Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Loads of cheesiness from Gardenia’s yummy new treats! PR

Hello po! When it comes to breads, there is a name that stands out with regards to the taste (yummy even without spread), quality and hygienic manufacturing...Oh I love Gardenia!

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When it comes to bread and other baked goods, there’s clearly only one brand that is top of mind—Gardenia.
You could rightly call it The Big Cheese of baked goods. And its two new products are no exception. Introducing—Gardenia Cheese Toasties and Gardenia Cheese Buns, the latest in a long line of baked treats that’s delicious, nutritious, and highly addictive!

Cheese Toasties is your new snack alternative

Gardenia Cheese Toasties is made from freshly-baked bread sprinkled with cheesy goodness, then baked to a light golden crisp. 
It makes for a scrumptious snack any time of the day—whether you’re at home, in school, at work, stuck in traffic, in the movies, watching TV, hanging with friends, out on a field trip, doing overtime, or in the mood for a midnight snack. 

It’s the perfect answer to your junk food cravings because it delivers superior cheese flavor and the satisfying crunch of chips—except that it’s zero transfat.

Gardenia Cheese Toasties is handy to keep around at home and easy to bring with you wherever you might be headed.
It’s also versatile! Try it with salads, as an accompaniment to pasta, or dunked in soups. Delish!

Cheese Buns: Mas masarap pa kahit walang palaman 

Gardenia Cheese Buns on the other hand is the quintessence of Gardenia’s famous tagline: “Masarap…kahit walang palaman.”

Enjoy the perfect blend of rich cheesy flavor and the sweetness of milk for an indulgent new level of deliciousness! It’s the perfect snacking experience guaranteed to delight you to the last bite. 
Baked fresh everyday with the finest ingredients, Gardenia Cheese Buns are deliciously soft, flavorful, and made even more mouthwatering by its milky cheese-flavored streusel toppings that’s sure to leave you craving for more!

Gardenia Cheese Buns are so flavorfully awesome, it’s amazing that they contain the general nutrients found in every Gardenia product—including being transfat free. 

Gardenia Cheese Toasties and Gardenia Cheese Buns are just two more yummy new treats brought to you by the Big Cheese of Baked Goods. 
For other exciting snack treats, visit Follow them on for updates, promos, and fun events.

Gardenia Cheese Toasties and Gardenia Cheese Buns are available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Thanks for reading the media release for Gardenia!

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