Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dezire Anti-Aging Supplement Review

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So last May, when I attended Bioessence Mother's Day Zumba event in La Mesa Eco Park (open to the public) I got this supplement from Mega. It's called Dezire.

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D-fine Complex is said to help firm, hydrate and tighten skin and repair the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, and stretch marks.

Potential of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients, because of Alpha Lipoic Acid's ability to lower blood sugar level.
People with allergy to marine components.

Made by Mega Lifesciences Thailand for Mega Lifesciences Australia.

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Yes the capsules are quite big like some multi-vitamins but there is no problem swallowing them. I did not experience any acid reflux upon swallowing it, because sometimes after swallowing other big capsules I feel like vomiting.

My experience:
I already finished 60 capsules. I take one capsule twice a day but there are some days that I was not able to, maybe 5 times but not consecutive. My problem is shallow wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth. Laugh lines- as they appear when I smile. I also use topical anti-aging creams while using it.

After finishing one box, the fine lines around the mouth might have diminished a little, but were not totally erased. I suppose months of using is needed to see any dramatic improvement. It also seems that while using this product, I hardly got any pimple, and if ever, it quickly disappears so skin is generally smooth with this.

I asked in a few Mercury branches for the price but sad to say, they said that this product is already phased out.

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