Wednesday, August 12, 2015

HHN Sunflower Oil Review

Hello po! Since 2009, when I was a new dealer for Human Heart Nature, their Sunflower Beauty Oil has been a top seller. I was wondering what people use it for because what I order from them for personal use are mostly body/skin/hair care/makeup. I found out that some of them use it to treat their stretch marks. Well,  I don't have any stretch mark on my body.

So a few months later, out of curiosity, I bought one too just to know why my customers were such fans. It's really affordable, anyway, and it is an ingredient in skin lightening or beauty products.

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This bottle lasts me a looong time

I like to use it as:

  • Makeup remover
  • Night oil/face treatment- I put it all over my face before sleeping and thought this would make my oily face oilier and have more pimples, but no! This is actually great! (But HHN's other Day and Night moisturizers cause me to break out every time I use them)
  • Eyelash nourisher (seems to lengthen and thicken eyelashes)
and sometimes as-
  • Hair shine
  • Lip moisturizer
It's popularity may have inspired 2 other specially designated HHN sunflower oils- hair serum and cleansing oil.

Made in the Philippines by GK Gandang Kalikasan (also from the Meloto Family, known for NGO Gawad Kalinga)
100% Organic
Cruelty Free

50 ml Php 149.75
100ml Php 274.75

Here are Human Nature Sunflower Oil's 23 supposed benefits (click to enlarge)

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Human Nature Sunflower Oil 23 Miracles

What I don't like-
Its plastic bottle. After a few uses, it's sticky and yellowy. I keep it in my plastic cabinet and the area where it stands became yellowy and sticky, similar to having some sticker residue.

Human Heart Nature is available from dealers, in online stores, brick and mortar branches, selected supermarkets and department stores.

Thank you for reading! Sunflowers are "happy flowers." Have you tried Human Nature Sunflower Oil too and did it make you happy?

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