Monday, August 3, 2015

Celebrations are Sweeter with Red Ribbon

Hello po! I feel that a handaan (feast/spread of food) is never complete without a cake! For holidays and special occasions, I, having a sweet tooth, always look forward to the cakes!

Red Ribbon is a constant go to when it comes to cakes! Affordable, beautiful decorations and most of all yummy! You bet we always buy cakes during family celebrations (graduation, wedding, baptismal, mother's day, father's day, birthday and more) and red letter days!

Here are some of our family pictures!

My mother-in-law got a Red Ribbon Rocky Road cake and Ube roll for her 64th birthday.

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My mommy received a Red Ribbon Mother's Day cake!

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If the Red Ribbon cake was a person, it would definitely be embodied by my Mom! They bring joy, comfort and a sense of home!

I remember or reminisce special occasions with my loved ones with Red Ribbon cakes! It brings us together! One of my fondest was Mother's Day. Some of my sisters are already married and living in another house, and my dad is in the province looking after our rest house, so we are not together anymore. But during this special occasion, we saw to it that we are rekindled and all together to celebrate the momentous event!

Colleague in the work place celebrating his birthday with Red Ribbon Dedication Cake

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My favorite would have to be the Red Ribbon Dedication cake! We can write all our heartfelt message and it is really chocolatey, the cocoa taste is present! Really satisfying!

Here is a video parody of pabebe mamon I made. It features Red Ribbon Butter that I am always craving for because it is soft, moist, and buttery! So when there is no cake, mamon ang binabanatan ko!


How about you, what is your favorite Red Ribbon cake :)

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