Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mind Museum's Glass of the Sea

Hello po! A "sea of glass" is mentioned in the Bible, but here is a different one, the Glass of Sea exhibit in The Mind Museum Taguig!

Launched last July 16, 2015 --- "A GLASS OF THE SEA" is an immersive, interactive, impactful and constantly updated exhibition about the beauty of the Coral Triangle’s marine life, astounding discoveries and the compelling importance of its conservation!

The Coral Triangle is globally known as the center of marine biodiversity, and the Verde Island Passage is the "center of the center of marine biodiversity” with around 7-12 new species being discovered every hour. Visit the exhibition to know the story of the sea, the story of the science of the sea, and your role in the sea.

The exhibition was conceived and created by The Mind Museum, in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences, whose actual expeditions are featured in the exhibition. The project is also supported by the USAID.

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Discover why the marine environment of the Philippines is the MOST diverse in the world! Know the science. Protect our seas! 

Through creative and interactive multimedia technology, students, families, and guests of all ages get an enhanced experience of the scientists' expedition, and the stories of our seas. 

Hands-on science educational activities are also conducted to deepen the appreciation on marine life and conservation. 

It will be at The Mind Museum for a limited time, as it is set to tour the different parts of the country.

More than because of the issue on the territorial rights on the West Philippine Sea, we need to know more about our seas in order to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness, and learn also how to protect/save it for the next generation!

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