Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 3 Ever Bilena Favorites

Hello po!
To be very honest, I once was afraid of using local powders. Why? Because when I was in high school, I bought a local brand- it was a budget pack. For about Php 100, it contains a face powder, lipstick and eye liner. Every single time I would use the face powder, I would have pimples later the day or the following day. I would stop and it was okay. Then I would use it again and then new bumps will appear. It was scary.

Fast forward, present day. Whenever I am in comfort rooms, in public vehicles, malls, I would see girls whipping out their Ever Bilena. I can see in my social media that many girls patronize it too. So when I laid my hands on these, I decided to try it.

Who would have thought that I will like these too!

Ever Bilena eb AdvanceTwo Way Cake in Oriental  9g
Made in Taiwan
How much- Php 220

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Medium coverage, needs separate concealer for brown spots. I have tried to use it wet but I prefer using it dry with its sponge. This shade in Oriental is quite dark for me. It made my fair skin look brown.

eb Advance Lip and Cheek Stain in Very Red 20ml
Made in China
How much- Php 135

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Just a little goes a long way! Looks natural. Easy to blend- just use BEFORE applying the powder, and not on top.

eb Advance HD Eye Pencil
I think made in China (I already threw away the carton)
Set with mascara Php 250
Pencil only Php 60

The EB Advance HD Waterproof Mascara I bought comes with brown and black eye pencil inside the box as freebies. I did not like the mascara but the eye pencils were real keepers. It is pigmented, soft (glides), but I cannot keep it in my travel kikay kit because the cap always slides off making a mess. When it was brand new,  I gave away the black pencil and kept only the brown one to use as eyebrow pencil.

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Hit the pan! Yeah!

It would take only 3 products and I feel already presentable. Face powder to even out the skin, lip and cheek tint for lips and cheeks, and the brown pencil for the eyebrow and as eyeliner. Some people like to use the eyebrow pencil to line the sides of their nose (as noseline, and then they blend with their fingers to make it look slimmer) but I personally don't do that.

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Yes, I feel sick and sleepy when I took this picture.

These Ever Bilena makeup did not cause me allergies or pimples.
Where to buy? It is widely available nationwide in supermarkets, drugstores, department stores, convenience stores.

How about you, what are your favorite Ever Bilena products? :)

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