Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Tea Collection

Hello po!
I love tea. It evokes in me a feeling of royalty and beauty.

For health and wellness, we know that tea has good benefits- it can affect the senses (uplift, energize, calm, relax, induce sleep), clears the skin, has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. My Chinese grandpa used to say it cools the body. And I love it when the therapist gives me a cup after a massage. Used tea bags can even be used on the eyes.

To be honest, when eating out, I would rather order chocolate or coffee drink than tea. But I still want to have tea around the house. I don't really drink it every single day (I will need to boil water and LPG or electricity is expensive!), but when I am in the mood, I would love to drink it regularly at home.

Here are some of the teas I have, there were other brands but I consumed them already. I will try to add here my new acquisitions:

tea, Basilur, Tetley, Twinings, Lipton, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,Dilmah.

Basilur in Musical Tin, Tetley, Twinings of London, Lipton, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Chinese brand I cannot read, and Dilmah.

There are different kinds of teas- green, black, white, rose, chamomile, earl grey, Ceylon, English Breakfast, etc. A favorite of mine is four red fruits and matcha. Delicious!
Teas come from Sri Lanka, China, India, Kenya, Turkey, etc.

Sometimes I add honey, very rarely do I use sugar. There are instances I use milk but I avoid that since it gives me phlegm. Some people like to add lemon to their tea.

There are different kinds of tea bag materials, thread and tag. Generally the pyramid tea bag is more premium (expensive) than the square or rectangle ones. There are also loose leaf teas that are not enclosed in a bag. You just pour the leaves in the pot, and a strainer may be used. There are also those ethical tea brands for a responsible industry.

Tea is very interesting, and I like learning more about it, but I believe it is an acquired taste and thus, not everyone appreciates it.
Thanks for reading my tea collection :)

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