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Luminous Glutathione Patch- A Whitening Revolution!

When I attended the Luminous Glutathione Patch Breakfast Party last May 8, 2015 in Somethin' Fishy Eastwood, I had to ask if it was the first and only gluta in patch form in the world. It was the first time I ever heard that glutathione, which we love for its whitening effect, also comes to us in a form other than topical, oral or injection. The answer came and, yes, it was. I realized it truly is revolutionary and game-changing.

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The model from Luminous shows where the patch can be appiled. She says she had been undergoing glutathione injections before. She said she also feels a certain "heaviness" about a minute or two after applying the patch, similar to how she feels after a glutathione injection as the actives go inside. Beside her is one of the three inventors of the patch, Mr. Lewis Joseph.

Luminous Glutathione Patch is touted to be the best choice. Scientific data shows only the patented Luminous patch can claim injection-free results.

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How It Works:

Transdermal patch technology delivers maximum (95%) absorption  of glutathione and Vitamin C combination into the blood stream.  Individual results vary, but many people report immediate detoxification, skin renewal and whitening, plus increase in energy levels.


Although there is no known adverse effect, pregnant and nursing women are prohibited from using this.

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Luminous Glutathione Anti Aging and Whitening System's endorser is Regine Tolentino.

Luminous Ingredients:

250mg glutathione, 250 mg ascorbic acid, purified water, glycerol, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol, acrylic emulsion, guar gum, polydimethyl siloxane, dimethyl sioxane.

Made in the USA.
Approved by the FDA.

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How to use:

Apply on previously cleansed and dry (make sure there is no lotion, alcohol or other cosmetic) skin where it is thin like wrist joint, inner elbow, inner knee, stomach or hip region. Use for at least 8 hours, 12 hours is best.
For anti- aging, use 2x a week.
For whitening, use once a day for 7 days, afterwards, use every other day for maintenance.

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Glutathione is dubbed Master Anti-Oxidant. I've always wondered where glutathione comes from.
That day I discovered where. Did you know that glutathione is harvested from human placenta?

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Why patch is better than oral/capsules/pills-

FASTER- one needs to over dose on glutathione capsules to get the whitening side effect. While for the patch, just once a day or once a night is needed. No need to overdose because of maximum absorption.

MORE EFFECTIVE- Absorption in pills is only at 12%. After swallowing, the actives in the oral glutathione could be destroyed by the gastric acid, especially in an empty stomach, while actives in the patch get absorbed (at rate of 95%) directly into the bloodstream.

Why patch is better than injections-
I admit that countless times I had contemplated on getting glutathione injections but it just never materialized. Now after this meeting, I felt somewhat relieved not to have had it.

SAFE- Most injections are not approved by the FDA. In fact, there are only about two clinics approved here in the Philippines. So ask yourself if what you are injecting inside your body tested safe? Over time, doing it repeatedly may cause blood clot, not to mention the scarring.

CONVENIENT- Patch is also convenient. Just do this at home. No need to call a nurse or waste time, money and effort traveling to the clinic.

PAIN-FREE- I don't know about you but I am terrified of needles, blood, anything that involves pain!

MORE AFFORDABLE- Patches cost a fraction of the price of injections.

Why patch is better than drips-
Drips are said to be better than injections because in the case of the former, the glutathione is slowly being dispensed in the body, while in the latter, it is forcibly pushed inside, rushing in one swoop.

MORE AFFORDABLE- Patches are much more budget friendly.

CONVENIENT- Use the patch while sleeping, don't need to wait hours in drips. No more trips or appointments for the drips!

PAIN-FREE- No more ouch!

Why patch is better than topical creams or lotions-

FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE- At very low 3% (soap) and 5% (creams) absorption rate, it might take months to notice any improvement, if any.

SAFER- Some whitening products have no CPR nor carry approval by the FDA.

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But then something in me doubted its efficacy. I already had very fair skin and I find it quite hard to turn it whiter. So I used their trial pack for 3 consecutive nights.
1st night- placed inside the elbow, I found it uncomfortable because of the fold in this part and the patch is very sticky and adhesive..
2nd night- in wrist, felt comfortable.
3rd night- in stomach, felt comfortable.

As I took the picture on the 4th night, I thought nothing has changed, but when I looked at the photograph, I was amazed. This is not photoshopped. The only edit is the text. I took many before and after pictures but the result is the same. You be the judge.

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Yes to real whitening!

Available online, http://luminouswhitening.com/ in Watsons, and soon in Mercury Drug outlets.
In their site, Luminous trial pack containing 3 patches is priced at Php 1,500 with free shipping in Metro Manila.
Distributed by Bright Dynamics Ent, Las Pinas City.
How much in Watsons? Luminous costs Php 460 per patch.

Thanks Luminous!

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Check out Luminous in  www.instagram.com/luminouspatch and www.twitter.com/Luminous_Patch

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