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Nestle Wellness Expo 2015

Hello po!
Last July 5, 2015, I participated in Nestle's Choose Wellness Expo in Megatrade. It was my second time, the first one was last year and their gift for completing the challenge was an umbrella, now it is a big bag and it is quite durable as the fabric is katya. I pre-registered online thru Facebook. This is my experience.

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Choose Nestle Wellness for Breakfast 

Visit the booths, complete the game and challenge and win a prize! Some are Nestle products while others are useful kitchen items.

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Breakfast 101. I learned that breakfast is very important and that it should be eaten within 2 hours after waking up and before 10:00 AM.

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Visit 3 booths plus this Nutrition Consultation within 1 and a half hour and get the souvenir- the eco bag.

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I also got free taste of Nescafe White Mocha, Milo r2, Nido. Not that it was my first time to taste those products, as Nestle had always been a part of our grocery ever since I was a baby!

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Kids love the mascots!

Nescafe- play the crossword puzzle or find the word.

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Kimy- there is a photo booth but it was afternoon and it was cut off already. No worries, I got a free Kimy Krazy Banana.

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chuckie nestle expo 2015, chuckie nestle wellness expo 2015, choose wellness,

Bear Brand

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Fruit Selection- played with a whole group of people the hand wave avoiding obstacles and we got a cup of yogurt.

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Koko Krunch- I was not able to play here as this is very patok; maybe with most number of people lining up as winners can get a whole big carton of cereal. As the marshal said "inuubos na lang ang nakapila."

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Nestle Club

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There is also Maggi booth where I played true or false and won a syansi, and Kit Kat booth where the participants should upload pictures to get a free Kit Kat.

Selling area with bundling promo

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nestle promo bundle price expo 2015

This is my take home treat from Maggi, Nesfruta, Nescafe, Coffee-mate. I had one companion and his Nescafe  prize did not have that Coffee-mate Canister (the white bottle with red cap). So we returned and asked if we could have one. Its marshal replied that she is not the one packing and that we should give chance to others. So we can't do anything, but we learned a lesson. Check inside the bag before leaving. :p

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During the first day, July 4, I was there too but I just passed by and did not participate in  the booth challenges. I found out that on that day, there was a survey in the exit and respondents of that were given a towel.

I heard some people's feedback regarding this event. I have to say, there is no such thing as a perfect scenario for events of this scale. This expo is like a grand family reunion where everyone is invited- whether rich or poor, young or old, girl or boy. This is a public event and everyone should bring a spirit of fun, patience, understanding and vigilance. In other supermarket's expos and fair, Nestle is also an active sponsor. For me, I feel grateful for Nestle's generosity to the Filipino people.

Check out also the 21 Mornings Program and their wellness truck offering FREE breakfast here

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