Friday, October 30, 2015

Skinwhite Review- Does It Whiten in 7 Days?

Hello po! We Pinays (well, majority) would love to have whiter skin. Here is a review of Skinwhite Facial Cleanser and Creams!

Skinwhite is made in the Philippines by Splash Corporation and is modeled by actress Kim Chiu. Available in major supermarkets, departments stores, drugstores. The price is very affordable.

skinwhite advanced whitening facial cleanser face cream review
Used 3 Skinwhite products for the face.

Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser

  • Price- Php 24 for 75ml.
  • I have bought it a few times already, a driving force during those times is that it came with a freebie (I forgot, maybe a cream or soap).
  • Scent reminds me of another toner, I think Pond's.
  • Yeah it cleans, I can see the grime in the cotton ball. But I think the other toner I used before it cleanses MORE deeply. After using makeup remover and washing my face twice, the cotton ball with Skinwhite looks yellowish. But with my other facial cleanser, the dirt in the cotton balls seems blackish.

skinwhite whitening cleanser price ingredients
Ingredients of Skinwhite toner. Please click to enlarge.

Skinwhite Classic Whitening Face Cream
  • Price- Php 7 for 7g.
  • I love the scent. Like a calming baby product.
  • Perfect for oily skin. Non- greasy. Easily absorbed.
Skinwhite Cream ingredients price
Ingredients of Skinwhite cream. Please click to enlarge.

Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder
  • Price- Php 19 for 7g.
  • My colleague at work had been using this as a touchup in the middle of the day, instead of face powder.
  • Scent is different form the blue one. It's okay but I like the Classic's scent better.
  • Can't put a large amount or alone. Or else the face will look like it has been dipped in flour. Looks very unnatural.
  • Great for oily skin, however tends to highlight dry, patchy areas.
  • BUT my best discovery is that it is a GREAT primer! Oh yeah! Tiny amount gives a smooth canvass (settles in pores to hide them) and keeps oilies at bay! I love to use it under foundation or face powder!
Did Skinwhite keep its claim to whiten in 7 days?
In my experience, after using Skinwhite facial cleanser twice a day, Classic cream in the morning and Advanced Cream before bed, NO. I did not notice any fast or significant whitening result. 

whitening astringent, whitening cream, skinwhite philippines,
Left- Pinkish advanced Cream turns to POWDER! Right- White Classic cream.

Will I buy Skinwhite again and recommend to others?
Yeah, it's okay! Especially the advanced cream- a cheap primer that works. It's good for oily skin. It did not give me pimples. However, Skinwhite was unsuccessful in making my skin whiter. I feel that it does not live up to its name.

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