studied in the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and gained a lot of experience in the Xuanwu Municipal Hospital and in the First Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has also attended and gained a lot of insightful knowledge through the lectures given by Andrew Wu, L.Ac, Giovanni Maciocia, and other experts in the field. 

Currently, Doc Philip maintains a private practice while teaching in his alma mater and in the University of the East. He also appears frequently on radio and television to talk about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He is a faculty member at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, practicing at the Philippine General Hospital and others.  He is also currently section head of Acupuncture Services at the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics at the Medical City.

Happy 10th Anniversary Doc Philip!

He is also on social media. Please follow him. 
FB Page - 
Twitter -
Blog -
QC Clinic -
Medical City Clinic -
Fort Clinic -
PGH Clinic - 

acupuncture philip gatue
Image from his FB page

X Factor UK with Judge Cheryl and Chloe Jasmine

Hi X Factor UK fans!

Here's the interview transcript of the October 19, 2014 PRESS CONFERENCE with Judge Cheryl and Chloe Jasmine who lost out of public votes.

x factor, simon cowell


Q1: Simon was pretty harsh in Xtra factor. I don’t know if you ever saw it but he said Steph was half asleep, or three quarters asleep. Chloe, he said it just looked like you stumbled onto the stage?

CJ: Actually, I’ve hurt my foot and I could barely walk on it. I’ve actually broken a bone.

C: Believe it or not, she sang last night with a broken foot and didn’t tell anybody. She was also wearing high heels so anybody who thinks that performance wasn’t top notch then there could be a viable reason why.

Q2: How did you break it?

CJ: I just crashed into some scenery back stage.

Q3: Get Simon to buy you a new foot.

Q4: Were you sober?

CJ: Yes. No alcohol!

Q5: So Cheryl, do you think this is the British public signalling that “We're actually just really boring and we don’t like interesting acts”?

C: I wouldn’t say that, I would that say that people have to remember people don’t vote people off. It’s not like they voted them off, so they mustn’t take it personally like that. It’s just that, unfortunately, there weren’t enough votes to keep them in. Two weeks in and they haven’t their – like I say, she sang with a broken foot – so you know they haven’t had their moment. The themes are hard when you have diverse acts. I tried to keep it how they would be as artists when they left the competition - but obviously you get ‘Halloween’ week, ‘movie’ week, you know?
Steph singing to a Halloween song in reggae might not have worked well either but what the show does which is amazing is give them a fantastic platform. Millions and millions of people have seen them now, so they’ve got a massive benefit from even being on the show.

Q6: Cheryl, were you there when Chloe’s mum was chatting

C: I was.

Q7: How did that make you feel?

CJ: She looks amazing for 60.

C: Looks fantastic, yes.

CJ: She’s amazing.

Q8: Simon put a lot of the blame on your song choices, what do you make of that?

C: Well of course he’s going to do that. If it was him it would be a different story. I mean, I do have to take a bit of the responsibility I guess - but like I say, it’s not an easy job for any of us. It’s two weeks in we’re still getting to know each other in a lot of ways. Singing with a broken foot is never easy. I’m just absolutely glad that I had these two and that I gave them this opportunity.

Q9: Louis actually said at the beginning that Simon actually had the final say of what everybody sings, so therefore surely he’s blaming himself for a bad song choice?

C: That’s actually a very interesting question. I’m sure if he’s unhappy with something on the show he will definitely have a say. If, for example, in a routine or he doesn’t think the song sounds good, he will have a say so. In theory I guess you could be right.

Q10: Cheryl there was a story in the paper today that there have been rows between some of your girls?

C: It’s complete nonsense, I promise you. I was furious because…in fact, if I can put my hands up and be honest these are the only four that haven’t had rows. In the previous years I have had that. Maybe that’s part of the reason, subconsciously, why I chose completely different and diverse acts so that I didn’t have – I didn’t want it to be competitive between them even though it’s a competition and a show. I wanted them to have their individuality, you know.

Q11: Lots of people living in one house there are bound to be problems. You must relate yourself being in Girls Aloud. There must have been times when you all wanted to throttle each other. How do you keep that calm and together?

C: These girls have actually kept it calm. I’ve had no problems with any of them, literally, no problems. It’s two weeks in, don’t get me wrong, six weeks in we might have had a few words, but no it’s been absolutely a pleasure.

Q12: Do you think it’s a big mistake having two double eliminations in the first two weeks?

C: I think where we bought in the wild cards we kind of had to do that. It’s a shame, because you lose a big chunk. Especially if you lose two diverse acts like that in one go, you’re really going to feel it next week. I was upset about losing Blonde Electra.

CJ: They were amazing.

C: I mean I know that they split opinion and they were a bit crazy which I’ve always said but I think that’s part of the fun. Pop and music is supposed to be entertaining, that’s why everybody loves Stevie, you know, and it’s fun.

Q13: Steph’s had a really hard week this week, especially with all these accusations of bullying. And that’s happened year after year on the X Factor. Why do you think people get targeted and branded a bully when it’s not true?

C: I have to be completely honest with you: if you’re going to have a career in this industry, you’re going to be accused of loads of false accusations. You’re going to have a lot of stories, you’re going to have a lot of jealousy I guess. This show just opens a can of worms for that but I don’t read any of it because I don’t need to. I know these girls, so I don’t need to read stories about them. I can look them in the eyes and I know them. I heard it, I heard about it obviously. She’s not a bully in my eyes.

Q14: Do you think that some of the acts are being carried by maybe by backing singers?
C: I mean, in all honesty, in any pop performance for example, you saw it tonight with Jessie J - who is an incredible vocalist – she had backing vocals with her. It’s normal; it’s what you do. That’s why when and artist sings alone you call it acapella: it’s because they’re completely alone, but it’s natural to have some you know, You listen to Fleur sing ‘Bang Bang’ at the judges’ homes: the girl can sing. She’s incredible, there’s no question about it. But if you’re moving around and you’re singing, you have backing singers for a reason, so that’s not a problem for me. Certainly not cheating in any way, shape or form.

Q15: How are you finding it being back; the live shows and everything? Is it strange, because nothing’s changed?

C: When I did the audition process and I sat in the chair, it was like nothing has changed. I was like, “Oh god, was it four years ago?” The moment I came to the first live show last week I thought I’d completely prepared mentally. When the audience get going and you’re in that adrenaline-fuelled mood, every time your artist’s name mentioned your heart’s pounding. It’s kind of like “Okay, this my responsibility here”. I wasn’t ready for that feeling. 
Week two I was a bit more relaxed. It’s very intense because you’ve got people’s dreams on the line and you can feel it. I even suppose you lot can feel it when you walk in the building: the walls are seeping with nervous energy.

Q16: Have you been having any sleeplessness nights about song choices and outfits?

C: Oh completely, completely. Simon likes to call you at three in the morning because he’s thinking about the show and he’s thinking about pyrotechnics literally

Q17: Cheryl can I ask a question? Something I’ve noticed about the live shows is when the voiceover man, and also Dermot, shout “Cheryl Fernandez-Versini” and you are beaming. How does it feel to have your married name shouted out at the nation?

C: It doesn’t feel strange to me. It doesn’t feel strange.

Q18: Your husband was there this weekend, right?

C: Yes.

Q19: Was that nervous having him there? Was that the first time he’s been here?

C: No, I was more focused on the girls to be completely honest. I wouldn’t say I forgot he was there but I was focused. I’m here to do a job, at the end of the day, so I was just focused on being here

Q20: What if he said one of the boys is his favourite, or something?

Q21: What about the Kermit joke last night?

C: I thought it was funny. I mean, for me, I loved the dress. It’s such an obvious thing to say to people when it’s green. What I love even more when they put us all as Muppets. In fact I’m amazed how Simon looks like Zig and Zag. Do you agree?
So I actually did find that funny. Remember the last time when I wore the disc dress and as soon as I sat down. It was a bit of an odd choice yes, but as soon as I sat down he was looking at me strangely. Then yesterday when I sat down, he looked at me and I thought “Oh here we go”. I was just waiting.

Q22: Does it ever get competitive? Because obviously there are lots of comments going back and forth, but do you ever actually get annoyed in the heat of the moment?

C: Yes I do. To be honest, I was a little bit overwhelmed and obviously upset tonight when… Well I know I’m not saying “bye” obviously but when I had to lose the two of them. ,So yeah, absolutely. Your adrenaline, your- I won’t sleep when I get home until 3 o’ clock. The adrenaline’s still buzzing you know?

X-Factor UK airs Sundays and Mondays on RTL CBS Entertainment HD as live via satellite at 10:30 AM (9:30am JKT/BKK), with a prinetime encore at 9:00 PM.

RTL CBS Entertainment HD is available on:

SKY Cable Ch 53(SD) & Ch196(HD), Cablelink Ch 37, Destiny Cable Ch 53, Dream Ch 17.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Virgin to Brazilian? Just Strip!

I am quite bashful to blog about this experience of mine but I think maybe I might be able to help someone who is contemplating on undergoing this.

So today is my first time to have a Brazilian wax. In other words, I am a virgin to it. I pictured it that I am shrieking at the top of my lungs and that there is some blood involved and maybe some of the flesh might be ripped off and I might pass out. Que horror!

browhaus sm megamall
Browhaus side- golden seat!

It happened today in their Megamall branch which has a Victorian inspired theme. There are 5 rooms each for Browhaus and Strip.

strip waxing how much
Nice walls!

But I did it anyway because-
1. I am very curious about it.
2. It is the "in thing" this 21st Century.
3. I have read here that Western people find it hilarious why Asians have this thing going on down there.
4. My blogger friend highly recommends Strip, saying she has tried multiple waxing salons but she returns here always because there is a distinct difference.

strip sm megamall
Put valuables in the cabinet. Clothes hanger with Strip logo.

In a nutshell, the ALL OFF (xxxx) procedure involves-
1. Being given a wet wipe to uh- clean yourself while the Striperella (waxing expert) goes out of the room
2. Removing your underwear (duh) and lying on the bed (but you have a towel)
2. Trimming with a scissor
3. Waxing proper front, then lie on your stomach for the "backdoor"
4. Tweezing the "patches" to make sure that all hair is removed (it is, I just couldn't show you the before and after, you know)

brazilian waxing
The bed. We're not permitted to take photos of the special wax or their machines. You have to visit Strip to see more! :)

Did it hurt?

The only time it hurt is when the hair is ripped but then Ms. Joy applied pressure in the area IMMEDIATELY and the pain subsided. There are some areas (particularly those with curves) that hurt more than the others. I always let out a surprised low ouch (I did not spurt expletives but only called the name of the Almighty) every time the wax is ripped.

strip brazilian wax
STRIPologie:Mantra  HSQ- Hygiene, Service, Quality!

No, I did not cry or bleed (it depends per individual) and I did not go home iika-ika (limping). It was actually very tolerable. My attendant was quite fast (duration for this first time of mine was approximately 40 minutes). She is gentle and assuring at the same time so surprisingly  it was not a traumatic experience for me.

I asked if I can take a shower later and she said it was okay, just avoid warm water. It is also recommended to do this monthly so the hair would grow finer and DO NOT SHAVE. It will only make the hair thicker/coarser.

Why choose Strip Ministry of Waxing?

Strip values hygiene above all. Each Stripette (client) has a personal hygiene wax pack. The attendants don't double dip (there is always a new stick as I saw). They have a special wax (it is hot wax, by the way, with sweet strawberry fragrance and color pink) that doesn't require waxing cloth. Their waxperts wear gloves while doing it, are very professional and very good in doing this service. Or to put it quite simply, Strip is the best in Brazilian waxing.

strip ministry of waxing
No to double dipping!

For Brazilian virgins, I say I am very scared of injections, even pricking for blood tests, but if I can do it, I am sure you can do it too!

I would recommend Strip to anyone who wants to try or already gets Brazilian regularly. Just check them out and see how amazing they are. And for the guys, they could get a boyzilian too!

My Striperella advised me the best time to get a package is NOW because next month, they will be having a price increase.  For now, the deal price is Php 5,000 for 5 sessions, transferable, good for two years. Save with this package as compared to around Php 1,298 per session of xxxx all off. They accept credit cards.

This newest branch of Strip and Browhaus is located at the 5th level of the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014- My Second Time!

The Blogapalooza 2014 was originally slated last September 20 but due to bad weather, it was moved to October 11, still a Saturday, in SMX SM Aura Taguig.

So I arrived medyo late (after lunch) because I came from another event.

blogapalooza 2014

It seems like there are more exhibitors this time.

October 11 SMX SM Aura Taguig blogapaalooza

More than getting to know about the businesses, the booths have activities- liking their page and pick a prize, fun games, photobooths, and foot analysis from Dr. Kong. I wouldn't know if not for them that I was piki!

vince golangco when in manila, bogart the explorer, pisceanrat blogger
THE Man- Vince Golangco of When In Manila! I took the chance to have a picture with the funny mate Bogart the Explorer!

I love interactive booths.

blogapalooza business to blogger

This is my first time to play dance dance. I wanted to try it in arcades but I was ashamed to do it in front of many people. Now I summoned all my kapal ng fez and- I can't call it dance-more like awkwardly swaying my arms and legs, not at all in tune with the song- along with my bud in the name of the freebie! haha!
And this is my second straight year to lord over my opponent in the Kwelavan.

Chacha and Mamam.
Krispy Kreme doughnut, Chips Ahoy! cookie, El Diablo beer, Yellow Cab pizza, Chef's Noodle kimbap and drinks. I took a picture of the House of Lasagna booth when I tried their lasagna but sadly, could not locate it.

blogapalooza sponsors

There were also talks and raffles so many people were really attentive in the stage area.

The major prize I got was from Flawless. I won it in their dart/balloon game. I found this pink briefcase really cute when I saw it but I never expected to take this home!

flawless kit

I also won in Sky but I have yet to pick up the prize. I did not notice their tweet that evening
notifying I was chosen. [Update 10/20: Here it is- claimed the goodie bag in Tektite!]

Sky, cable, internet, broadband, axn, two broke girls

Very generous- Ideal Vision, Zing Rewards,  Jergens, Ampalaya Plus, Delite, Slenda, Maxicare, Dr. Kong footwear, Blue Water Day Spa, View Park Hotel Tagaytay, House of Lasagna, ah! hoodies, Victoria Court hotel, Crocs footwear,

Zing Rewards, Ideal Vision, Jergens, Ampalaya Plus, Delite, Maxicare, Slenda, Dr. Kong footwear, Blue Water Day Spa, View Park Hotel Tagaytay, ah! hoodies, Victoria Court hotel, Crocs footwear,

Acer tablet and smartphone, Chooks to Go Chicken, My Shopping Box, Canon camera, Max's Chicken, Eat Out Manila, Eagle's Wings Enterprises, Dyson Technology, Feel Good Lactium, Sky Cable and Internet,

Acer tablet and smartphone, Chooks to Go Chicken, My SHopping Box, Canon camera, Max's Chicken, Eat Out Manila, Eagle's WIngs Enterprises, Dyson Technology, Feel Good Lactium, Sky Cable and Internet,

Ace Hotel and Suites, Flawless Skin Care, Bioessence skin slimming spa,  AMPR Publicity and Communications, Easy Taxi, Sample Room (try before you buy)- thank you! It was quite a load- it was heavy to carry but it's worth it. We're happy :)

Ace Hotel and Suites, Flawless Skin Care, Bioessence skin slimming spa,  AMPR, Easy Taxi, Sample Room (try before you buy),

Globe, Caronia, Zap, niu by Vikings, bonsey jaden, BrainFit Studio, Fukuda, Imagine Nation, Henry's Photography, Habitat for Humanity,, Gaming Library, Touchpay, Zomato, Zion Wifi, YSA. Thanks to When in Manila and Our Awesome Planet and their partners and sponsors!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Asian Basketball! Korea's LG Sakers VS the Philippines' Barangay Ginebra

I was able to attend the presscon of LG Electronics last September 4, 2014 9:30 AM at the Treston Gym University Parkway District, 32nd St corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City.

Olsen Racela, Jeff Cariaso, Jillian Lichauco, Mr. Kim Jin, Ki Seungho, Kim Younghwan, Kim Sire.

L-R: Olsen Racela, Jeff Cariaso, Jillian Lichauco, Mr. Kim Jin, Ki Seungho, Kim Younghwan, Kim Sire.

LG Sakers is Korea's Season Champion while Barangay Ginebra is a widely popular team among Pinoy fans.

LG asian basketball

I was happy to know that LG has been caring for the community and making an effort to help Filipinos. They also donated to the Boy's Town.

boys town lg

Of course I had a photo-op with the Korean athletes (who look like Koreanovela stars), the host Sam Oh, and coaches Olsen Racela and Jeff Cariaso!

LG vs ginebra

We had Upper Box tickets for the September 9, 2014 6:00 PM Asian Basketball Showdown game at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

sports blogger philippines

There were exhibitions from college players prior to the game and I am impressed by the dribbling kid wonder!

Some of their celebrity endorsers talked about LG products like Maxene Magalona and Denise Laurel.

araneta coliseum barangay ginebra
Singing their respective National Anthems

It was so exciting to watch the game live! Thunderous cheering by fans is heard throughout the Big Dome every time Barangay Ginebra makes points.

The first five (as it appeared on the big screen):

For Barangay Ginebra San Miguel- Josh Urbiztondo, Joseph Yeo, Greg Slaughter, Rodney Brondial and Mac Baracael.

For Changwon LG Sakers- Kim Si Rae, Yang Woo Sub, Davon Jefferson, Ki Seung Ho and Kim Young Hwan.

LG basketball araneta
Jump ball

Unfortunately for the kaBarangays, it was LG Sakers' night as they were declared the Champion of this historic game!