Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier Review

Hello po!
This is my review of Fresh and Natural!
It says it is not a cleanser, toner  or astringent, but a Skin Purifier! Anyhoo, I believe it's still the same banana and Skin Purifier is just a term coined by their marketing team para maiba lang! :)

Fresh and Natural SKin Purifer Review

My personal experience-

On my first use, my skin got hurt. It stung bad and when I looked my face look burned. I checked the label again and saw the little words maxipeel (which I know from experience was harsh- Maxipeel exfoliant tretinoin and hydroquinone  really made my skin red as a tomato and peeling off in big patches).

After a few more uses, my skin adjusted and can already tolerate it. I only used it once a day and not twice as recommended.

After 4 days, I felt there were three huge painful bumps deep below my skin. One in the middle of my nose (so horrible), the second under my chin and the third at the tip of my eyebrow. I know these are cystic acne. I used an anti-pimple gel and they were gone after 4 days but the pimple in the nose left a scar. T.T

I suppose it just purged the skin or brought out to the surface the deep seated dirt. After all, it can take MONTHS for pimples to develop. Later on, my skin adjusted and I can see it is clearer, smoother and the tone is getting brighter. There are 2 new pimples today near my eyebrow. Thankfully, these belong to the small type that easily disappears as it already has a "head" of pus.


Fresh and Natural SKin Purifer price, beauty blog philippines,
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Price: Php 79 for 50 ml (Note that I got this thru Sample Room)

Made in the Philippines by Splash

Color: Pale yellowish

Scent: Reminds me of apples

Where to buy: Leading department stores, groceries, drugstores

Will I buy Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier and will I recommend it to others?

For now, I don't think I'll buy it again and would give precaution first before recommending it to others.

Have you tried Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier? Sound off in the comments below! Thanks for reading, beautiful!

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