Monday, February 23, 2015

The Best Facial Exfoliator

Nu-uh-uh, I'm not talking about those seed scrubs which I find is a bit painful for me and did not help with the pesky zits. I haven't even tried those high-tech brush gadgets too but I'm pretty happy with this find.

There's actually two of them that I call the best (just my opinion of course,) because it gets the job done and is real el cheapo.

Number 1- is the lady shaver. It's a small straight blade. The T-kind is also being used by some people. I got this very affordable Tinkle at Php 10, but you can purchase whatever brand it is you prefer.

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Choose one with a good quality blade. There are ones that rust quickly.  The challenge, once you have found one you like and if will be used as steady supply, is to know in which store an exact same brand is being sold cheaper. 

When I asked my cousin when she had just arrived from her vacation in Japan what beauty secret of theirs she had discovered, she told me about this. Of course, I thought it was surprising so I did a little research and boy, was this true.  It had even been compared to a more expensive anti-aging derma procedure, dermaplaning.

I do this twice a week. I just put shaving foam all over my face and shave carefully, avoiding the eye and lip area. I saw a video where the eyelid is also being shaved but I am too scared to do that. Maybe you can use moisturizer or cold cream or whatevs if you don't like shaving cream. Other options are just doing it on dry (not wet), clean skin.

I did not have any active acne when I first tried it and I feel like it has kept my skin clear. Now I have stopped doing this and I am having pimples again.

I admire Japanese beauty for their porcelain skin and delicate features and well you can try if this will work for you too but if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first. I only do this to remove the dead skin cells and make the skin smoother.

If you have facial hair, fact is, shaving does not make the hair thicker, but it makes the tip blunt, And if you insist that shaving really makes hair grow darker and faster, well just shave it frequently. Razors are readily available anyway.

Number 2- is this rubber scrub. I was doing this before I found out about facial shaving.

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Every other day, I would use it to massage in the lather or the foam of the facial wash all over my face. I feel like it helps the cleanser go deeper and is gentle.

I got this for free when I bought a moisturizer. It is a bit hard to find here but I saw one in a kiosk selling organic stuff inside a mall. It is about Php 50.

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts about the best facial exfoliator for you :)

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