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Nails and Waxing Done the Nailogy Way!

When I was younger and not much stressed, I used to wonder why my Mother would call on the neighborhood manikurista. I am quite scared because sometimes my Mom would  go, Aray, Aray! And then my sister got a horrible toe infection from her service.

I thought I don't need to spend because I can do it myself. But I don't really got the talent for that. There was always lampas when I myself apply polish and also it seems to not last long. Growing up and having the capacity to go to salons (I have tried the sosyal and pang-masa ones), I can say that nothing beats going to a professional. You can just sit back, relax (sleep, even) and let someone do your nails for you.

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This is why I highly recommend Nailogy. Their nail polish are quality brands, myriad of colors available, the ambiance is glam, friendly staff, plus you get peace of mind knowing their tools are all sanitized (they have sterilization appliance and they also wipe the implements with alcohol). No wonder this is the salon of choice, patronized by professionals like doctors and lawyers, and celebrities.

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This is my experience as I visited Nailogy SM Hypermart Pasig branch.

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I availed of manicure and pedicure. It feels very nice as not only my nails are cleaned, shaped and colored (I declined to have it cut since they are already tiny), the feet and hand massage was pure bliss. Their technicians were very light handed and they also check if I was okay while they were cleaning my nails. Every time I have a mani-pedi, I tell the technician to be very careful.

I sat in the massage chair.  They have 6 massaging chairs (like a La-z-boy, pay additional Php 200 for 30 minutes) and 8 regular chairs.

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My feet as they are soaked. The light dances with the bubbles. Always my dilemma- hard to choose among the colors! Nail polish available in Nailogy include top brands such OPI, Essie, Orly, Cuccio, Zoya, Mirage.

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I also got a waxing treatment. The waxing room has a relaxing music different from the one in the nails area. Look for Ate Chona when going for a wax in Nailogy. She is their waxing specialist. I had my eyebrows and underarms done. There was no pain at all, only the gulat factor as the wax is pulled off. Threading is actually more painful than waxing.

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I give their waxing attendant credit for being very matyaga. Actually, underarm hair needs to grow out for 2-3 weeks to achieve a certain length, and my hair was still very, very short because I shaved it 3 days ago, but she waxed my hair and tweezed carefully all those that were left because the wax can't pull out such tiny hair.

Ate Chona advised against shaving because of ingrown hair. When one shaves, sometimes, there would be 3 hairs per pore. Plus, there is a tendency the pits will look dark because of stubble underneath the skin. Also noteworthy is their waxing services are very affordable! For the eyebrows, the price is only Php 225, while for the underarm, it's just 285!

Update 9/11: I returned to Nailogy the following week, and had my hair color done by Sir Junnel, the Creative Stylist. He had extensive experience in other high-end salons.

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Hair and makeup room. After sitting and consultation, the color is applied to my hair, and left for a while. Afterwards, it is shampoo and blowdry/styling. When it was finished, he informed me that this color is washable (he said it lasts for 3 weeks, but in my experience I had blue hair for less than 2 weeks since I shampoo every other day), and he advised me not to wash my hair often.

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I honestly thought that I would not like the result as I left in the stylist's hands how he would do my hair. I wanted a cut too but he suggested against it, and to have the hair grow out. He is also the one to choose blue for me as I like fashion colors. It's in Ombre, which is in-trend. I have to say, I like my new hair sooo much. Kabog!!!

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Aside from nails, waxing, hair & makeup, Nailogy also offers massage services.

September 5 festive, red -themed celebration of Nailogy!

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Ribbon cutting.

First Anniversary and Store blessing with Pastor Roland Rosare.

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Cheers! from Management and valued clients/friends of Nailogy.

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Guests were treated to tokens and food! Catering by Arakawa.

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Happy me! Showing off my armpits and eyebrow that were waxed, and my pretty digits! The armpits are not edited; they really are white,  although I admit to using filter for my face pic because- haggardo versoza na that evening this shot was taken, and you can see I love pink color for my nails!

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I really enjoyed my visit and can't wait to be back soon! Here is their list of services, price and contact details. Pardon if the flier's a little crumpled! It has been raining almost every night and I got drenched!

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Nailogy is under Nailogy Beauty Concept Corporation. Sister companies and brands are Lunula and Hue Studio Salon.
Nailogy branches location- 3/F Robinsons Manila (1st branch), and 3/F Robinsons Galleria.
For more details, you may check out the feature here
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Guys, here is a treat for all of you. Just download and print OR take a screenshot and show this voucher. It entitles you to a Php 100 discount in Nailogy and Lunula!!! :)

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