Thursday, March 5, 2015

Story Of My Miley Cyrus Hairdo

Last year, I had the chance to do something worthwhile. That is to donate my hair to Cuts Against Cancer, to make wigs for cancer patients. To help the foundation, an organics company partnered with a salon in far off (from our residence) BGC and my hair was cut for free.

I wanted to give nothing but my very best so I said to cut it all off so I could give the full length. Some people kept a medium length but I had none of that, being aware that the best candidates for donating wigs are those who could give a minimum 10 inches of untreated hair.

I hated the cut I got. I felt like there is a bowl or bunot on top of my head. As first remedy, I colored it with Hortaleza Professional in Light Chestnut Brown. The hair coloring cream and the oxidizing lotion is priced about Php 155 total. The color is nice but I still hated the way it looked with the patilya (side whiskers) sticking out.

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I love the light chestnut brown color. It is very noticeable as light bounces off!

Then I went to Index Salon and showed a picture of Miley Cyrus ( I loved her songs like Adore You) as I wanted something radical. At first, the receptionist made me choose a color from the hair chart and he said the price is Php 500 for that. Lo and behold, after the mahapdi (very painful and sore) chemical application on my hair, my hairstylist said it is only bleach and I needed to add another Php 300 for the color itself (anyway, he is also styling and cutting it and hair steamer was also used). Well, I am quite used to parlor gimmicks- offering an upgrade, recommending more expensive service or an additional procedure. So I agreed. I am happy naman with the service and outcome.

index salon, best blogger, philippines, top blogger,
Just wearing pambahay (house clothes). Being an spontaneous person, I had this hairstyle on a whim!

The front is blonde, the back is brown and the side, which had a buzzcut, is left in its original color, black.

Voila! Miley ba o Vice Ganda? Hahaha! :)

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