Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nivea Creme and Baby Smoothy Review

Hello po! During Nivea's 50% discount sale, two of their products I bought in the supermarket are their wildly popular Nivea Creme (touted most sold moisturizer worldwide) and their Baby Smoothy Cream because it looks cute and I like the color. So I thought about comparing the two. Shall we begin?

The classic is in a darker blue tin canister and the baby's is in a lighter blue plastic container. I like the baby's coz it's cuter.

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The classic has a thicker consistency. Both are color white.

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They have different fragrances and I can't say which I prefer, coz it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I like the stronger aroma of the classic, and at times the more subtle scent of the baby's is to my liking.

Nivea Creme 60 ml is Php 124, Nivea Baby 200 ml is cheaper at Php 162.

Made in:
Nivea Creme is manufactured in Thailand while the Baby Smoothy is from Turkey.


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They are non-greasy and paraben-free. Both contain Eucerit or lanolin alcohol (sometimes known as sheep alcohol, the fat of wool shearings), while the variant for the baby also has Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract. I use them to moisturize my hands and other dry sensitive areas.

Thanks for reading! Have you taken advantage of Nivea's half price promo too and what did you get? :)

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