Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ABS-CBN TV+ Review

Hello! So we bought the new ABS-CBN TV+ this afternoon and I was so excited to try it. This is my first impression review because I wanted to write this immediately if any of you are curious.

Price- bought in the appliance store in the mall for Php 2500. Priced Php 2600 by some agent on the street; 100 to cover their rent and electricity. Someone told me that there were some door to door salesmen selling it on special offer- only Php 700 last January with 2 free sim cards!

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TV Plus Ang Mahiwagang Black Box

Made in China.
Area of coverage- serves Metro Manila says the salesman.

Digibox, AV Cable, antenna, remote control with 2 Large brand (China) AA batteries included, power adapter, manual, ABS-CBN mobile sim card with Php 50 load.

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My experience:

Since I am often outside and when I am home I have a lot of housework to do plus we wanted to save money, we are not yet subscribed to a cable service provider. If we really wanted to, we could have gotten cable since it is only about Php 500 monthly, and we even know that there can be FREE cable acquired thru illegal means like jumper. So I am not decided if we should get cable though I miss it terribly, and we have Internet connection bills to pay, so this digibox is timely.

We bought it because we really needed it for the 32" LCD TV which was still expensive when we bought it back then. Sayang if it is blurry like smog.

In one store, they have run out of stock. Where I got this, there is another guy buying it too. And when I bumped into my cousin, she said they also bought one. Just means ABS-CBN TV Plus is selling like hot cakes.

I first saw this TV+ being used in a bus. I thought they were showing a DVD but noticed it is only ABS shows. I heard people saying that its price will be going up, that ABS will "sabotage" Channel 7 by removing it from the line up, and that GMA will come up with their own version of this. I don't know if there is truth behind those rumors.

The agent on the street said there is no abang and can accommodate only 1 TV set. But when I looked at the back of the digibox, there is a second outlet beside the ANT IN (the one where we plug the inclusive antenna).

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Before- blurry, umuulan and After- clear


  • Makes TV clear.
  • Free sim card with Php 50 load. I don't know if I will use it though because I have 3 other sim cards.
  • Aside from the standard free-to-air-channels, there are additional 5 free exclusive channels (Cinemo, YEY, DZMM Teleradyo, Myx, Knowledge Channel) though I hardly appreciate them because I prefer English channels like HBO and ci (Crime and Investigation).
  • No installation or monthly fee.
  • 1 year warranty. I sent the details through text message.


  • Even though the manual is in easy to understand Tagalog, it is super hard to set up and get a strong signal!  During the second attempt, we finally got ONE channel, and, believe it or not, it is their competitor, GMA channel 7, hahaha! We tried about ten more times. We put their included antenna in a higher place but no success still. Alas, I am too tired, we will just go at it again tomorrow.
  • The old, regular Baron antenna we put on the roof is still needed!
  • The only channel we got is at times choppy or nagha-hang. With sound but picture is paused.
  • After about an hour of using, the digibox gets very hot!
  • In hindsight, I would have preferred paying a little extra so they will be the one to set it up and I will not be kunsumi or annoyed trying to set it up. Before buying, the mall salesman did not teach us anything else, but just instructed us to go to AV setting then click scan wait for it to finish. He did not show if it works because he said that their appliance store is in the basement and there is no signal.
Almost every day, we are configuring it. There are more channels now. But the problem is- it is still nagha-hang and with interference. Also there is no IBC 13, Solar 9, PTV4 and TV 5. We called the hotlines but no one is answering. I tried to go their Facebook page indicated in the manual but the link is broken or removed. Afterwards, we received a call back and we are listed down on their schedule as they have many other customers to be visited.

Latest Update: After a week, we decided to return it. We only have 2, 7, 11, 23, and 4 of their exclusive channels. 8 channels just won't do. We brought it back to SM and they asked us to call ABS' hotline (difficult to connect and get through!) first because ABS will be the one to say if they will accept the product for return. Of course, there is no refund so we just bought something else. We used it here in Caloocan, NCR, but a neighbor in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, says theirs also has only 8 channels.

Have you seen Sarah Geronimo's ABS-CBN TV Plus commercial? Pretty catchy, eh? 

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