Friday, November 13, 2015

#pisceanrat1115comgiveaway- CLOSED

Hello po!
We have a new giveaway, November 2015 Commenter of the Month or #pisceanrat1115comgiveaway This is my first time to have a COM.


#pisceanrat1115comgiveaway philippine giveaways

Umbrella c/o Sogo, Shades c/o Easy Taxi, ACE Hotel Mug, Rexona, Aquabest Planner, Light Skin Soap, Asian Secrets Scrub, ASOP t-shirt in Eco Bag c/o Hapee.

1. Must be a fan or follower of my Social Medias as seen there in the side >>>
and on Network Blogs, Google Friend Connect, Google Plus, whichever you have.

2. Indicate your intent of joining by commenting your IG or Twitter handle below!

3. Be an active commenter on my blog posts, whether old or new blog posts!

That's it!
I will be choosing a blog commenter and what is important besides quantity, is the quality of the message. Contest runs til November 24, 2015 only and will be announcing winner shortly afterwards.

Prize is for pick up in MM only because ang hirap ipadala ng payong at babasagin :p But next month, the giveaway will be pwede ipadeliver.

This month's prize is like for guys (but any gender is welcome to join) but for next month I prepared a girly prize.

In case the prize is unclaimed 15 days after the date of notification, we will pick a new winner.

Just for fun dearies :) I am only sharing stuff - just a simple thanks to people who support and read my blog :') Good luck!


And the winner is...
Please send me a DM for claiming purposes, thanks! :)

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