Friday, December 11, 2015

Join #pisceanratxmas2015 COM Giveaway!!!-closed

Hello po! Happy Holidays!
We have a new giveaway, December 2015 Commenter of the Month!

Because -ber months is cold, hoodie and eco bag from STI, trial packs of essence, lotion, bb cream, hair oil from The Face Shop, Godiva and L'Oreal, Caronia nail polish, Gluta White and Firm face cream and Maybelline lip balm.

pisceanrat giveaways, #pisceanratxmas2015

1. Must be a fan or follower of my Social Media as seen there on the side >>>
Google Plus (G+)
and/or on Network Blogs, Google Friend Connect, whichever you have.

2. Indicate your intent of joining by commenting your IG or Twitter handle below!

3. Must be an active commenter on my blog posts, whether old or new blog posts! The winner will be based on the quality and quantity of comments on the blog!

*You may share the images on FB/ Twitter or IG for additional entry. Please include hashtag #pisceanratxmas2015 for monitoring. Contest runs til December 31, 2015 only and winner shall be announced shortly afterwards.

Prize can be picked up or if winner opts for it to be delivered, he/she shall shoulder SF.

In case of failure to claim prize 15 days after date of notification, it will be forfeited in favor of a new winner.

Just for fun guys! I am only sharing stuff - just a simple thanks to people who support and read my blog :') Merry Christmas and good luck!

Hi guys, happy new year!

I've been listing down the entries joining our li'l promo. As indicated in the mechanics, the winner shall be determined by QUANTITY and quality of BLOG comments. The most number of blog comments for this giveaway period is 5 (FIVE) and it is by...

Arianne Mae Capaciete

Please send me a PM thru FB and take note of our important claiming mechanics! Thank you all for joining and til our next giveaway! God Bless and a more fruitful 2016 for us!!!

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