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Be Sexy with Ideal Protein Diet by dSCafe

I wanted to be slimmer. During my raket as a talent, I think they said my face looks ok, but I need to lose some weight. It is very difficult since I like to eat and I love chocolates. I also do not want to deprive myself since life is short. I am quite lazy to go to the gym since anyway I already have a lot of household chores to accomplish.

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Officers of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Susan and Ms. Cynthia.

There is a solution to this dilemma. Introducing dS Cafe! They offer Ideal Protein meals, hearty and light sandwiches and salads, Glutathione and Collagen-fortified soups and beverages. One can be fit and healthy with discipline and the right choice of healthy food, with motivation and active advice from a personal coach who is just a text away. No need to starve!

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This was proven by what they served that day.

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dS Cafe Menu List

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My drink was organic tea and my companion had mango.

Green salad, salmon (rich in Omega 3 for supple skin) in olive oil, pork honey (my favorite), zucchini, combi of white and brown rice.

Yummy food! Green salad, salmon (rich in Omega 3 for supple skin) in olive oil, pork honey (my favorite), zucchini, combi of white and brown rice.

dS Cafe menu list,mangoes and cream,

Afterward, there was mangoes and cream for dessert and kapeng barako.

dS Cafe menu, kapeng barako,

Ideal Protein Diet is exclusive to dSCafe. It is the only weight loss method that has a science-based 4 Phase Protocol. A medically developed method that has a beginining, a middle and an end, targeting on the main weight concern of the dieters. A personal weight loss coach will be assisting the dieter all throughout the program.

Ideal Protein Diet products dS Cafe

Ideal Protein has a variety of delicious food and drink mixes. It seems like you are always having a treat when it is actually a diet.

Check out my feature of Diana Stalder face skin body clinic here.

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dSCafe has beanches in Megamall and Gateway Cubao.

Be Uniquely Beautiful with Casmara at Diana Stalder

One of the memorable experience in my life is being one of the winners in Dermablend soap's date with Sam Milby around 5 years ago. I just sent an empty carton of the Papaya Orange soap and I really was not expecting to win hahaha! There was about 10 girls who won. Some of them even became my friends in Facebook. We went to Eton, and the hunk serenaded us and the crowd. Then we went to a restaurant and he chatted with us during dinner. I find Sam as a nice and friendly guy.

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May 27, 2015, I was invited to Diana Stalder Face Body and Skincare Inc. for the launch of their new website. They are proud of their modern, easy to navigate hub which has all the information and news clients would need. What a small world as Dermablend, BCP Dermatological (Beauchamp supplies machines and consumables to some of the top skin clinics in the country) and Dermablend are sister companies!

diana stalder model, mia suarez,

Their new model is Mia Suarez. Instead of celebrities, they want to highlight real people, real clients, real success stories.

diana stalder owner, president, dina dela paz stalder,

The petite and fab President and CEO of Diana Stalder, Ms. Dina dela Paz Stalder. She has been in the business for 25 glorious years!

In case you are wondering, Stalder is a Swiss surname and Diana Stalder is named after the owner's eldest daughter. I inquired about their other branches in Mandaluyong and Tutuban which I had visited before. They informed me that from 18, they now have 4 branches. The reason is to "harmonize" their branches; to ensure that there is a standard- the look and what one branch offers, the others also offer the same.

diana stalder branches, diana stalder gateway,

After yummy lunch, see here, we availed their signature service.

diana stalder products, model sam milby,

The skin clinic evokes a tranquil feeling with dim lights, soothing fragrance and relaxing music. The clinic boasts that they do not rush or shortchange (by deducting steps) patrons. Say, in a basic facial, which has 15 steps, they ensure that clients receive all fifteen.

Product Price List

diana stalder menu, products, services,

Skin Care Services, Specialized Treatments

diana stalder price list,

The Casmara facial treatment is unique to Diana Stalder and they are the exclusive Philippine distributor of this Spanish mask. The Spanish trainer of Casmara flies to Manila yearly to oversee and conduct training. All Casmara treatment focuses on stimulating the skin- no steaming or pricking (except in Shinestop).

All their therapists are highly skilled and finished in training centers. I asked for the whitening and my therapist (who may I note is very polite) said that yes that is what she had planned to offer me, so I said ooh you know what I want ha.

diana stalder review, svelte, treatments,whitening,

Casmara Nacar Whitening facial has 6 phases. Phase 1 is exfoliation, Phase 2-4 and 6 is lightening, and phase 5 is Nacar mask.

The steps as far as I can remember-
At first my skin was deeply cleansed of dirt, pollution and makeup with a medley of gels, cold cream, cleanser with microbeads, scrubbing with brushes of 3 sizes. All the while, she also alternated massaging layers of liquid. I admit the liquid stung a little because its active but safe ingredients are thoroughly penetrating to make way for the deep absorption of the whitening properties of the mask. The peel-off mask is a welcome treat- fragrant, refreshing and very cool. I was surprised that even my eyelids, lips and under the chin and jaws is covered. Some customers request to take home the used mask to re-use it. Lastly she applied sunblock and light therapy which closes pores and is anti-inflammatory. I was instructed not to wash my face later, or at least wait for 8 hours. There was ruddiness and peeling in some parts of my face particularly around the nose and mouth but the next day, redness subsided and I was left with brighter skin and lighter post-pimple brown scars.

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After cleansing, after exfoliation, Casmara whitening mask.

The therapist's hand is very gentle and calming. With each stroke, I feel that my face is being uplifted. The sagging caused by aging and gravity is being combatted. I love the facial massage so much. I also undergo body massage regularly, therapists in spas focus on the body and only spend a few seconds for the face so I appreciate this.

Check them out

Diana Stalder Premiere Branches:
dS SM Megamall, 5th Flr., Bldg A
dS Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta Center, Cubao
Svelte by dS Eastwood, Orchard Road Condominium
dS SM City Calamba, 3rd Flr.

diana stalder whitening kit, soap, toner, cream, sunscreen,

Thank you for this Whitening Kit, which consists of glycerin soap (use AM and PM), Dual Action Toner (AM and PM), sunscreen cream SPF 35 (AM), and triple action cream (PM), Diana Stalder!

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Honda #LetYourBeatOut

Hello dearies,
So a few days ago I posted a vid of me in a run for a cause. I was very shy actually but I needed to eh haha! Anyway if you were not able to participate in their contest, you can attend their fun program on Saturday 4:00 PM in SM MOA!

honda, let your beat out,

Are you into streetball or any kind of fitness activities? Are you into skateboard tricks or other extreme sports?Are you a budding DJ, a singer or an instrumentalist?
Have you uploaded your 15-second video yet?
Just state your name, let the world know what your beat is all about, and use the official hashtag ‪#‎LetYourBeatOut‬ when you upload it via
50% of the score will be based on likes while 50% will be based on how creative, exciting and unique your beat is.
You have until May 28, 2015 (this blogger's note: it was moved to until May 25 Monday evening) to share your video.
Winners get exclusive access and the chance to share the limelight with endorsers during the #LetYourBeatOut Launch Party on May 30, 2015; Saturday, at the SM Mall of Asia Music Arena.
Grind, Groove and Go Extreme!

Thanks for reading the PR for Honda Let Your Beat Out!

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Luminous Glutathione Patch- A Whitening Revolution!

When I attended the Luminous Glutathione Patch Breakfast Party last May 8, 2015 in Somethin' Fishy Eastwood, I had to ask if it was the first and only gluta in patch form in the world. It was the first time I ever heard that glutathione, which we love for its whitening effect, also comes to us in a form other than topical, oral or injection. The answer came and, yes, it was. I realized it truly is revolutionary and game-changing.

luminous glutathione patch, owner, innovator, lewis joseph,

The model from Luminous shows where the patch can be appiled. She says she had been undergoing glutathione injections before. She said she also feels a certain "heaviness" about a minute or two after applying the patch, similar to how she feels after a glutathione injection as the actives go inside. Beside her is one of the three inventors of the patch, Mr. Lewis Joseph.

Luminous Glutathione Patch is touted to be the best choice. Scientific data shows only the patented Luminous patch can claim injection-free results.

luminous patch, how much, price,

How It Works:

Transdermal patch technology delivers maximum (95%) absorption  of glutathione and Vitamin C combination into the blood stream.  Individual results vary, but many people report immediate detoxification, skin renewal and whitening, plus increase in energy levels.


Although there is no known adverse effect, pregnant and nursing women are prohibited from using this.

luminous patch, available in, where to buy,

Luminous Glutathione Anti Aging and Whitening System's endorser is Regine Tolentino.

Luminous Ingredients:

250mg glutathione, 250 mg ascorbic acid, purified water, glycerol, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol, acrylic emulsion, guar gum, polydimethyl siloxane, dimethyl sioxane.

Made in the USA.
Approved by the FDA.

what is inside luminous glutathione anti aging whitening patch

How to use:

Apply on previously cleansed and dry (make sure there is no lotion, alcohol or other cosmetic) skin where it is thin like wrist joint, inner elbow, inner knee, stomach or hip region. Use for at least 8 hours, 12 hours is best.
For anti- aging, use 2x a week.
For whitening, use once a day for 7 days, afterwards, use every other day for maintenance.

luminous gluta patch, endorser, regine tolentino,

Glutathione is dubbed Master Anti-Oxidant. I've always wondered where glutathione comes from.
That day I discovered where. Did you know that glutathione is harvested from human placenta?

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Why patch is better than oral/capsules/pills-

FASTER- one needs to over dose on glutathione capsules to get the whitening side effect. While for the patch, just once a day or once a night is needed. No need to overdose because of maximum absorption.

MORE EFFECTIVE- Absorption in pills is only at 12%. After swallowing, the actives in the oral glutathione could be destroyed by the gastric acid, especially in an empty stomach, while actives in the patch get absorbed (at rate of 95%) directly into the bloodstream.

Why patch is better than injections-
I admit that countless times I had contemplated on getting glutathione injections but it just never materialized. Now after this meeting, I felt somewhat relieved not to have had it.

SAFE- Most injections are not approved by the FDA. In fact, there are only about two clinics approved here in the Philippines. So ask yourself if what you are injecting inside your body tested safe? Over time, doing it repeatedly may cause blood clot, not to mention the scarring.

CONVENIENT- Patch is also convenient. Just do this at home. No need to call a nurse or waste time, money and effort traveling to the clinic.

PAIN-FREE- I don't know about you but I am terrified of needles, blood, anything that involves pain!

MORE AFFORDABLE- Patches cost a fraction of the price of injections.

Why patch is better than drips-
Drips are said to be better than injections because in the case of the former, the glutathione is slowly being dispensed in the body, while in the latter, it is forcibly pushed inside, rushing in one swoop.

MORE AFFORDABLE- Patches are much more budget friendly.

CONVENIENT- Use the patch while sleeping, don't need to wait hours in drips. No more trips or appointments for the drips!

PAIN-FREE- No more ouch!

Why patch is better than topical creams or lotions-

FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE- At very low 3% (soap) and 5% (creams) absorption rate, it might take months to notice any improvement, if any.

SAFER- Some whitening products have no CPR nor carry approval by the FDA.

pisceanrat, filipina beauty blogger, pinay beauty blogger, beauty blogger philippines, best blogger philippines, top blogger philippines,

luminous faq, literature luminous, details luminous, bright dynamics,

But then something in me doubted its efficacy. I already had very fair skin and I find it quite hard to turn it whiter. So I used their trial pack for 3 consecutive nights.
1st night- placed inside the elbow, I found it uncomfortable because of the fold in this part and the patch is very sticky and adhesive..
2nd night- in wrist, felt comfortable.
3rd night- in stomach, felt comfortable.

As I took the picture on the 4th night, I thought nothing has changed, but when I looked at the photograph, I was amazed. This is not photoshopped. The only edit is the text. I took many before and after pictures but the result is the same. You be the judge.

luminous patch review, luminous glutathione patch review,

Yes to real whitening!

Available online, in Watsons, and soon in Mercury Drug outlets.
In their site, Luminous trial pack containing 3 patches is priced at Php 1,500 with free shipping in Metro Manila.
Distributed by Bright Dynamics Ent, Las Pinas City.
How much in Watsons? Luminous costs Php 460 per patch.

Thanks Luminous!

luminous, philippines, anti aging, whitening, made in USA,

Check out Luminous in and

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Mustard Seed- Philippines' One Stop Shop for Business!

Hello dearies,

If you are a business owner let me introduce you to Mustard Seed System Corporation. Their showroom is in SmallBusinessShop Unit A & B Facilities Center 548 Shaw Boulevard, 1550, Mandaluyong City.

In 2014, Mustard Seed System Corporation is celebrating its 15th year in the business of distributing various business solutions in the Philippines.  For this year, the company expands its range of solutions to complete its aim of becoming a one stop shop for businesses in the Philippines, in particular, the Small and Medium Businesses.

mustard seed, mandaluyong, grow with us, business,

Majority of the business solutions carried by the company is tested at its own premises. These solutions include its main software products like SAP Business One, MYOB, Payroll Pro, Biometric Devices, Office machines, NComputing, QNAP among others.

mustard seed, mandaluyong, grow with us, business,

This means that business owners and stakeholders can be assured that the business solutions carried by Mustard Seed in its portfolio will aid them to grow and become a strong competitor- not only in the local market but in the global market as well.

mustard seed, mandaluyong, grow with us, business,

The Business Solutions being provided by Mustard Seed include the following:

  • Business Management Solutions.  This covers solutions to better manage your business and includes software and hardware like accounting systems, inventory and payroll.
  • Security Solutions.  Need protection for your business?  Mustard Seed has it from security cameras, alarms, dorr access, DVR, parking systems, bollards, barriers and more.
  • Retail Solutions.  Are you engaged in retail, trade and distribution?  If you are, you can readily find POS software and hardware, POS peripherals, anti-shoplifting devices and more.
  • Education Technology Solutions. Geared towards providing a highly efficient information technology based education. Mustard Seed offers innovative solutions like NComputing, Kyan, Authenticate and more.
  • Information Technology Solutions.  Mustard Seed can handle your needs for information technology infrastructure and from servers to hardware and even software.
  • Office Machines.  If you are looking for machines that can be used for business like copiers, card printers, financial equipment and more, you can find it here.
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions.  If your business involves CAD design and architecture, then Mustard Seed has ZWCAD+ and CAD Pockets.
  • Office Furniture and Design Solutions.  For those who want to Design their office or just need some furniture and fixture, Mustard Seed can provide you with a solution for this as well.

For more information on Mustard Seed System's range of products or for any business solution inquiry, please contact: Tel: +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333, E-mail: Website:

mustard seed, mandaluyong, grow with us, business,

If it is a business problem which needs a business solution then why not try finding the answer at Mustard Seed Systems. #mseedsystems #growwithus

Thank you for reading this PR for Mustard Seed.

Take the Polident Challenge!

There was one time I watched a video where a woman was seen angry and shouting inside a barangay hall. What's funny was while she was hurling expletives at her enemy her dentures fell off. It cracked me up so much that I spammed the replay. But I noticed that the woman felt mortified and mellowed down.

May 14, 1015, at the Palacio De Maynila (Malate/Roxas Boulevard), GSK's Polident brand dental adhesive cream and antibacterial denture cleanser launched #takethepolidentchallenge.

Juddah Paolo, Polident Product Manager Ms. Isa Marfori, President of Philippine Prosthodontic Society Dr. Liezl Manaloto-Ceballos, GSK Philippines Consumer Healthcare General Manager Mr. Jeoffrey Yulo,

L-R: Host Judah Paolo, Polident Product Manager Ms. Isa Marfori, President of Philippine Prosthodontic Society Dr. Liezl Manaloto-Ceballos, GSK Philippines Consumer Healthcare General Manager Mr. Jeoffrey Yulo.

We found out that 30% of the population, the majority between the ages of 35 to 69, are denture wearers, whether full, half or partial. This translates to 9 million Filipinos sporting false teeth, and most of them visit their dentist only once in every 5 years. In Asia, Philippines ranks top with most number of denture wearers.

gsk, polident, denture, palacio de maynila,

After the messages from the officers and doctor and the question and answer portion, among those I learned is it is better to clean with Polident cleanser since dentures are softer than real teeth, so abrasives and bleach in toothpaste could damage it. And when you have a tooth extraction or bunot ng ngipin it is best to have it replaced with dentures immediately.

glaxosmithkline, corn in cob, denture, polident, dentist,
Ribbon cutting; colorful confetti.

This is the first of its kind and bigger than life 30 feet inflatable installation depicting a corn cob with a denture that stuck to it saying "Ang pustisong makapit, sa mais 'di didikit! Take the Polident Challenge!" It symbolizes the physical, emotional and social torture created by dentures. But by using Polident, there is no worry that dentures would move, fall out or cause embarrassment.

polident, philippines, free sample, hotline, health blogger philippines, filipino health blogger,

It is great for GSK to go around barangays and reach our masses to campaign this oral awareness and give out educational activities, free denture consultation, exciting videoke and corn eating contests, and free samples.

#takethepolidentchallenge, gsk philippines, polident, palacio de maynila, free sample, installation,

The marketing team behind Polident. In the backdrop are participants singing their heart out in videoke and fastest in eating corn challenge.

Polident is made in Ireland.
Check out Polident's list of ingredients:

polident, made in, manufactuerd in, ingredients, how to use,

Thank you GlaxoSmithKline Polident, Sensodyne, Astring-O-sol!

polident, sensodyne, astringosol, Denture Cleanser, Polident Denture Adhesive Cream

Price of Polident:
60g- Php 265
40g- Php 198
15g- Php 85

The installation will be found in Rajah Sulayman May 15-17, Plaza Miranda May 22-24, Tutuban Center May 29-31.

For samples of Polident Denture Cleanser (clean and remove stains and kill 99.9% of odor causing bacteria) and Polident Denture Adhesive Cream (use once a day to fasten dentures securely up to 12 hours) delivered free, call 924-2475. Live a healthy life free of inhibitions. Eat, speak and smile with confidence, with Polident.

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IG Giveaway! #pisceanratsummer2015 closed

Hello dearies!
Here is another contest, as we would like to hold it regularly. :)

Here are some items I got from events as a blogger and also some products I have gotten as a regular public attendee, and not as a blogger. I would like to share with you thru this easy giveaway.


Here are the official rules for our giveaway:

Open only for IG friends (followers)
1. Repost once with caption join #pisceanratsummer2015 and tag 3 friends
2. Comment done in comment box.
Just for fun!
Random winner announced May 15. May 18 to give way to tallying the new entries.

As usual, more chances of winning for those who frequently comment in the blog.


Prizes to be claimed thru meetup in Monumento Caloocan.
If winner prefers shipping, he/she will shoulder shipping fee either Xend or LBC.
Prizes unclaimed 30 days after notification shall be FORFEITED.

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Have you joined the giveaway? Please comment your username below! Goodluck!

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We've drawn the lucky winner and she is....

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Congratulations!  Kindly send a message for instructions on claiming. Thank you so much to all you beautiful people who have joined and please don't be sad if you did not make it this time. We still have a next giveaway. Do keep visiting this blog and who knows you might be the next winner. What is important is just trying your luck and enjoying! God bless :)

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WHO Advocates For Healthy and Resilient Cities in the Western Pacific Region- Media Release

Hi dearies!
Last April 27, 2015, I attended the World Health Organization (WHO) Press Forum on "Healthy Cities Across the Western Pacific" and "Urban Health" held at the Diamond Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

Mr. Hans Olsen, acting Public Information Officer, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Dr Susan P. Mercado, Director, Division of Noncommunicable Disease and Health through the Life-Course, Honourable Hae-Sik Lee Mayor of Gangdong-gu, Seoul Republic of Korea, Honourable Jose Enrique S. Garcia Mayor of Balanga City, Bataan Republic of the Philippines, Professor Sandro Galea Dean, School of Public Health Boston University, Dr Hai-Rim Shin, Coordinator, Noncommunicable Diseases and Health Promotion, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific,

From left to right: Mr. Hans Olsen, acting Public Information Officer, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Dr Susan P. Mercado, Director, Division of Noncommunicable Disease and Health through the Life-Course, Honourable Hae-Sik Lee, Mayor of Gangdong-gu, Seoul Republic of Korea, Honourable Jose Enrique S. Garcia, Mayor of Balanga City, Bataan Republic of the Philippines, Professor Sandro Galea, Dean, School of Public Health, Boston University, Dr Hai-Rim Shin, Coordinator, Noncommunicable Diseases and Health Promotion, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific.

world health organization who

Here is the News Release from WHO:

Half the people in the Western Pacific Region already live in cities, and this trend is expected to accelerate in the future. Rapid and unplanned urbanization has given rise to slums and informal settlements. No reliable count exists for the Region; however, a survey of six Member States (Cambodia, China, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mongolia, Philippines and Viet Nam) found that more than 212.5 million people live in slums, according to 2009 figures. People living in slums are exposed to a wide range of risk factors including: (1) a lack of safe drinking water; (2) improper sanitation; (3) unsafe food; (4) limited access to health services; (5) increased exposure to violence and exploitation; and (6) social isolation, among others.  

“Throughout the world we are witnessing a period of rapid growth and unprecedented urbanization,” said Dr Shin Young-soo, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific. “Cities are now faced with increasingly complex challenges from climate change, globalization of trade, changing lifestyles and overpopulation. Without effective governance, cities will struggle to provide even the most basic services. They will become places where inequality, poverty and poor health are rampant.”  

Health challenges of the urban age  

The World Health Organization (WHO) is hosting the Technical Consultation on Urban Health in the Western Pacific Region from 27–28 April. The consultation will: (1) review progress in the implementation of the Regional Framework for Scaling Up and Expanding Healthy Cities in the Western Pacific 2011–2015; (2) discuss challenges and opportunities to urban health in the Western Pacific Region; and (3) outline the strategic focus areas that will contribute to updating the framework for healthy urbanization for the Western Pacific Region for 2016– 2020.  

 “The updated framework calls on cities to anticipate, mitigate and adapt to current and emerging threats to urban health. These include threats from climate change as evidenced by cyclones and typhoons of unprecedented speed and force causing widespread destruction,” according to Dr Susan Mercado, Director for Noncommunicable Diseases and Health through the Life-Course at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific.   

Floods and storms are the most frequently occurring natural disasters in the Region—affecting approximately 3.35 billion people between 1970 and 2014.   

In terms of air pollution, the Western Pacific Region bears a disproportionately high burden: an estimated 2.88 million (41%) of deaths globally due to indoor and outdoor air pollution occur here. According to a database of 1600 cities in 91 countries, only 12% of people living in these cities breathe air that complies with WHO guidelines.   

Dramatic increases in the number of vehicles cause not only road congestion but also increase the risks of road traffic injury, contribute to air pollution and promote sedentary lifestyles, which increases the risk for overweight and diabetes. Road traffic injuries are the second leading cause of death among those aged 5–14 in the Western Pacific, claiming some 900 lives a day, according to WHO estimates.   

Healthy Cities rise to the challenge   

To make cities healthy and resilient, national and local governments must invest in building up a city’s resources and capacity. This involves working closely with other sectors such as housing, transportation, energy and education, to integrate health in the design of urban environments.   

WHO has been working with cities across the Region to recognize and promote best practices, facilitate city-to-city learning and advocate for health at the center of urban planning and development. The Alliance for Healthy Cities, established by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, is an international network that protects and enhances the health of city dwellers. The alliance meets biennially to share knowledge and information while promoting the Healthy Cities approach to members and the public.   

During its November 2014 meeting in Hong Kong SAR (China), 13 cities in the Region were recognized for outstanding work in promoting healthy diets and breastfeeding, tobacco control, implementation of water safety plans and creating safe, disability-inclusive and gender- responsive communities.   

The WHO-Macao SAR (China) Healthy Cities leadership programme has been instrumental in scaling up this initiative. Since 2012 city-to-city study tours have been organized with participants from 10 priority cities across the Region. Participants attended a healthy cities leadership course and visited sites to gain knowledge and experience to share upon returning to their respective cities.  

“The vision of healthy and resilient cities is achievable because mayors and city officials are committed to the health of their constituents. Good health is good politics,” said Dr Shin. “The world is changing and cities can be engines for growth, health and resilience.”   

Related links:  

Urban Health in the Western Pacific   

Healthy Urbanization: Regional Framework for Scaling Up and Expanding Healthy Cities in the Western Pacific (2011-2015) ork.pdf?ua=1   

Health topic: Urban Health   

Alliance for Healthy Cities  

Bloggers photo op with Mr. Hans Olsen. Yours truly is at the rightmost, protected by the Almighty.

world health organization, hans olsen,blogger, who philippines, who western pacific, diamond hotel,

WHO Urban Survival Kit- earplugs and gas mask against noise and air pollution, and airborne disease, alcohol to fight germs.

WHO advocates for healthy and resilient cities in the Western Pacific Region, urban survival kit,

Thank you for reading the Media Release of the World Health Organization for Healthy and Resilient Cities across the Western Pacific!

The Medical City Cancer Program- A Wise Decision

Testing positive for the Big C is indeed a devastating news to anyone. It brings drastic changes to a person- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It also affects the people around him or her.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. It is probable that you have known someone who suffered from it; I am very sad to have some relatives who had this disease.

Last April 14, 2015, we attended the media conference on the Impact of Early Screening of Cancer in The Medical City. Before attending this, I have been to this hospital many times, visiting an acupuncturist and an OB-Gyne. You may also know, that it was where the legendary Pinoy rapper Francis Magalona sought treatment.

the medical city, address, contact number,

TMC has some cancer support groups that meet regularly. I also know that The Medical City has been very active and helpful to the community, giving educational classes  with FREE snacks! See, I have shared this on my Instagram LAST YEAR, without me knowing that one day I would attend their media conference-

the medical city, tmc, free seminar, free snack, blogger, piscanrat,

The doctors delivered their talk and then we had a chance to ask questions.
Among those we learned are:

  • The Medical City- first hospital in the country to develop a Cancer Program.
  • The Medical City- only hospital in the Philippines with colorectal clinic.
  • The Medical City breast clinic difference- doctors who focus on breast, most number of female breast surgeons, most number of breast conservation in the country.
  • The Medical City- only hospital in the Philippines with EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound).
  • By low-dose CT scan of the chest- screening for lung cancer (meaning, the test for normal individuals without symptoms but who are at high risk). EBUS, on the other hand, is a diagnostic tool for patients with lung abnormalities that need to be biopsied.
  • The Medical City offers a unique, multidisciplinary team approach to Cancer Care- Preventive, Screening (for healthy persons), Early Diagnosis (persons feeling symptoms), Management of Treatment Complications, Management of Patient's Post Treatment Care, Palliative Care.
  • Science of Cancer- statistics, evidence of majority.
  • Cancer Factors- 1. Age (one of the cells miss a beat), 2. Lifestyle (food, stress) and Environment, 3. Genetics (in the family).
  • Cancer Statistics- 1. Lung 2. Breast 3. Colorectal
  • When I asked if  biopsy angers the benign (noncancerous) tumor to become malignant (cancerous)? Answer was- NO! Doctors will not treat if there is no proof that there is cancer. They will not recommend chemo if they do not know the type of cancer. Biopsy is important. It might be possible that the screening came too late, and by the time of the biopsy, the cancerous cells had already spread out.
  • They shared that in other countries, cancer patients do not look for the best surgeon, but rather choose the best PROGRAM or HOSPITAL to go to.

Left to Right- Dr. Christine L. Chavez, Head, Lung Unit, Center for Cancer Care and Research, Dr. Manuel Francisco T. Roxas, Consultant Director, COlorectal Lininc, Mr. Roberto C. Posadas, Jr.- Manager, Center for Cancer Care and Research. the medical city,
Left to Right- Dr. Christine L. Chavez, Head, Lung Unit, Center for Cancer Care and Research, Dr. Manuel Francisco T. Roxas, Consultant Director, Colorectal Clinic, Mr. Roberto C. Posadas, Jr.- Manager, Center for Cancer Care and Research.

Please check out their Media Release for full information-

Thank you for the token, The Medical City, Where Patients are Partners!

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The Medical City is located in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines. Phone number- (+632) 988-1000 or (+632) 988-7000 (ext 6214).
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