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Carrier Split Type Inverter XPower Gold Aircon Review

Hello po!
When you grew up sleeping in an air-conditioned room, then you get to live somewhere with only an electric fan, at one point you will miss the coolness of the former. In fairness to me, I never complained nor asked for an aircon.

But then time came when hubby was ready to buy, because we wanted to replicate the hotel experience and aside from the ultra comfy bed (hoped to buy one but alas, our room is too small), the other feature we love about guesthouses are their aircon and cozying under thick glorious comforter.

Carrier Split Type Inverter Aircon XPower Gold 42CVUR010/38CVUR10 reivew

So we canvassed first to see the available brands and their features and benefits (so many, it was a dilemma), and which store made the lower offer.

I also wanted to obtain one with an anti-mosquito feature but a salesman told me all aircons have this quality. Of course, I found out his words aren't 100% correct because I have slept in air-conditioned rooms and it posed no threat to the determined, hungry lamok.

Carrier 42CVUR010/38CVUR10, Anson.

We ended up buying this Inverter Aircon- Carrier 42CVUR010/38CVUR10 in Anson. Carrier of course is known for their aircon so we have trust in this name. The first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 in Buffalo, New York, America by Willis Carrier.

Carrier Split Type Inverter XPower Gold Aircon Review

Total Cost of Carrier X Power 2 Gold= Php 43, 700

Breakdown: Price of the Aircon unit in spot CASH is 28, 750 plus 3, 450= Php 32, 200 (the price was separated because it's 2 units, one for inside and one outside and they are connected by a hose)
Delivery fee= 0 (We carried it home and did not have it delivered by Anson)
Installation fee= Php 6,000
Wire, Panel Box and Electrician fee= Php 2,000
Housing for the Outdoor Unit para iwas nakaw
Welder and Metal= Php 3,500

Carrier Aircon Made in Thailand, Remote Control Made in Malaysia.

carrier aircon made in, price,

  • Fast cooling- cools the room within a few seconds
  • Quiet operation- not exactly 100% silent, but noise is minimal
  • Cost efficient- electricity bill did not skyrocket
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • EXPENSIVE! Split type aircon costs more than old window type models!!!
  • Problems- for the first five months, we experienced that at times, it won't power on. One night, we tried to turn it on but it won't start. The light on the unit just kept blinking til the morning after. We just decided to push the reset button on the remote control and waddaya know, it worked again. This problem materialized again and again after every 3 weeks. Good thing, it's fixed now after we called the technician.
  • Filter- The major factor that made us (well okay, me, coz my hubby follows what I want) choose this is the healthy-sounding Filter combo of Nano Silver Ginseng and Nano Photo Copper Zinc. Well, after the technician installed the aircon and left, we found these with the manual- 2 pieces of strips that I assumed was the filter. These weren't even a built-in part pala of  the aircon and we had to attach it by ourselves! I was disappointed by how the filter looked- like it was a floor mat.
Nano Silver Ginseng and Nano Photo Copper Zinc.

Take advantage of the one FREE professional cleaning.
Clean the filter every week to avoid allergies.
Opt for the highest setting (30 degrees); in that way, you get lesser energy consumption.

Thanks for visiting and reading my review of the Carrier Split Type Inverter Aircon XPower Gold 42CVUR010/38CVUR10! :)


  1. Hi. I bought Carrier 1.5HP (for master's bedroom) and 1.0HP for my mom'm room. However, I was a it shock because just for 8 hours our km reading already shoot up by additional 14KW. But as per meralco advertisement i should only be consuming 2-3Kw per 8-hour for each aircon. It was more than doubled from what Meralco advertised.

    How about yours? How many kw per 8-hr?

    1. Hello! Oh my that is a big increase in your kw reading! Maybe you could call their hotline or reach Carrier thru Facebook as they would be the best to answer that. As for our household's, I have to admit, I do not really monitor the KW, more on its peso translation. We have the aircon on nightly, and most of the time during the afternoon too. But our electricity bill only hiked minimally- around 10-20% more as compared to before when we did not have this inverter aircon.

    2. And by the way, it is set to the highest, 30 degrees, at night. It feels cold already and it is equal to lesser consumption (more savings) than if the temperature is lower.

  2. The Aircons optimal and comfortable temperature is 24°C to 25°C. 30°C is the common temperature sa labas ng bahay.

    1. Hi! That may be true in the afternoon, and actually the real temperature feels like even reaching as high as 32 to 35°C. But at night we are already comfortable at 30°C so that is what our usual setting is.


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