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Be Uniquely Beautiful with Casmara at Diana Stalder

One of the memorable experience in my life is being one of the winners in Dermablend soap's date with Sam Milby around 5 years ago. I just sent an empty carton of the Papaya Orange soap and I really was not expecting to win hahaha! There was about 10 girls who won. Some of them even became my friends in Facebook. We went to Eton, and the hunk serenaded us and the crowd. Then we went to a restaurant and he chatted with us during dinner. I find Sam as a nice and friendly guy.

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May 27, 2015, I was invited to Diana Stalder Face Body and Skincare Inc. for the launch of their new website. They are proud of their modern, easy to navigate hub which has all the information and news clients would need. What a small world as Dermablend, BCP Dermatological (Beauchamp supplies machines and consumables to some of the top skin clinics in the country) and Dermablend are sister companies!

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Their new model is Mia Suarez. Instead of celebrities, they want to highlight real people, real clients, real success stories.

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The petite and fab President and CEO of Diana Stalder, Ms. Dina dela Paz Stalder. She has been in the business for 25 glorious years!

In case you are wondering, Stalder is a Swiss surname and Diana Stalder is named after the owner's eldest daughter. I inquired about their other branches in Mandaluyong and Tutuban which I had visited before. They informed me that from 18, they now have 4 branches. The reason is to "harmonize" their branches; to ensure that there is a standard- the look and what one branch offers, the others also offer the same.

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After yummy lunch, see here, we availed their signature service.

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The skin clinic evokes a tranquil feeling with dim lights, soothing fragrance and relaxing music. The clinic boasts that they do not rush or shortchange (by deducting steps) patrons. Say, in a basic facial, which has 15 steps, they ensure that clients receive all fifteen.

Product Price List

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Skin Care Services, Specialized Treatments

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The Casmara facial treatment is unique to Diana Stalder and they are the exclusive Philippine distributor of this Spanish mask. The Spanish trainer of Casmara flies to Manila yearly to oversee and conduct training. All Casmara treatment focuses on stimulating the skin- no steaming or pricking (except in Shinestop).

All their therapists are highly skilled and finished in training centers. I asked for the whitening and my therapist (who may I note is very polite) said that yes that is what she had planned to offer me, so I said ooh you know what I want ha.

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Casmara Nacar Whitening facial has 6 phases. Phase 1 is exfoliation, Phase 2-4 and 6 is lightening, and phase 5 is Nacar mask.

The steps as far as I can remember-
At first my skin was deeply cleansed of dirt, pollution and makeup with a medley of gels, cold cream, cleanser with microbeads, scrubbing with brushes of 3 sizes. All the while, she also alternated massaging layers of liquid. I admit the liquid stung a little because its active but safe ingredients are thoroughly penetrating to make way for the deep absorption of the whitening properties of the mask. The peel-off mask is a welcome treat- fragrant, refreshing and very cool. I was surprised that even my eyelids, lips and under the chin and jaws is covered. Some customers request to take home the used mask to re-use it. Lastly she applied sunblock and light therapy which closes pores and is anti-inflammatory. I was instructed not to wash my face later, or at least wait for 8 hours. There was ruddiness and peeling in some parts of my face particularly around the nose and mouth but the next day, redness subsided and I was left with brighter skin and lighter post-pimple brown scars.

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After cleansing, after exfoliation, Casmara whitening mask.

The therapist's hand is very gentle and calming. With each stroke, I feel that my face is being uplifted. The sagging caused by aging and gravity is being combatted. I love the facial massage so much. I also undergo body massage regularly, therapists in spas focus on the body and only spend a few seconds for the face so I appreciate this.

Check them out

Diana Stalder Premiere Branches:
dS SM Megamall, 5th Flr., Bldg A
dS Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta Center, Cubao
Svelte by dS Eastwood, Orchard Road Condominium
dS SM City Calamba, 3rd Flr.

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Thank you for this Whitening Kit, which consists of glycerin soap (use AM and PM), Dual Action Toner (AM and PM), sunscreen cream SPF 35 (AM), and triple action cream (PM), Diana Stalder!

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