Thursday, August 20, 2015

Excel Paris Review

Hello po! I have read raves about Excel Paris and even some friends swear by it so I decided to give this a try! After all, the price is only Php 40 when I bought it in a tiangge.

Excel Paris is a misnomer. Obviously, this is not from France, but made in China as one can see "Mei ya" on the sticker in the handle. It also indicates 24 hours lip gloss and I couldn't agree because there is no gloss or shine and it also did not stay for 24 hours.

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In person, Excel Paris 511 looks more violet than pink. Applied on bare lip, no balm underneath.

This is sealed, thankfully. The shape is somewhat like an eggplant. The handle is dark blue with glitters. The wand has a doe foot applicator (spongey tip) and not a brush.

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Excel Paris is like a lip stain or matte creme! After applying, it dries quickly. A meal of greasy fries and burger then wiping the mouth with tissue later, there is still a bit of stain left in the lower lip, and only an outline of the lipline in the upper lip.


  • This has minimal transferring so it really stays.
  • Variety of modern colors, loud and shocking.
  • Compliments I get when wearing this.
  • Non-sticky, feels powdery smooth.
  • Cheap price.
  • Did not cause me allergy or chapping.
  • Lack of info regarding manufacturing company and list of ingredients.
  • Chemical smell.
  • Needs steady hand and proportional application. Any imbalance or error is very noticeable.

Will I buy Excel Paris again?
 I love this, but I think I'll pass. This is just scary stuff for me.

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