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Dermstrata Nutri-Sexy- Holistic Way to A Desirable Silhouette

Sexy time does not always feel sexy when one is not confident in one's body. We owe it to ourselves to look and feel our best, and be healthy and fit. <3

Dermstrata, one of the leading clinics in the Philippines, has launched  a new slimming program, Nutri-Sexy. What is nice about this slimming program is that it's very realistic and holistic, and not one to just promise a miracle overnight. The machines will aid, but also discipline and commitment on the part of the client with regards to proper diet and exercise is of utmost importance.

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Last September 12, 2015, I was invited to the Nutri-Sexy Event Launch in Dermstrata's office in Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. I was the early bird, first to arrive. Di naman medyo excited di ba. Wow, what an office, I tell you. With its lush greens, the feel is more of a spa. Truly relaxing, tranquil, blissful. There were colorful flowers in the gate outside to welcome you on the doorway.

Door imported from Indonesia.

dermstrata office, broadway ave, new manila,

Indoor pond with koi.

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Some of the food served to guests (there was a second table).

Last September 12, 2015, I was invited to the Nutri-Sexy Event Launch in Dermstrata's office in Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines.

I am pretty sure you have seen Dermstrata ads, more prominent is that of their model, actress Bianca King.

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Dermstrata Skin Clinic and Spa will be holding their 16th anniversary this year. Their first branch is in SM Sta. Mesa.

Dermatologist Dr. Apple explained that the Framework of Nutri-Sexy is designed to help slim down, monitor progress and guarantee desired results. Nutritionists, like Ms. Anne, are here to help with the Personalized and Optimized Diet Plan. They advise the clients on healthy food choices, right portion/servings best suited for them.

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More info about Thermacav and Thermasculpt:

Thermacav-  using low frequency ultrasound waves, penetrates deep fat cell membrane to break down fat.
Thermasculpt- using radio frequency technology, with powerful capability to agitate fats, thereby tightening skin for a contoured body shape.

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They let us try their machines. Not allowed are pregnant women and those who are having their monthly period. For their privacy, I will not reveal the names of the bloggers who availed and instead call them Beauty Blogger A and Blogger B.

Blogger A lost half an inch from her arms. During Thermacav, only she can hear a screeching sound as the fats are dissolved. The sound is louder for areas with bigger fat cells. Other people can't hear it, only the one being treated.

what is nutri sexy slimming program

Blogger B lost an inch from her thighs. Thermacav is more on strong pressure, and is not for the bony parts, and the wand part they massage the skin with is flat. While the Thermasculpt is more on heat and the wand has some small metal rods on its tips.

what is dermstrata nutri sexy slimming program

My experience:

I was able to undergo only the Thermasculpt (the Thermacav was already brought to a clinic so I wasn't able to use it unlike the two). No shots during my procedure! I am bashful to show a picture of my tummy hahaha! Isn't it that rooms are closed during sessions.

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The Thermasculpt machine

The metal on the probe felt hot and the technician's strokes were hard. But if it were not tolerable, I can press the button of the wand I was holding to stop it. I remember I yelped when it touched a bony part near the hips. It felt scorched for a second but otherwise it was okay. Fatty parts are okay but bony parts feel intense.

She massaged it around my abdomen for about 15 minutes. I can't believe I lost 2 inches, hahaha! Maybe I unconsciously sucked my gut in, or maybe my midsection really tightened! Well, numbers don't lie! Afterwards, I was advised to drink only warm beverage and refrain from cold ones, and also to wear a binder. I can still feel my tummy a bit sore even after 2 days.

Thank you Dermstrata!

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Filipina beauty bloggers and Dermstrata officers and staff. There were 2 bloggers who won a package of 3 sessions! Wow, ang swerte nila noh! A minimum of three sessions is recommended for noticeable results.

I love the DS Line Sencha Green perfume!

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Payment schemes: cash or card. Good news for BDO credit card holders! Avail Nutri-Sexy at 12 months installment with 0% interest.

Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa has branches in - Ayala Malls, SM Malls, Isetann, Cash and Carry, Tutuban, Ever, Lucky Chinatown, Sta. Lucia, Robinsons...

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Dermstrata. Happy Skin, Happy You!

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