Saturday, October 10, 2015

Animal Rescue in the Philippines

The price of compassion has a hefty price tag- being ridiculed, laughed at, dismissed as a loony and so on. Having taken in countless cats since I was a kid, sometimes dogs too, the scenario may be different- a kitten by the side of the road below a car, kittens placed in a carton thrown in the creek in  a middle of a storm, etc- but the main cast is quite the same. Animal(s) in distress, evil person (often in the form of a child), numerous indifferent people passing by, and a single person who cared enough.

animal rescue philippines
One of our rescues, left in front of a convenience store.

This is my rescue a few days ago. I haven't named him then but now I call him Peeta. His story---

As I was going to the market to buy fish, I passed by the area where I had previously picked up B1 and B2 who were abandoned in a plant box (more about them in my Instagram post), I heard low cries. Initially, I thought it was their Mother, but upon reaching a canal, my greatest fear was confirmed. That almost quiet, shaking voice had belonged to a little kitty!

animal blogger philippines
Left for dead? Canal where I got him.

I can see he was fighting for dear life, calling for help. Standing up on hind legs to avoid the waters and front paws against the wall. Who am I to deny him?

Never mind that I was wearing a dress, I dropped down on all fours, and had my knees and elbows dirtied. I inserted my hands into the little hole in the concrete slab covering the canal. I reached a few times but was unsuccessful. Maybe my arms were short, or the kitten was too far from reach.

My forearms got a few abrasions from the friction against the concrete. I removed the concrete slab and thankfully it was not heavy. At that point, a boy approached me, and tried to help me but he was also unable to. He said it was his cousin who had thrown the kitten in the canal. At last, I was able to get the kitten. I put it in the meantime in a safe place, bought some fish, put it in the extra plastic I asked for, and carried it home.

pet blogger philippines
Left: Stinking because of the murky waters. Right: After a bath. I had brought him to the vet, who said the eye damage cannot be undone. But I am praying that the eyesight be restored. I can see progress in his condition.

animal shelter philippines, cat rescue,
After eating, and sleeping, obviously exhausted.

We are not rich- I never claim to be, but I can rescue and adopt. Yes there are some poor parents who don't have in their budget to buy play stuff so their kids are instead toying with (and in the process maltreating) animals, throwing them around. But I can see some homeless people also taking care of animals like their family. We humans need to realize we are not the only living creatures who has a right to live in this world. All it takes is a heart of compassion. The courage not to look away from those in need, no matter the specie. Believe me, the love of an animal is different- may be even greater than a boyfriend/girlfriend.

If this story has touched your heart, and you would like to make a donation (in cash or in kind, for vet bills, food and vitamins, etc) for our numerous RESCUED cats and dogs, please get in touch in the comments below or thru e-mail

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