Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Claiming Pringles Free Party Speaker

Hi dearies! So a couple of weeks ago, I bought the Pringles Party speaker pack for Php 130. For every purchase of this promo bundle which contains 2 cans of 150g Pringles, one can redeem a free speaker. On the carton, it indicated that there are only 13,000 speakers available and we have to pay Php 25 shipping fee.

So I accessed their website, input the unique code in the carton and filled the necessary personal details. Upon reaching checkout, I was disappointed to see that there are only 2 methods by which we can pay the shipping fee- either through credit card or Paypal (still credit card). I read somewhere in FB that we can use debit card but I didn't see it at the site when I tried to sign up.

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I saw that there are already some complaints regarding this in their Facebook page. May I say that Pringles Facebook page is a disappointment- not being handled or managed well! There are many comments or questions that are just being ignored. Worse, Pringles FB admin does BAN customers!

Many people have no credit card while there are some who are wary to put their credit card information online. Like my mom. Once, after we paid the airline fee online thru credit card, her card was hacked and it was charged thousands worth of airline flights!

So back to the topic, we called their hotline and they said we can pay and get the speaker in Fast Marketing office in 33 Visayas Ave., Quezon City. (You can also go to the site:  www.pringles.com/ph/contact-us.html)

This is my experience on what happened when I picked up in their office.

Steps in picking up Pringles Party Speaker:
1. Surrender the pack containing the unique code.
2. Fill up and sign the acknowledgment receipt.
3. Pay Php 25. If you pay online with a credit card, the Php 25 serves as shipping fee and they will deliver it within 40 days, but when you pick it  up, this amount serves like a processing fee because they said they will use their credit card and send the details to Singapore.
4. Present your valid ID (government issued). They will take a photo of it.
5. They will take a picture of you holding the speaker.

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The Pringles party speaker lights up. The sound is different when you put it on top of an empty Pringles can because of the echo. I cannot say if this is a durable or excellent quality unit because at first there were some problems with the end of the cord (the metal thingy inserted in the cellphone). When I attach it to the cellphone this speaker turns off. Or maybe it's battery issues.
The Pringles party speaker is made in China.
It cannot be charged in the power outlet. It can only function by inserting 3 AAA batteries.
It does not come with free batteries. 4 AAA batteries cost about Php 90 in the grocery.

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I wanted to redeem this immediately as supplies are limited (read: while allocated stocks last). And what if units run out? Well they said that the number of speakers is equal to the number of promo packs with unique code. So every buyer can claim theirs. Reflecting on the transportation cost, I don't think it is sulit if you have to travel far just to pick up ONE speaker. But maybe it is okay if you live nearby and you will get more than one unit. 

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