Thursday, August 20, 2015

Buying Sunnies in Zalora- My Experience

Hello po! Because I got a Zalora discount code, I decided to buy my hubby some shades since he uses those when his eyes are kinda swollen due to allergy. Some of my relatives are already their suki (patrons).

So I downloaded the app, chose from the list, after the process of putting my details, input the code, clicked on the checkout and made my first order with them, from Sunnies Studios. I wanted to try the code in another item so I ordered again and MISTAKENLY clicked check out instead of apply coupon, uh-oh!

[Note: I would suggest putting the discount coupon farther away from the final checkout, and adding another yes or no pop up box after "checkout" just to avoid these accidents when all we really wanted was to apply the discount coupon.]

So this second order had no discount so I immediately e-mailed their customer service since their landline is not ringing. They also sent text messages but you cannot send a reply to those.

Lo and behold, the second order (which was cancelled thru e-mail) came noontime the following day. So much for canceling my order, haha! And I was wondering why the first order arrived two days after (maybe because it was discounted). The delivery guy is nice naman.

I opened the box, saw some sheets of paper (around 4), and the product secure in a bubble wrap. The mint green packaging was pretty, alright. The casing was soft and not a hard plastic case.

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But there was no cleaning wipe/cloth and to be brutally honest, the plastic sunglasses look cheap. Like what you can buy from the sidewalk vendor for Php 50. The lens also had fingerprints (101% sure not mine).

I really cannot complain much since I only paid Php 49 for this plus the Php 100 shipping fee. Original price of Johnnie Sunglasses by Sunnies is Php 399.

My husband did not like it! He does not have a very wide face, it is actually thin and long, but it cannot fit him! When trying to wear,  the arms of the glasses creaked and stretched, seemingly about to break off! It fits the size of my face better but I also did not like the style... I am sure we can return this, but nah, I don't want the hassle.

Lesson learned for me. I always shop with my hubby when getting him clothes, to be sure it fits and he likes the style! Same principle in giving sunglasses as gift- need to be with him!

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