Monday, January 12, 2015

Experience Paradise and a Zoo- Paradizoo

When I was invited to a tour of Paradizoo,  I said yes immediately. Many bloggers have been there and I also wanted to visit the zoo. So Last Saturday, January 10, 2015, we went to Paradizoo's 10-hectare farm in Mendez, Cavite. Entrance to this paradise-like place is only Php 149 for adults and Php 99 for kids! They are open everyday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

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Zoomanity's advocacy: to make the Philippines one big green park!

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You can buy animal feeds complete pack for only Php 30 (3+1 free) and enjoy feeding the nice animals. Php 10 each if per pack- bird seed/ carrots/ grass/ cabbage.

zoomanity, paradizoo, location, mendez, cavite, entrance fee,

This is the activity I enjoyed the most- feeding the lovebirds!

zoomanity, bird, feeding

Bunny wabbit rabbit!

paradizoo, rabbit,

Ride the pony!

paradizoo, pony riding

Miniature horses in the stable. Looks like My Little Pony!

paradizoo, horse

Last time I saw a camel was in the country Turkey!

paradizoo, camel,

Sheep family.

paradizoo, sheep,

Voltes V or Voltes 5 - the five legged cow of Paradizoo!

paradizoo, 5 legged cow, voltes v, voltes 5,

Greyhounds- I once thought these sleek big dogs are fierce but no, they are quite friendly! They wag their tails as they let me pet them.

paradizoo, greyhound,

Potbellied pig. The mother hog is mighty protective of her young, trying to hide him from us!

paradizoo, pot bellied pig,

Ostrich coming towards me.

paradizoo, ostrich

Milking the goat.

paradizoo, milking the goat,

Albino Carabao

paradizoo, albino, carabao,

Met an adorable puppy! Some animals, like these geese and dogs, roam around freely and are not encaged.

dogs, goose, zoo, paradizoo, zoomanity

Flower Garden- fresh air and beautiful scenery

flower garden, paradizoo,

Wedding Pavilion

wedding pavilion, paradizoo

Butterflies and Blooms- see actual life cycle and touch butterflies. In this picture, try if you can see eggs (looks like white dots), larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis) and adult butterfly! Yes, they're all here!!!

butterflies, blooms, paradizoo,

Welcome to Albees Bees Kingdom- I am happy to learn so much here. They also sell pure honey.

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Kids' Playground. I think you can also schedule overnight stay in the cabin near the back. They have only 1 so it is first come, first served. The log cabin has a living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and porch, rate is Php 4,000.

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Perpetual Park Pet Cemetery- the fee is about Php 3,500 for your animal companion's burial.

paradizoo, perpetual pet cemetery,

Zing Ride- it's like a zipline.

zing ride, paradizoo,

Vicinity Map to this nature wonderland.

vicinity map, paradizoo,

Would you like to win tickets to Zoomanity's Paradizoo? Perfect for your family's fun and educational outing this summer.
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You may refer here about the festival-

Congrats Ate Ana! Nice to see you again!

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