Monday, October 26, 2015

California E-bike (by CDR-King) for sustainable eco-living- PR

Hello po! As the saying goes, CHANGE is inevitable.

Disruptors are welcome, from an old school point of view to the most advanced technological breakthroughs in power supply, whichever generation.

During grade school, Nikola Tesla was, generally speaking, unfamiliar to us, and only known once we reach high school. He was the one who challenged the existing and widely accepted manner of lighting though oil lamps to the macro voltage – electricity distribution system courtesy of his well-accepted AC (Alternating Current).

Yes, Tesla may not be as famous as Tomas Edison as taught during basic education, but his works and legacy lights up to this day. The same aspiration as CDR-King, every Pinoy's one-stop media provider, intends to manifest- to bring products and cost-efficient means of power/electricity supply to every home or office.

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California Eco-Bike

Good news! California E-bikes, a CDR-King subsidiary, opens its doors in Tondo, my hometown!!! The branch is powered by a hybrid electricity system that enables sustainable solar energy. As environmentally friendly as it should be, it also aims to display similar concept Solar-kit for one's household. This in turn helps people to save thousands of hard earned money on monthly electric bill.

Early 2013 was when California E-bike started its operations in the Philippines with the E-Scooter. Later on they came out with other variants of e-bikes. Today California E-bike offers more than 30 variants in more than 40 branches.

I am very happy to know, as an environmentalist, that there is a steady growth of e-bike fans. California E-bike is gearing towards its mission to improve transportation in an eco-friendly way, one e-bike at a time and reaffirming its efforts towards Green Living to save our environment.

Visit them at their newly opened Gagalangin, Juan Luna, Tondo branch or your nearest California e-bike store. You may also visit and

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California Eco-Bike Press Release (with my personal touch!)

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