Thursday, April 30, 2015

Early Diagnosis, Treatment- Best Prevention for Colorectal, Lung Cancers- Media Release

Hi dearies!

Last April 14, 2015, I attended a media conference about the Cancer Program sponsored by The Medical City. Here is their Press Release:

The Medical City offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment modalities for colorectal, lung cancers

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for its successful treatment. Recognizing the warning signs of cancer and taking prompt consultation usually leads to early diagnosis and treatment. Providing health professionals and the public with an awareness of the early signs of cancer will have a great impact in addressing the illness. In fact, early diagnosis is relevant to specific types of cancer, namely those affecting the breast, cervix, mouth, larynx, colon and rectum, lung and skin.

Cancer Research UK, a leading global charity dedicated to beating cancer through research, says the early diagnosis of cancer means it can be easily removed or treated. The late diagnosis of cancer makes treatment difficult and lowers a person’s chances of surviving the illness. It estimates that as much as 10,000 deaths from cancer could be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

The Philippine Cancer Society lists lung cancer as the leading cause of deaths from cancer in the country. In 2010, a total of 11,458 cases were reported, while there were 9,184 deaths. Colorectal cancer, on the other hand, ranks no.4 in terms of cancer deaths. In the same year, 5,787 cases were recorded, while deaths due to colorectal cancer reached 3,060 cases.

The Medical City Cancer Program

The Medical City (TMC) Cancer Program, organized in 2006, adopts a unique multidisciplinary team approach to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and management. It applies innovative molecular technologies in diagnosis and treatment for a truly customized and personalized care.

With a full appreciation that no two individuals are alike, regardless of similarities between two patients diagnosed with the same type of cancer, TMC Cancer Program applies an individualized approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment based on the patient’s profile and history.

With this, a personalized treatment plan according to the profile and preferences of the patient is developed by a multidisciplinary team. The highly trained medical team includes cancer specialists, nurses and other specialized health care professionals. Family members are also an important part of this. Central to everyone, the focus of our cancer program is the patient.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is among the top five most common cancers in the country today. Recent studies showed that the Philippines has a higher colorectal cancer mortality compared to other countries. Colorectal cancer is cancer that starts in either the colon or the rectum. 

Colorectal cancer ranks fourth among cancer-related deaths in Filipinos. According to the Philippine Cancer Society, Inc., almost 75 percent of the individuals affected were aged 50 and above, while only about three percent were children 14 years old and below. It is estimated that one out of 1,800 Filipinos will develop the cancer yearly.

Dr. Ramy Roxas, head of TMC’s Colorectal Clinic, says, “With good screening and early diagnosis, 90 percent of colorectal cancers are curable."

Early screening and a multi-modality treatment such as chemotherapy, pre-operative radiotherapy and surgery are among the factors responsible for improving colorectal cancer outcomes.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic offers cancer-screening tests, including FOBT, diagnostic and therapeutic flexible sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy. “Colonoscopy is one of the most unloved cancer tests, but it can save lives. It is the most accurate test for colorectal cancer,” says Dr. Roxas.

He explains a fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is recommended for everyone aged 50 and above. This test should be done every year after age 50. The other alternative is to undergo colonoscopy every five to 10 years. Those with a strong family history of colorectal cancer or those with two or more family members who had the disease should be screened earlier, ideally 10 years before the age of diagnosis of their relatives with colorectal cancer.

In fact, the WHO says research on the efficacy of FOBT for screening saw a reduction of up to 20 percent in colorectal cancer mortality from biennial screening, and a greater reduction as a result of annual screening.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic provides expert diagnoses and multimodality treatments for colorectal cancer, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. The clinic promotes minimally invasive procedures for early cases, as well as radical operations for advanced and recurrent cases. Laparoscopic surgery, trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery, and robotic-assisted surgery are among the minimally invasive procedures being offered by the clinic.

Among all private hospitals in the Philippines, TMC’s Colorectal Clinic has performed the greatest number of preoperative chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancers and minimally invasive laparoscopic colorectal cancer procedures, including robotic surgery. It also boasts the greatest number of patients in a private hospital setting with complete pathologic response following neoadjuvant chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer, and the highest anal sphincter.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic also caters to patients with anorectal diseases, such as hemorrhoids, perianal infection, fistula, fissures, and fecal incontinence to name a few. It offers various treatment options for hemorrhoids, such as rubber band ligation, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), and stapled hemorrhoidectomy, which are proven to be less painful procedures than traditional surgery. 

The Medical City’s Colorectal Clinic is managed by a nationally renowned team of board-certified experts. It is located at the second floor of the Nursing Tower. For details, call 988-1000 or 988-7000 ext. 6214.

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide in both men and women, with more than one million deaths recorded annually. However, most cases are detected during their advanced stages when patients are already symptomatic, and their chances of survival are very low.

TMC has a Lung Cancer Program that aims to detect the disease early in high-risk individuals and to provide optimal options for management of both early and advanced stages.

Among the latest options TMC uses for screening lung cancer is the Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS), a state of the art minimally invasive procedure used in the diagnosis of lung cancer, infections, and other inflammatory diseases in the chest. Presently, TMC is the first and currently the only hospital in the country to offer EBUS.

“With EBUS as an additional diagnostic option for high-risk patients, we are expecting to increase detection rates of early stage lung cancer, which may be salvageable by surgery and has good prognosis. In addition, EBUS can aid in the diagnosis of benign diseases that need specific pathologic confirmation,” says Dr. Christine Chavez, interventional pulmonologist and head of the Lung Unit of TMC Center for Cancer Care and Research. 

EBUS assists patients and doctors by shortening the time from diagnosis to treatment. EBUS is a procedure that incorporates ultrasound technology in bronchoscopy. By means of a small video device, it allows bronchoscopists to view lung abnormalities through and beyond the surface of the airways for real-time image guidance during procedures; hence, higher degree of diagnostic accuracy and safety is possible.

With real-time imaging and ultrasound guidance, doctors can map, evaluate, and safely biopsy tumors and lymph nodes. This procedure is called EBUS-transbronchial needle aspiration, or EBUS-TBNA, which results in accurate diagnosis and staging of the lung cancer and detection of other causes of pulmonary mass such as tuberculosis, sarcoidosis and lymphoma.

Among the medical professionals leading the TMC Cancer Center are:
Dr. Daniel Alonzo, TMC Cancer Center head;
Dr. Christine Chavez, Lung Cancer Program head; and,
Dr. Ramy Roxas, Colorectal Clinic head. 

That was a lot of valuable information. Thank you for reading the media release of The Medical City!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

PaRun ng Cowboy for Cottolengo Filipino

Fun runs are- as the name implies- simply fun. But what is more noble are runs for a cause. Not only do you have a good time and healthy exercise, you are also able to contribute to a worthy charity.

Last April 17, I attended the media conference of PaRun ng Cowboy for the benefit of the kids of Cottolengo Filipino. Before this, I was not aware of this home for abandoned, disabled children in Montalban, Rizal.

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But as the Spanish priest Fr. Julio Cuesta delivered his message, I was very touched by the struggles and hardships, (particularly making ends meet, as the costs are high for the food, medicine and staff salary,) faced by this NGO (non-governmental organization). They need all the help they can get! For more information about them, see

L-R: Joey of Cowboy Grill, Allen and Joseph of PAR, Fr. Julio of Cottolengo Filipino, Ms. Marianne and Jinky of CG.

L-R: The host Joey of Cowboy Grill, Allen and Joseph of PAR, Fr. Julio of Cottolengo Filipino, Ms. Marianne and Jinky of CG.

I realized that indeed, runs for a cause like this one, are a big aid. Half (which is already a big thing) of the proceeds from this event will go to the orphanage. Other  unscrupulous "for a cause" runs or products that claim that they will donate to whatever charity only give a tiny little fraction of money to their beneficiary.

This run is also timely for Golden Pizza Inc., (of  Shakey's, Project Pie, Dunkin Donuts and Racks, Cowboy Grill is their sister company). Golden Pizza Inc. was founded on September 10, 1974 by Leopoldo L. Prieto. They are celebrating their 40th year anniversary, while Cowboy Grill, established in 1994, is on its 21st year.

PaRun ng Cowboy for the benefit of Cottolengo FIlipino is made possible by: Cowboy Grill, Pinoy Aspiring Runners, Beep and these sponsors:

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Don't forget PaRun ng Cowboy happens at the CCP Complex on May 17, assembly time is 4:00 AM. Registration fee: 3km- Php 450, 5km- Php 550, 10km- Php 650.

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Finishers will get a cowboy hat and medal and then there is a party with live band, raffle and a mechanical bull riding afterwards. Top 3 winners, from male and female, will receive prizes from the sponsors.

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Cowboy Grill let us partake their offerings like nachos, salad, fish strips, sisig, glazed chicken, pancit canton, buko pandan and iced tea. Yummy!

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Cowboy Grill has 4 branches- Delta (here in Timog Ave., Quezon City), Phone Number 922-1130
Malate, 522-0429
Mabini- 525-1474
and Las Pinas- 801-7644

Entrance is free except when major celebrities are performing. Like on the 29th, with Gloc9, the entrance is Php 100 and proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross. They also have a privilege card- the Sheriff's Club.

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They accept catering and functions. I cannot forget that when I was working for a pharmaceutical company, our Christmas party was held here.

Check out Live Bands Great Food Unique Experience! Where Fun and Party Starts!

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Thanks and hope to see you at the PaRun ng Cowboy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Claiming Pringles Free Party Speaker

Hi dearies! So a couple of weeks ago, I bought the Pringles Party speaker pack for Php 130. For every purchase of this promo bundle which contains 2 cans of 150g Pringles, one can redeem a free speaker. On the carton, it indicated that there are only 13,000 speakers available and we have to pay Php 25 shipping fee.

So I accessed their website, input the unique code in the carton and filled the necessary personal details. Upon reaching checkout, I was disappointed to see that there are only 2 methods by which we can pay the shipping fee- either through credit card or Paypal (still credit card). I read somewhere in FB that we can use debit card but I didn't see it at the site when I tried to sign up.

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Image taken from

I saw that there are already some complaints regarding this in their Facebook page. May I say that Pringles Facebook page is a disappointment- not being handled or managed well! There are many comments or questions that are just being ignored. Worse, Pringles FB admin does BAN customers!

Many people have no credit card while there are some who are wary to put their credit card information online. Like my mom. Once, after we paid the airline fee online thru credit card, her card was hacked and it was charged thousands worth of airline flights!

So back to the topic, we called their hotline and they said we can pay and get the speaker in Fast Marketing office in 33 Visayas Ave., Quezon City. (You can also go to the site:

This is my experience on what happened when I picked up in their office.

Steps in picking up Pringles Party Speaker:
1. Surrender the pack containing the unique code.
2. Fill up and sign the acknowledgment receipt.
3. Pay Php 25. If you pay online with a credit card, the Php 25 serves as shipping fee and they will deliver it within 40 days, but when you pick it  up, this amount serves like a processing fee because they said they will use their credit card and send the details to Singapore.
4. Present your valid ID (government issued). They will take a photo of it.
5. They will take a picture of you holding the speaker.

pringles party speaker philippines

The Pringles party speaker lights up. The sound is different when you put it on top of an empty Pringles can because of the echo. I cannot say if this is a durable or excellent quality unit because at first there were some problems with the end of the cord (the metal thingy inserted in the cellphone). When I attach it to the cellphone this speaker turns off. Or maybe it's battery issues.
The Pringles party speaker is made in China.
It cannot be charged in the power outlet. It can only function by inserting 3 AAA batteries.
It does not come with free batteries. 4 AAA batteries cost about Php 90 in the grocery.

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I wanted to redeem this immediately as supplies are limited (read: while allocated stocks last). And what if units run out? Well they said that the number of speakers is equal to the number of promo packs with unique code. So every buyer can claim theirs. Reflecting on the transportation cost, I don't think it is sulit if you have to travel far just to pick up ONE speaker. But maybe it is okay if you live nearby and you will get more than one unit. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

San Marino- Goodness Comes In A Can

This Lenten season is a time for prayers, fasting and abstinence for Christians. We avoid meat like pork, beef and chicken, but fish, vegetables, fruits and rootcrop is okay.

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When it comes to fish dishes, San Marino Tuna is a great choice. Dare to compare and see that at 10g of protein per 56g serving size (15% RENI), it serves the highest amount of protein. Protein is an essential building block of muscle- for strength!

Here are some food wherein we can use tuna. These are served during the What's New What's Next Fair with Daniel Matsunaga last October 11, 2014 at the Mercato, BGC. Tuna empanada, tuna pesto and tossed green salad with tuna.

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Free taste

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The day was filled with FREE activities like wall climbing (also called rappelling), velcro wall (I sprained my arms as I jumped doing this- ouch! I badly need to diet and exercise!), bungee run, flying trapeze, photobooth. Participate and win exciting prizes like GoPro cameras and Garmin watches.

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Brapanese actor, model and PBB Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga is the excellent choice as San Marino Tuna Flakes endorser. This hunk not only has a fit body but is practicing an active lifestyle. As a believer in living life to the fullest, he regularly does workouts like cardio exercises, weight lifting, and participates in a lot of sports like professional football and the Spartan Race (the most difficult obstacle race franchise, whose US competition he wishes to join someday).

Daniel shows his grooves in Brazil’s traditional dance, Capoeira.

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Here is a picture of yours truly and the charming DanDan. He also loves wakeboarding.

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Present as well in the San Marino Tuna Flakes’ launch are fit & fab celebrities like promising bike racer Ariana Dormitorio, young basketball superstars, brothers Jeric and Jeron Teng, Dela Salle Archers’ Big Man Arnold van Opstal and lady spiker Mika Reyes, hunks Marc Nelson and Victor Basa, actress-models Phoemela Baranda and Bubbles Paraiso, showbiz reporters Ginger Conejero and Divine Lee, showbiz daughter Dani Barretto, and hosts Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao.

Present as well in the San Marino Tuna Flakes’ launch are fit & fab celebrities like young   basketball superstars Jeric and Jeron Teng, Dela Salle Archers’ Big Man Arnold van Opstal and   lady spiker Mika Reyes, hunks Marc Nelson and Victor Basa, actress-models Phoemela Baranda   and Bubbles Paraiso, showbiz reporters Ginger Conejero and Divine Lee, showbiz daughter Dani   Barretto, and hosts Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao.

Foodsphere President Jerome Ong delivering his message.

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Thank you, San Marino! I have always loved your corned tuna (there was a time I got a bit addicted and ate it almost every day) and tuna paella ever since it first came out and now I am excited with the delicious San Marino Tuna Flakes!

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San Marino Tuna Flakes are made from freshly caught tuna with no preservatives. It comes in oil, and hot & spicy variants, in 150g or 180 grams sizes in easy open cans. #whatsnewwhatsnext